After the last play

In a football game it is traditional for the teams to shake hands and head home after the game to get ready for the next one. Gloating, bitterness, and other unsportsmanlike conduct is frowned upon. In politics it seems such civility is in rather short supply.

There seems to be a bitterness and a hatred as many, especially in the media, are more interested in a vile farewell to the old than in a celebratory welcome of the new administration. Bygones can’t just be gone, they must be trampled and insulted and subject to invective and gloating.

If you want to see just how off balance this “good riddance” ethos is, see The Anchoress who says Thank you, President Bush – UPDATED. The essay contains many links to comment and report that shows just how bad the situation is as far as balance, perspective, and civil or sportsmanlike behavior.

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