Facts cannot trump feelings

Weekend Pundit says It’s Not About Facts, It’s About Feelings and provides several examples to illustrate the futility of trying to discuss issues tightly bound to feelings and emotions.

Somehow facts and truth have become less important than feelings and indoctrination. Never mind that no matter how much one might believe they can fly by merely flapping their arms, the laws of physics and the force of gravity will stand in their way. There’s no getting around either regardless of how much someone says otherwise.

nuclear power, climate change, military related issues,

So “people don’t know what is good for them.” That is one of the more typical beliefs the Left holds, believing they know more about what you or I need than we do. That belief reduces most of the population to the status of children in their eyes. Only the Left are adult enough to tell us what to do.

If you are in an honest – that is attached to rationale thinking, facts, and reality – what is a reasonable view on this? It is that those who use emotion rather than reason

aren’t competent enough to run their own lives because they can’t tell the difference between fact and fiction, particularly when they let their “feelings” decide things for them. None of their decisions can be trusted because they ignore facts when making decisions about their lives and, even worse, our lives.

This should be a worry when so many important life and death and basic health matters are on the table.

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