Forgetting history

The Anchoress- Obama: Yeah, Iraq war caused the hate…

he merely agrees with the dishonest framing by his interviewer … seems to assert that “as recently as 20 or 30 years ago” relations between the US and the Arab world were good, and to conveniently forget the hostage-taking of 1975 or the bombings of the ’80’s – including the killing of US Marines. … the attacks that averaged one every 18 months or so from 1992 through 2000 …

Americans have forgotten a great deal. They have forgotten that in addition to hitting the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, there were people actively trying to fly a plane either into the Capitol Building or the White House, until they were taken down. They forget that on that particular day, September 11, 2001, Laura Bush, Ted Kennedy and numerous other education-focused lawmakers were gathering in the Capital for hearings on Early Childhood Education and that had the terrorists succeeded, an impressive portion of our leadership would have perished in a truly bi-partisan manner.

They have forgotten the eerie silence of the post-9/11 skies, or what it was like to wonder “when we’ll be hit again.” They have forgotten because they were kept thoroughly safe, so safe that they were able to boo the man who’d protected them (as he turned the office over to another) without any sort of fear, whatsoever – without fear that they would be silenced by a strong arm, or that they’d be blown to bits by a strong bomb.

I wonder what it will take – while we let go of our memories in the after-glow and light slumber of love – to shake us awake.

It is not perhaps so much as forgetting history but rather the creating of history that should be of most concern. A lie by omission is more easily corrected than a lie of commission. What has happened here is the straw man argument. History has been rebuilt to rationalize dissonance and discomfort. That, in turn, has been used to define changes that can create a more comfortable situation. The problem is that changes made for the sake of change often lack direction and may well go in a direction that just makes things worse.

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