Hidden motives in education

philosophy and food is a confession.

It’s not a lie, really. I plan the lessons carefully around the reading and writing skills as stated on our state standards. It’s just that, as we read, it’s never about the skills. It’s about fast food and how it redefines us. Every lesson is a philosophy lesson (whether it is epistimology, ethics, personal philosophy)

It’s about the changing forces in labor, politics, social institutions and human interaction. It’s about globalization and imperialism and the monolithic culture created by the golden arches. It’s about the deeper questions of how to treat people, what makes us happy, the dangers of ambition and effeciency, who should have control over public space and whatever else emerges.

Notice the key words: “imperialism” and “monolithic culture” and “dangers of ambition and effeciency”

“It’s not a lie, really” – it’s just indoctrination into failed social constructions. no wonder education suffers such a bad reputation.

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