Beware of false knowledge

Maggies Farm quotes George Bernard Shaw in describing the Top Ten Reasons For ObamaCare Are Based On False Information.

The major overhaul of American health care pursued by President Obama and his supporters is based on many false premises and is excessive and likely to do more harm than good.

Whether it is comparing to other countries or making judgments about what can be afforded, there are many premises that need careful consideration for their veracity.

But this issue isn’t the only one where there are problematic premises. Betsy’s Page talks about Ideology trumping science and the hubris about changes in government all of sudden having a bit more integrity in regards to science.

This is all of the same ilk that has folks looking in strange directions to try to find a fitting paradigm. The Anchoress cites the American Leningrad – UPDATED in this vein. The reason for this effort is seeing how a distorted view of reality is being used for political ends. That reminds many of the type of propaganda that was used to support regimes the opposed western cultures in the cold war. It chills.

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