The name of the game: tenacity, distortion, skill

TCS Daily looks at The Subversion of Capital Punishment, What death penalty foes don’t want you to know and provides an example of the modern methods of carrying forward a cause.

What they lack in popular support, death penalty opponents more than make up in tenacity, skill – and success. … The United States Supreme Court and other courts have played a major role, enormously aided by the media in suppressing critical information.

While laying claim to superlative morality, dishonesty, especially half-truth, is central to those who deem themselves merciful by bestowing mercy upon the merciless. There have been knowingly false claims of innocence. Moreover, in myriad cases, most recently on April 28, death sentences have been set aside or banned when guilt is not even disputed. This is achieved by focusing upon the alleged plight of brutal murderers, while callously withholding compassion, information and even thought about the massive suffering they inflict upon innocent law-abiding victims.

The tactics are there. One is the presumed basis of a moral superiority used to motivate the activism. That is supported by a court system that feels its role is to set policy rather than rule on law. That, in turn is supported by a mass media propaganda campaign supported by telling only a part of the story.

Any decisions made by the public are not accepted and continually contested. The creativity is focused on obstructing the end result and not on trying to educate the populace to share the view. It is very difficult to educate with misinformation and dishonest argument so the interference becomes the easiest path.

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