Problem 1 in the climate warming advocacy contingent

An example of the means by which people can discredit themselves is at an Island of Doubt In search of George Will’s climate-denial sources.

The labeling is oh-so-typical. Instead of using an appropriate term such as “skeptic” the term is “denial” with derogatory connotations. In addition, there is the problem of jumping to conclusions and making judgments substitute for opinion.

As far as I’m concerned the story of how Will manages to misrepresent the science of climate change in column after column at a newspaper as respectable as the Washington Post won’t be over until we have a good look at that list. So I have written to Will.

All one needs to do to find out where George Will got his skeptical ideas is to look at the most read climate blogs. The blogroll at Watts Up With That? is a good start.

But no, the assumption is one of certitude – and that is not a means to credibility in scientific measure.

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