Lawfare claims another victim

The effort to find offense was significant.

Farnan spent almost 18 months gathering material against Corbett, compiling a dossier that featured secret recordings of the teacher’s remarks.

Riazat Butt describes the situation at the Guardian: US teacher broke law by describing creationism as ‘superstitious nonsense’ where “Judge rules remark was ‘improper disapproval of religion’ and violated first amendment of US constitution”

It appears that the year and a half effort was to gather enough mudballs to increase odds that at least one of them might stick when tossed at random in court. It appears the effort was successful.

What is remarkable in this case is that it is not about government establishment of religion but rather a student being offended by a factual remark made by a teacher. The judge ruled that it is illegal for a teacher to say something in a way that might offend the student: and that was after the student went to great lengths to find offense.

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