What does a “back door is OK’ approach tell you?

Tara Smith describes another example of ideology triumphant (over reason) in an Anti-evolution bill in Iowa.

For those who may be unfamiliar, in addition to “teach the controversy,” these “academic freedom” bills are one of the new tactics for creationists who want to introduce creationism into science classrooms via the back door by claiming that teachers need the protection to teach “the full range of scientific views” when it comes to evolution (in other words, to teach creationism/ID).

What is happening here is that an ideology that can’t make it on its own merits is being sold under false colors. Consider the implications of this phenomena.

If you have to be dishonest to sell your ideas you are taking the position that those to whom you are trying to sell it are too stupid to get the message truthfully and can be deceived because of this stupidity.

Also considers what it says about those who resort to these tactics. They are so fixated on their ideas that they are not only not willing to accept any doubts but they also cannot tolerate anyone not agreeing with them.

Jesus was faced with this conundrum and he allowed that which belonged to Caesar to be Caesar’s. In this case, it is not taxes that are an issue of government rather than religion, it is an issue of the interpretation of evidence that is a matter of science rather than religion.

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