Propadanda is best served subtle

Subtlety is the most destructive weapon of biased journalists. It is the intellectual equivalent of a shot to the casual reader’s head from a sniper’s gun hundreds of yards away. The unsuspecting victim never knows what hit him.

The Town Hall and Citizen’s Meetings are a bit warmer than usual this August. There is “truth to power’ going on that is causing ripples in the force. What is worse, just pasting a disgusting label on the disturbing behavior has not created the desired result. That means a more subtle approach is necessary to bring the public in line. That is what Daniel Glover is describing in The Media Take Aim At ‘The Mob’ at Accuracy in Media.

But that subtle approach is just the tactic of the media. Others include evasion, disruption, and ongoing misrepresentation. Look for these tactics to better understand what is really going on.

UPDATE: see also Average American Derangement Syndrome for more examples of the propaganda campaign in effect.

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