Steyn: satire. ouch.

It is one of those essays where you can’t figure out whether to laugh or to cry or, perhaps, deny. Mark Steyn: The Incredible Bulk battles the Fat Cats – Latest superhero of Big Government replaces Bailoutman, Mister Stimulus and Captain Recovery. (OC Register).

the president in his address to Congress finally spilled the beans and unveiled our new hero in his final form: the Incredible Bulk, Statezilla, Governmentuan, a colossus bestriding the land like a, er, colossus. What superpowers does he have? All of them!

Is the new all-powerful Statezilla vulnerable to anything? Unfortunately, yes. He loses all his superpowers when he comes into contact with something called Reality. But happily Reality is nowhere in sight. There are believed to be some small surviving shards somewhere on the planet – maybe on an uninhabited atoll somewhere in the Pacific – but that’s just a rumor

Let us hope reality is found before it wakes up and wreaks vengeance.

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