Ethics and moral preening

Dr. Sanity takes a look at Barbarism, torture, and moral compasses. Social functioning has progressed to a new level of testing the sharp edge. No longer is there a transition to a war state with an entirely different set of rules and conditions but rather there is the most of everyone living life as usual with isolated warfare like testing of the values and morals of that life in spectacular ways.

Our uncertainty about our own values is what is destroying us already. Value by value, we are ceding morality to an enemy that joyfully destroys life; laughs at liberty; and mocks our entire historical tradition. Look how willing much of the West has been to compromise our cherished freedoms in order to accommodate the enemy’s threats.

Soon, we will have compromised away all that matters to us; our civilization and all its values chipped away, little by little, as it is taken over by the barbarians who love death more than we love life.

This war is being fought on many fronts. Some is traditional, some is under the covers, but the most worrisome is even more insidious as it shows as a cancer within.

incoherent, outraged indignation and preening self-righteousness are often the weapons of choice for today’s postmodern moral relativists. But please don’t suggest that they follow a moral compass. Their compass always has been and always will be primarily self-serving and spinning wildly, dependent on the political currents of the moment.

What is in the news is a major big city newspaper squashing an election turning story about criminal campaigning, revelations of administration threats involving tax audits and other such weapons, and the character assassination of political opponents. How far is too far?

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