Fourth estate, fifth column

When Senator Boxer attacks Dr. Rice with false memories of the congressional resolution, Senator Kennedy and others allege “mislead” and other malfeasance despite their own votes and past words, and Senator Reid contests the result of the vote, we see that the fight for liberty is not so much in the blood of soldiers but, once again, in the integrity of citizens and their representatives and their propagandists.

Whether the one-sided reporting of the war in Vietnam was a factor in the American defeat there used to be a matter of controversy. But, in recent years, high officials of the Communist government of Vietnam have themselves admitted that they lost the war on the battlefields but won it in the U.S. media and on the streets of America, where political pressures from the anti-war movement threw away the victory for which thousands of American lives had been sacrificed. … Still, much of the Western media even cannot call a spade a spade. The Fourth Estate sometimes seems more like a Fifth Column. [Thomas Sowell: Fourth estate or fifth column Townhall. 25Ja05]

The fact is that votes do matter and the results cannot be minimized by qualification. You might wonder about the vote when the dead and the criminal are found to have voted in Seattle, when Wisonsin voters who registered at the last minute have fictitious addresses, when indictments are filed for slashing tires of GOP get out the vote vans, when allegations of disenfranchisement are made indiscriminately, – and when all of these incidents of malfeasance indicate a correlation to Democratic partisans – but they will be resolved eventually. The fact is that once a vote is made, whether for war or for office, the inability to accept that vote in a matter such as Senator Reid has advocated is a corruption of the process and contributes to, and is a part of, the fifth column effort to defeat what has been built. These efforts to subvert liberty and freedom will be difficult to counter if we allow the history of Vietnam to repeat.

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