The problem with the police

It seems that the police chiefs tend to forget their customers and think it is the criminals. A recent example was where the police chief opposition was cited as a major factor against interstate concealed carry. The reason stated was that the police wouldn’t know who in their community was carrying weapons. Another way to see this is that the police were against self defense. Supporting this latter view is the fact that licensed concealed carry is not a factor of any significance in gun crimes that involve the police. That leads to the conclusion that the police are looking only at themselves and the criminals they seek as their customers and not the broader community of citizens.

This only supports the view of police short sightedness that is encourage by speed traps and other community revenue generation activity foisted on the police. As the police get dragged away from the idea of serving the community as a whole, the need for rationalizations for these distractions creates a dishonesty that serves no one.

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