is law a component of a healthy democracy?

In corporations, the duty of loyalty means that, once a decision is made by established means, it becomes the decision of the group. Loyalty requires that the decision be accepted and that the group move on to further business. A decision can be changed but only by accepted and defined means. A decision is not changed by antics, or by the loosing group ignoring the decisions, or by other unlawful means.

What are these “demonstrations” demonstrating — other than adolescent self-indulgence and contempt for the rights of other people to go about their lives without finding their streets clogged with hooligans and the air filled with obscenities?

The irony is that many of those who are indulging themselves in these strident orgies are the same people who were telling us to “get over it” and “move on” during President Clinton’s scandals. Today the liberal is the last place where people are willing to move on.

While this is overwhelmingly a phenomenon of the political left, the increasing acceptance of irresponsible behavior — including vandalism and violence — as a normal part of our public discourse says something about what is happening to this country as a whole.

This may be some people’s idea of a healthy democracy but it is more of a sign of a spreading sickness in a society too wimpish to insist that law and order matter and too mushy-minded to see that self-indulgence at other people’s expense is not idealism. [Thomas Sowell: Self-indulgence Townhall. 27Ja05]

These same people are a part of the group that contained people indicted for slashing tires on get out the vote vans and ran the voting in places such as Washington, Wisconsin, and California where investigations are under way to find out why the ballot count does not match the voter count. That is past. The crimes should be investigated and perpeatrators procesuted. Meanwhile, a decision has been made and it is the loyal duty of all to make the best of that decision. It is disloyal to discredit the decision or to attempt to destroy its effect.

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