Upside down. It doesn’t make sense

Michael Yon, in an Instapundit exclusive report, says It’s Raining.

Thousands of terrorist rockets have rained on Israeli towns within range of Hamas-ruled Gaza, as the world mostly ignored the thunder.

The playgrounds in Sderot come equipped with bomb shelters, decorated with kid-friendly art.

The peak times for launch are when the kids are going or coming from school, and shoppers are in the open, for the greatest odds of casualties.

Yet world sympathy seems to rest with the terrorists, and Israel is condemned for ‘trapping’ the Palestinians inside Gaza and for any retaliation for the missile attacks.

It makes no sense to risk life and limb only to allow people who intentionally target children to talk through my pen. Not until they stop the terrorism. Those members of the press who transmute Hamas’s crocodile tears into ink only exacerbate the disease.

the British are investigating war crimes charges against Israel … A Spanish judge is also talking war crimes

And today, where is the equity? Why haven’t Hamas leadership been charged with war crimes for indiscriminate attacks on Sderot and other towns?

It is upside down. Defend yourself after extreme provocation and you are the villain? This same ethos of making the criminal a victim in seen in the ‘Home is my Castle’ debate in many communities that struggle with the idea that a home-owner should not suffer liabilities for what happens to burglars and others who invade his home with invitation or proper warrant.

Read Yon’s It’s Raining report and think about upside down thinking.

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