It’s the same idea, recycled

John at Powerline hits it in the post “Green Jobs”–The New Sub-Prime? citing the London Times.

Remember sub-prime mort-gages? Now universally excoriated as the spawn of the devil, the proximate cause of the credit crunch and all that followed, a few years back “sub-prime” was everyone’s darling.

Now business lobbyists and governments on both sides of the Atlantic have got a new big idea. They call it “green jobs”

The flavors may change but the concept remains the same: let ideology reign over reason. What is known and what can be observed is that –

The key to a successful, wealth-generating economy is productivity. Saving energy is what businesses have done already, because it lowers their production costs. The problem with any form of subsidy is that it makes the consumer (through hidden taxes) pay to keep inherently uneconomic businesses “profitable”. ..

You can catalog the specific issues from creationism to affordable housing to medicines to alternative energy to global warming and on and on. What should be of note is the common behaviors. These were quite evident in the April 15 Tea Parties, for instance: an excess of confidence, an impugning and ridiculing of those who do not agree, censorship, projection. These are similar to those behaviors that are indications of denial, of a significant internal desire for a world that doesn’t really fit with what is outside the self. Taking each issue and carefully isolating it and making it a small thing is just one of these defensive behaviors. It can be more profitable for those with intellectual integrity to actually look at the class of behaviors, what can be observed, as an initial indicator that perhaps some things are going on that just don’t pass muster.

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