The propaganda campaign through comparison and contrast

Propaganda doesn’t have to be a part of a well thought out plan. It can be a natural expression of a psychological expression. Huston describes one exposure of a propaganda campaign in Comparison: Economic Reporting Under Bush, and Under Obama at Redstate.

Ed Frank created an interesting little video that serves as a stark reminder of how harsh the Old Media was on Bush’s “faltering” economy in comparison to today’s hearts and flowers style of reporting during the age of Obama, even though the stats are far, far worse under Obama than they ever were under Bush.

There are many other comparisons and contrasts such as this that illustrate just how pervasive the propaganda campaign has been over the last few years. What needs to be kept in mind is that such a campaign exists because it is successful. It is successful because those who conduct the campaign are not held to account. The declining markets and business of the major media indicate that there is some action of public accountability but the remaining existence indicates that such an effort has a long ways to go yet.

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