An example of “just don’t get it”

This is one is from Heather Mac Donald at NRO. Yosemite Sam National Park?. The title is a good clue is it is an ad hominem ridicule effort and that is usually an indication of a problem. It continues:

Call me a sissified urban wuss, but I’m having a hard time figuring out why someone would absolutely need to take his gun to a national park.

This assigns name calling to those straw men created in the title. That veers from reality into a fantasy.

It is entirely reasonable to have a hard time figuring out someone else’s viewpoint. There is no reason to brag about it. The challenge is to rise to the occasion and find out what things look like from someone else’s point of view.

But, rather than make a serious attempt to understand, more satire and cynicism is heaped on the stinking pile.

You can’t just leave your gun at home? So I have to possibly give up my frequent flyer miles bonus points in order to subsidize some lousy credit risk, just so the NRA can beat its chest in victory.

The fact is that it is normal business for Congress to tack on unrelated amendments to bills and pretending otherwise is ignorant or dishonest. It is also dishonest in such issues to harp on victory dances or other unseemly behavior in those with whom you disagree.

Such a diatribe as Mac Donald offers is the poison in today’s discussion of issues. It does not even attempt to find out why the issue is on the table much less address its factors in an honest way. Instead it impugns and ridicules. Whether or not you agree with the gun laws, you should be able to agree that a discussion should have intellectual integrity not shown in this example.

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