Birthers? One of the persistent conspiracies

John Hawkins describes 3 Reasons To Stop Obsessing Over Obama’s Birth Certificate – but doesn’t hold much hope that such evidence will matter to those who fervently believe the President was not born in the U.S.

The latest tactic of the Birthers is to demand that the Supreme Court rule on this issue, but I would suggest to you that if the evidence that has already been made publicly available on this issue hasn’t changed someone’s mind, then having the Supreme Court rule that Barack Obama was born in Hawaii wouldn’t do it either.

Need proof? Just look at the comments and the manner by which they dismiss Hawkins three reasons.

Besides the reams of ad hominem, there is the problem of offering any evidence to support the contrary claim. If you want to establish that the President was not born in Hawaii, then you need to offer some evidence to support that point of view. For instance, a certificate of live birth from somewhere else or a witness to place the mother somewhere else at the time of birth. Instead of just questioning the evidence presented, provide contrary evidence or something to support the suspicions. Otherwise you remain in conspiracy without substance land and that is also known as wacko-land.

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