Free Speech Cases

Eason Jordan, CNN News Chief – let’s pretend he didn’t say what he said alleging that the US military targets journalists. Now that Kurtz has weighed in with a whitewash, it is beginning to appear that we have another one of those ‘conservatives made me do it’ efforts to pretend what happened didn’t really. After all, claiming that the US military targets journalists is just something everyone knows is true, right? But it appears that this one may have legs and may have significant analogies to Rathergate.

General Mattis, USMC – likes to kill bad guys – my how insensitive.

Summers, Harvard President – what? a difference between men and women? surely you jest! Even the mere thought of such a think was enough to make a feminist and biology professor sick.

Ward Churchill, Colorado professor, native American, maybe. Victims of 9/11 are “little Eichmans.” Should a tenured professor be fired for abuse of free speech, for fraudulent claims about who he is, or just let alone to spew his venom on Colorado students?

Janeane Garofalo and Nazi salutes, but what do you expect from that source? She justs illustrates the small side.

Oh, and don’t forget the big game advertising. There was a spoof in there about the FCC that was supposed to air twice but the NFL saw is once and decided that was risque enough.

And let’s not forget Reid, Pelosi, Kennedy, and the rest of the ‘get Bush at any cost to our integrity’ crowd. Some of the propositions and assertions being made are really wild.

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