Negotiating analogy

Readstate makes an analogy of interest in Obama’s Rush Quickens. One of the campaign issues was about discussions with foreign leaders without precondition. The issue was whether the US should stoop to discussion with the likes of petty tinpot dictators or terrorist mullahs. Now there is a domestic analogy.

Before I go on, I find this theme quite amusing. Why? Well, because it’s the same theme that conservatives have employed to explain why a U.S. president shouldn’t engage in “diplomacy” with terrorists and thugs like Ahmadinejad and Osamma bin Laden! It was a claim the left called stupid. Now, all of a sudden, the same argument is the chief argument to use. Only one word describes this situation; hypocrisy.

This gets particularly interesting in the gifting exchange with Great Britain’s Brown brouhaha. It is a matter of choosing friends and enemies and making it clear which is which.

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