denial doesn’t help anyone

Hey. Guess what! Actions have consequences.

But don’t tell that to Maryland Democrats, who were busy all day yesterday blaming everyone but themselves for the tax hike. Feigning shocked indignation, Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller, a trial lawyer himself, blamed state insurance commissioner Alfred W. Redmer for allowing HMOs to pass along the extra cost. We’ll let our readers decide which is worse: The Democrats’ complete ignorance of basic economics or their refusal to accept responsibility for a mess they created. Passing the malpractice buck – The Washington Times: Editorials/OP-ED – 27Ja05

The idea was to tax HMO’s as a free source of income to help pay for medical malpractice insurance premiums. The reality was that insurance rates went up to cover the tax. Will the Democrats learn that taxing evil corporations is not going to solve basic problems with malpractice premiums caused by an environment favoring imaginative lawsuits about medical practice?

The idea of a free lunch sounds so attractive …

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