Intellectual Integrity has a High Calling

Mark D. Roberts discusses the Sunday Inspiration from The High Calling, defending truth, humility and justice. He notes that we are called to properly express intellectual integrity as a ‘High Calling.”

As people of truth, we will speak and live in a way that reflects God and his revelation. In a world of falsehood, in which truth itself is under attack, we will seek the truth in all things, stand for the truth in what we say and do.

As people of humility, we will never speak the truth in a way that is haughty, as if the truth belongs to us. Moreover, we will always see ourselves as subjects of the King of kings, and offer our lives to him and to others as servants. Thus we will imitate the humble servanthood of Jesus.

As people of justice, we will treat all people fairly and will work for a world that offers justice to all. We will be especially committed to doing justice for the poor and powerless. Where we have been given authority, in our work, our families, our churches, or our community, we will strive for just systems that reflect the character of God.

It is often easiest to find truth or integrity when truth, humility, or justice is missing. We can detect or measure logical fallacies, emotional diatribes, arrogance, or unbalanced justice in others. We need to keep in mind that sometimes detecting it in ourselves can be difficult. That is why we need to keep post such as that of Mark Roberts in mind.

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