Nast politics infection spreading to worrisome levels

Drummond takes a look at the history of Nasty Politics and observes

To some degree, such artists of malice are an evil we must endure; the same protection of freedom which allows one idiot to dress up as Hitler and stomp down a street on the one hand, allows David Letterman to prove himself a moronic misogynist and thug on a nightly basis on the other. But a line has been crossed when elected officials act in such manner. Without naming names, it is sadly obvious that the political world has degenerated to such a condition. We now have the closest thing to one-party rule with deliberate public disparagement of all disagreement for the first time in two generations. And as long as the public puts up with such behavior, it will remain the new standard, or become even fouler.

If the public cannot discriminate between appropriate and improper or if it, as a whole, chooses not to make such a distinction, the time will come when small steps to rise above it will be insufficient. That is how revolutions come to be.

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