Taxed Enough Already?

We are concerned citizens who have had enough of government waste, corruption, and intrusion into our daily lives. We are non-partisan, directing our angst at the collective failures of our entire Congress, Administration and State Legislature to follow and uphold the U.S. Constitution. We are devoted to making a difference and getting our elected representatives to listen to our voice – as they were “hired” to do. [ Reno Tea Party]

You don’t hear much about these gatherings but they are there, they are big, and they are growing. Perhaps because they don’t fit the major media meme, they are nonviolent, or they are not presented by politically correct ‘oppressed’ groups, their presence does not receive much publicity and their impact is minimized. This can also be seen in the response of the government to the April 15 T.E.A. (Taxed Enough Already) parties.

What was the response of the federal government? Mr. Obama said he had his own things to do and knew nothing about any tea parties. [Candace E. Salima, Washington Times]

These are (not yet, anyway) the typical leftist type violent revolutionists protest marches. Instead, they are family nonpartisan gatherings intended to illustrate discomfort with government policies.

JIM GERAGHTY: “This Fourth of July, a lot of grassroots activists will be holding their second round of tea parties – 612 at last count. If you attend one this weekend, go, enjoy yourself, get fired up, take reassurance and confidence that you’re not alone. But, if I may make a recommendation, try to walk away with something of a plan. . . . Hopefully, Tea Partiers this weekend will come away with plans to attend city council meetings, Congress member’s meet-and-greets, their town-hall meetings with constituents. Don’t be rude, but be firm.” Good advice. Posted at 4:47 pm by Glenn Reynolds

There are some who think everything will be fine and that we can trust the elected leadership. Others look at recent actions and become worried. A TEA party is a good opportunity to discuss the reality of the situation.

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