Which logical fallacy is this?

The health care debate is providing many good examples of the subtle use of logical fallacies. KOH says the Health Care Debate Rages On, Rally In Reno.

Laura Dean Freidrich, director of education and advocacy at Protestants for the Common Good says many people can’t figure out whether the proposed legislation would be good for their families or not. That’s because she says it seems like most of the media coverage has been focused on the protests at the town hall meetings and ugly accusations.

The thing to note is that the issue here is the perceived character of the opposition in the debate, not the points they raise. It is much like Speaker Pelosi’s ugly comment about Nazi signs but that sort of ugly doesn’t seem to be what is at issue by Ms. Freidrich.

Meanwhile, those on the other side are citing chapter and verse of the proposed legislation. The debate is very lopsided as the proponents are talking ideals and the opponents are talking reality. That creates dissonance.

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