Do you still believe the news?

AJ Strata is getting frustrated. Chicken Little Cries Over GPS From Technology Challenged GAO & News Media – Updated describes just how off base the recent reporting about GPS has been.

You know it is really hard to tolerate rank amateurs when they go around screaming ‘fire’ because they don’t have a clue what a fire actually is. Case in point, the alarm bells being rung over a supposedly failing GPS network

What a pile of horse-hockey. What this is a prime example of reporting on a mildly complex subject with a massive amount of ignorance and incompetence. The GPS service is not really all the complicated to grasp, but apparently it was too much for these fools.

This isn’t the only current news story of a scientific or technical nature that is causing concern by those who are willing to think. The ‘missing link’ stories about a single two year study of a fossil find that was publicized is another.

The thing is, as AJ so eloquently notes, is that it doesn’t take much learning and thinking to see just how misleading these news reports really are. You don’t have to be a geek or a technical expert but just an educated layman with an appropriate skeptical bent.

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