The status of the rebellion

Let’s see, we have the major news story about secret operations in Iran during a time of war, Senator Kerry flouting the Logan act, California and New York elected representatives selling VIP tickets to the anti war group Code Pink at the inauguration so they could disrupt the proceedings, ABC doing their soldier-killed-in-Iraq funeral to ‘balance’ its inauguration coverage (you can see a tally of such items at Chrenkoff), and two representatives who pulled a provision from a bill to favor British troops with American technologies,

Whatever the War on Terror is, it is a duel to the death. A glance at Juan Cole’s website — which is a reliable thermometer of Leftist temper — is a case in point. It should be the website of a respectable academic but it’s a shrine to half-forgotten causes and a casket of exorcisms against half-apprehended devils.[ wretchard. The Lost Elections 3. Belmont Club 22ja05]

There are those who say you can’t fight a war on terror because terror is a tactic. This brings to mind those who confuse ideology, strategy and tactics as in trying to understand the recent inauguration speech. But then, when you look at this list of actions in the war, you can see that the war that is being fought is not just about terror, it is about honor, morality, ideology and intellectual integrity.

And the list of actions demonstrates that wretchard may be right. It is not a matter of simple disagreements but rather something that will be won with definition.

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