It’s Broken! or maybe not …

Ike Morgan thinks America’s health care system already fabulous (Bangor Daily News):

We Americans are a spoiled bunch. At the same time we benefit from the greatest health care advancements in human history, we have, in our self-centered way, bought into the fairy tale that our health care system is broken. We have convinced ourselves that the markets can never provide us with good medical care and that the only solution to the problem is a government remedy. If we are not careful we may get what we wish for.

He uses as a referent what we take for granted today that did not even exist sixty years ago. In other words, much of the expense people are complaining about is for things our parents or grandparents could not even imagine being able to purchase at any cost. This is true not only for medicine but also for many other fields from automobiles to telephones.

We are stuck in our immediate world and sometimes it is necessary to step back and look at things in perspective to really see how fortunate we are.

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