Win at any cost?

Feinstein considers the Carville and Begala invented ‘war room’ for the Clinton 1992 Campaign to be the beinning marker for dishonest political propaganda in the current era. It marks the beginning of a ‘win at any cost’ mentality that became a norm rather than an exception.

These media-encouraged anti-Republican accusations and criticisms have a cumulative negative effect on the ability of any Republican President to credibly make his case to the electorate. There is a “war” going on, and it’s a war whose goal is to instantly shape and mold public opinion, using the events of the moment to deliver the rhetorical warheads. Barbara Boxer and Ted Kennedy are simply the latest proponents of the philosophy originated in the Carville/Begala War College of Instant Spin: Winning elections for Democrats is more important than national unity, more important than loyalty to our men and women in uniform, more important than that quaint old notion about “Politics stopping at the water’s edge,” and certainly more important than personal dignity or professional decorum. [Steve Feinstein; The “wartime” President; American Thinker; 28Ja05]

There is worry in some circles because it seems the Republicans are not playing the game – they are not fighting the same war. The worry should be taken back to its roots. Do you trust the American Citizen? What are the implications of not trusting the citizens to be able to learn, to see what is really happening, and to make effective informed decisions?

There is an old assertion that the truth will out. Will it?

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