Stealth Bills and Who gives a dam’ what the cost is

Little Green Footballs takes notice of another example of the stealth bill. These are those seemingly innocent things that cover over their real agenda. Another Stealth Creationist Bill in Florida describes the ongoing effort to replace science with religion in the name being able to “teach the other side so you can have critical thinking.” Critical thinking should start by not comparing dissimilar concepts and ideas. What really takes the cake, though, is the values in place.

Notice that Wise is well aware his bill is likely to end up costing the state of Florida millions for legal defenses if they pass this bill, and it will almost certainly be struck down as unconstitutional. But that doesn’t even faze him.

It is obvious that integrity in science teaching is not the issue or biology curricula would be determined by what the universities and colleges want. The story also shows that there is little interest in the cost to society, either. There is something more valuable than tolerance and market demand in this issue that drives out reason and integrity.

That should be something to think about.

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