Why bias is misleading

The has been a lot of talk about media bias and a lot of denial that such a thing exists or that if you see bias I see it too but opposite. The fact of bias is something that should be assumed. It is one of the first topics in any education about a field depending upon observation. The issue isn’t bias itself but what it can do if not accepted on the part of the observer. On the one hand is the subtle propaganda of what is reported and how versus what is not reported. On the other hand is a fabrication such as in Rathergate.

This process of corruption has pulled a curtain of suspicion over all information products. No longer is it possible to rely on the assurance of a brand name. Each item of news must now be sniffed, examined, poked and weighed to determine its authenticity. Collateral confirmation, once the staple of skeptical intelligence analysts, is now the task of every sophisticated newsreader — at least those who want to avoid being taken for a ride. [wretchard. All the News That’s Fit to Fit. Belmont Club 18ja05]

The reason that bias is such a big issue in news sources is that there is a pattern of deception and even fraud to the point that the masses are being subject to propaganda and not news. Bias isn’t really a problem. Lack of intellectual integrity is.

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