New dietary guidelines – big bro approaching?

The new federal guidelines for your diet have now expanded to include how you should exercise. There is a questionable assumption behind these guidelines that is very popular.

“The human body is not an infinitely malleable mass of calories that can be burned down to any desired shape or size,” said Glenn Gaesser, PhD, in a recent Harvard Health Policy Review article. Healthful levels of exercise and eating won’t transform all of our naturally-diverse body types into some ideal measure of thinness. Weight is a flawed priority. It may seem intuitive that exercising and eating better will result in weight loss, but it doesn’t for everyone. Yet it will help everyone to be healthier. [Sandy Szwarc; Please Pass the Cake TCS 18ja05]

Count your calories. Measure your exercise by calories burned. Engineer your weight and musculature. We are all the same and all it takes is simple calculation to learn what you have to do to achieve your goals. Do that and you are guaranteed success.

But, as many have found out, it doesn’t work that way. So the calorie counting presumption is then used to heal guilt and further complicate matters.

Oh my, do we have another case of misguided misperception?

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