Politicizing defense: CIA or CYA

There are those who think the renewed speculation about prosecution of the previous administration is intended to distract attention from lagging approval. The recent brouhaha about another ‘secret CIA’ program is a part of that with the bonus of attempting to support the Speaker of the House in her assertions about being mislead.

Ace of Spades describes the situation: Big Scary CIA Program Democrats Are Freaked Out About? It Involved Plans To Kill Or Capture Al Qaeda Members In Wake Of 9/11

Here’s the odd thing, according to the article Bush and Cheney opposed the idea of issuing a ‘kill on sight’ order against certain al Qaeda leaders (though they did authorize it if captured proved too difficult or dangerous). Given our use of CIA owned and operated Predator drones that everyone knows about, what exactly is the big deal here?

Black Five takes a look at the CIA Assassination program in context of the problem with putting any national security brainstorming on the public table.

Apparently it is time to discuss another classified CIA program in public for political purposes. The leak comes from one of the two usual suspects, Congress as opposed to the media this time. Outraged Democrats looking to cover Nancy Pelosi’s exposed ass have decided to play games with what ought to remain a secret matter. Pelosi had claimed the CIA lied to her about waterboarding and other matters in direct contradiction to evidence saying it hadn’t. Now a group of Dems on the Intel Committee have decided they can help rehab her rep, score some political points against the evil Bush regime and distract the public from the economy by giving the media some red meat. Strange how the Bush crime family comes back in focus once the cunning plans to save the economy and country fall flat.

Say Anything provides his take in Scandalous CIA Program Democrats Are In An Uproar Over Was Authorization To Capture, Kill Terrorists

Which means that the whole kerfuffle isn’t nearly as scandalous as the self-righteous diatribes from Democrats, coupled with breathless reporting from their allies in the media, have led us to believe.

and in Whoops: Cheney Actually Did Inform Top Congressmen About CIA Program

today the former director of the CIA, Michael Hayden spoke out with no condition of anonymity, stating that he personally briefed top members of congress on the program, despite anonymous grumblings to the contrary. … the facts stand clear. Dick Cheney didn’t prevent the CIA from debreifing top members of Congress, against assertion to the contrary.

The issue at hand here is the propaganda campaign and how important topics like national security are being subjugated to other, personal or political needs to the point that intellectual integrity suffers.

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