Missing the point and obstinate about it

Mike Masnick illustrates the problem at techdirt in Appeals Court Allows ‘Classified, But Leaked’ Evidence To Be Used In Warrantless Wiretap Case.

The first error is in failing to distinguish between foreign and domestic affairs.

The second error is that of mislabeling. Wiretapping is different from traffic monitoring.

The tone is indicative of the bias involved. Words and phrases such as “ridiculous hoops” and “pretends” show how judgment is being presented on the straw man created by delving into motivations inferred from perception. There is also the self victimization about how he is told to “shut up” with “angry comments.”

It’s difficult to see how anyone who actually believes in the right to a free society could support a gov’t’s ability to spy on folks without any check on that power.

Well yes, but this is hypocritical. The essay is, despite its flaws and errors, a check on the supposed power being complained about. It is in the general class of all of those protests screaming about the abuse of the first amendment all the while taking advantage of its protections.

Integrity is a first responsibility if we want to keep our privileges.

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