Asking questions, gaining consciousness

The Reclusive Leftist wonders about Feminists and the mystery of Sarah Palin. It gets into territory Dr. Santy has examined from a different perspective, that is, the territory of trying to make sense of nonsense. Governor Palin has served as a target for this behavior which puts it on the table for examination.

Which brings me to my first puzzlement: why don’t people bother to find out what Sarah Palin really believes? I don’t mean people as in the usual sexist freaks; I mean feminists.

But even weirder is what happens when you try to replace the myths with the truth.

after you’ve had a few of these myth-dispelling conversations, you start to realize that it doesn’t matter. These people don’t hate Palin because of the lies; the lies exist to justify the hate.

Speaking of slander, that brings me to my next big puzzlement: what is it with the feminists who just freely make shit up about Palin?

Besides, I know for a fact that the feminists spreading the lies about Palin knew they were spreading lies. Not to tell tales out of school, but: they knew. They were supplied with the correct information, and they chose to lie anyway. Why?

There is a presupposition that revelation is a first step to salvation. In matters of behavior driven by emotion, this leads to the rationale for the psychiatrist’s couch. In the lay arena, it is the idea of talking it out. The process allows one to see a bigger picture and that may lead to a better grasp of reality. Let’s hope …

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