Woe is lawfare

The WaPo takes note of the use of lawyers to defeat human rights and common sense.

So why do we keep rewarding Somali pirates? How is this march of folly possible?

Start by blaming the timorous lawyers who advise the governments attempting to cope with the pirates such as those who had been engaged in a standoff with U.S. hostage negotiators in recent days. These lawyers misinterpret the Law of the Sea Treaty and the Geneva Conventions and fail to apply the powerful international laws that exist against piracy. The right of self-defense — a principle of international law — justifies killing pirates as they try to board a ship.

This is related to the brouhaha about airline pilots being able to carry sidearms and the ongoing effort to disarm them.

Nonetheless, entire crews are unarmed on the ships that sail through the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden. Shipowners pretend that they cannot trust their crews with weapons, but the facts don’t add up

The onus is on the defender to prove innocence and the necessity of defense. Whether it is ships from pirates, airplanes from hijackers, homes from criminals, or states from terrorists, the lawfare warriors are insisting upon rights and concerns for the perpetrators that they do not allow for the victims.

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