Words versus deeds

Reading list, May22 – The comparison and contrast between recent Obama and Cheney speeches is getting a lot of comment. If you check the headlines at Slate or US News you can find assertions that Cheney lied a lot. If you check the actual facts and reality, you’ll find different. That creates pressures and that gives commentators things to say. Some of the more rational, tied to reality, commentary include the following.

Commentary Magazine by Arthur Herman. The Gitmo Myth and the Torture Canard – in light of well established fact, “one may be permitted to wonder why, exactly, the pressure to close the prison facility has been so intense and long-lasting.”

The Corner

Peter Wehner: Obama and the Constitution – “President Obama not only selectively invokes the Constitution to advance his ideological aims; he does so in all the wrong ways. It is an astonishing, and worrisome, thing to behold.”

Andy McCarthy: Re: Obama and the Constitution – “After only 120 days, the Obama style is all too apparent: the more earnestness he exhibits in his rhetoric … the less likely it is that his actions will comport with that rhetoric.”

Cliff May: Worth Stressing – “Attorney General Eric Holder’s old firm has represented at least 18 enemy combatants. Because of the thick web of relationships between terrorism suspects, Holder, and other like-minded lawyers he has recruited, the Justice Department has been forced to set up elaborate protocols for recusing prosecutors, including the attorney general himself, from various national-security cases.”

Andy McCarthy: Re: Jack Goldsmith on Obama – “Yesterday, Ramesh pointed out Jack’s TNR essay, which argues that Obama’s policies have made us safer. (David Brooks makes much the same claim, not nearly as well, in his NYTimes column today.) At Powerline, there has been in depth and characteristically thoughtful commentary about Jack’s piece from Paul Mirengoff (here and here) and Scott Johnson (here).”


John: Dueling Speeches Part II – “I wrote earlier today that President Obama’s speech today was deeply dishonest. Here’s the first reason why.”

Part IV – “For Barack Obama to repeat the canard that the Bush administration shredded the Constitution, operated outside the law, etc., is false and dishonorable. It is also damaging to our country. Barack Obama is slandering his own government–his own nation, really–for political advantage. This is one more in a growing list of contemptible actions by our new President.”

Scott: Obama’s Crock – “In his speech at the National Archives yesterday, Barack Obama gave a full-throated, campaign-style version of the left-wing critique of the Bush administration’s national security policies. As John pointed out in his excellent dueling speeches series of posts, the speech cannot withstand serious scrutiny. It is a crock.”

Wizbang -Lorie Byrd: Embracing Cheney – “Here is what it comes down to — Cheney is talking about the enemies we face and they are American-hating jihadists determined to destroy our way of life. Obama is talking about the enemy he faces — a previous administration that was successful in keeping the country safe beyond what any of us could have imagined on September 12, 2001. And those on the left are surprised those of us concerned about national security would embrace Cheney?”

Redstate – Caleb: History Is (Re)Written By The Winners – “The irony in the slogan of the campaign is rich. For this is how history is actually written of late; Memes are echoed between mass media, blogs, left-wing activists, and back again, both here and abroad. … But in this case, the numbers aren’t remotely accurate.”

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