The attack on evolution, yet more again

The fact that the dialog about evolution continues should be considered an indication that the dialog is not about evolution but something deeper. This ‘something deeper’ drags the teaching of science into a quagmire.

Just as my grandfather jumped from my statement that Jesus drunk wine to the conclusion that I was calling Jesus a drunkard, a subset of American Christians similarly jump to the conclusion that if science contradicts the literal words of the Bible, it must be part of some secular humanist plot to discredit religion.

But to do so confuses the very nature of science and religion. The essence of religion is contained in the bumper sticker saying, “God said it. I believe it. That settles it.” That is the exact opposite of science. Science is concerned only with what can be seen, tested, and proven. Science is not a set of beliefs; it is a method of inquiry. Nothing more. Nothing less. [Dale Franks; Evolution, creationism, and the empty minds of our children; Q&O; 20Ja05]

Because of the dissonance created between ideas of evolution and their own beliefs and desires, there are some people who go to great lengths to foist their own views and diminish ideas of evolution. In doing so, they abandon a basic concept in science that ideas stand or fall on their own; they promote their own ideas by trashing others and not by establishing the value of their own using accepted standards.

Recent expressions of this dissonance sought out “many” scientists who questioned evolution in an attempt to dimish is lustre, obsessed on flaws and faults to ‘prove’ Darwin’s ideas are wrong; went into length explanations to explain their own views as being what they were not.

Just as Jesus answered a question by suggesting that what is Ceaser’s be left to Ceaser, those who are foisting belief on science should leave evolution to the biologists. Hiding the agenda, and even going so far as to rename it as a means to address criticism, do not help resolve anything. Until a basic honesty, an intellectual integrity, invades the discussion it will remain a fruitless and continuing argument.

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