The Iraqi people show their mettle

It was like a slow start party. People arrive a bit late, aren’t too sure if they are in the right place, take up wallflowering, – then someone breaks the ice, starts the dance. Gradually everyone joins in and the mood grows. Pretty soon it overflows into dancing in the street. It becomes a celebration as people discover a deep seated and shared emotion about common goals and fears and they learn that they are indeed not alone.

The Iraqi people have received severe threats. On January 30 they faced them and not with a grim determination but with celebration. They march in the streets but not with the hate and pessimism seen so often in the ‘anti’ crowd but with dancing and joy and relief. It is a stunning contrast between those trying to force a world into their ideologies and those who are actually making it happen.

The ‘yeahbuts’ and shifting standards and other qualifications will be heard from those with alternative agendas but the celebration and joy demonstrated by the Iraqi people is one to be shared and welcomed by all. It is up to us to support and extend the celebration and to support the transition of the courage shown into a wisdom of governance.

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