ACLU: What’s your paradigm?

Andy McCarthy takes at look at how The ACLU Discovers the Merits of Military Chain of Command for examples about the implicit paradigm used in the war on the GWOT and the U.S. and Western Civilization in general. The issue at hand is that “the military judge presiding over the war-crimes commission case against Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and five other terrorists accepted and made public their “Islamic Response” to the government’s allegations — a diatribe in which they proudly admit that they carried out the 9/11 atrocities.”

First up is the nature of the independence of military judges. This point of view has its contradictions.

Since they were first announced in 2001, the military commissions have been condemned as illegitmate by the ACLU because the judges are not independent like civilian court judges — they are military officers, and thus they answer to the Defense Department’s convening authority, the Secretary of Defense and, ultimately, the President. Now, the ACLU is complaining that the military judge is defying the commander-in-chief, and wondering whether Secretary Gates is asleep at the switch in allowing such insubordination.

the ACLU whines that the judge is not kowtowing to the commander-in-chief and has made public the damaging admissions of their “clients.” And all this hypocrisy for what? To benefit terrorists at war with the United States and proud of having murdered thousands of Americans — Islamic radicals who want to continue terrorizing the country, who’ve already indicated they want a “martyr’s” execution, and who don’t care what the ACLU thinks about the legal case.

In other words, the agenda isn’t really the military efforts towards justice for its detainees. It isn’t about a President abusing powers and running roughshod over civil rights. It is about something much more insidious, something which cannot be honestly explored with intellectual integrity by its adherents.

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