Tax irritation

Governor Gibbons’ statement with his veto of budget and tax legislation is ‘Tea Party’ material.

I ask every legislator to consider this, before they vote. Do the people of the state of Nevada, hardworking people, deserve your devastating tax hikes at a time when they are struggling to get by with less? With food prices up, gas prices up, energy prices up, virtually all the basic necessities of life costing more, will your vote help the people you represent? Or will your vote lead to more taxes, layoffs, more foreclosures, and more misery for the people relying on you to help them?

But it doesn’t look like the legislators think much of these ideas. The Nevada Senate voted 17-4 to override the tax veto. The viewpoint for more taxes is typical.

Assembly Speaker Barbara Buckley, D-Las Vegas, said without the tax increase the state’s essential services would be left in tatters.

Both sides here are talking about things “left in tatters” only from different points of view. That does not bode well for either finding a solution or comity.

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