The war on energy

I does seem rather funny. Headlines today include Yucca no longer an option and Energy saving by daylight saving time still debated. There seems to be a war on energy.

It seems rather absurd to be drawing a tight leash on the production of energy by the most economical and safest means, by imposing severe taxes on the most common sources of energy, by setting exploration for energy off limits, and then promoting ‘drop in the bucket’ schemes like daylight savings time or super ecologically unfriendly weak sources such as wind or solar.

Like any war, this war on energy will have its costs. As we saw when the price of gasoline went to $4 per gallon last year, the cost will hit low and it will be inflationary. Expensive and restricted energy hits low because it makes a direct impact on critical living costs in the lowest classes in society. Higher energy costs are not going to help spur industry, either. The inflationary pressures create dissonance with depressionary phenomena that confuse economic planning. That won’t help anyone gain comfort.

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