Dismissing what you don’t like, and getting personal

James Hrynyshyn illustrates the technique in Roger Pielke Sr. wades into the deep end.

It is hubris when you judge others. It is not honest when you make that judgment by selecting your data.

What is a ‘scientific’ approach you’d expect to see from a “freelance science journalist”? The same as from any scientist – an attempt to understand rather than to impugn. In Hrynyshyn’s diatribe he takes as gospel certain climate change alarmist conclusions and measures his opponent by that gospel. The ‘scientific’ point of view would be to consider the uncertainty in the measures, their precision and accuracy, and realize that global measures of such thing as temperature, ice extent, or sea level are not certain measures.

So, dismiss the person and pretend the discomforts do not exist. This is the same thing the NCDC is doing with the survey of surface stations. It is not the kind of thing a scientist does.

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