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Cui Bono?

It seems the recent age is populated by folks who are not in touch with themselves. Don Surber: Judas Goat Conservatives cites David Limbaugh who tweeted, “Isn’t it interesting that these former Republican Never Trumpers, whose alleged beef with us is that we abandoned true conservatism, are now full-throated fellow travelers with cultural and economic Marxist Democrats who are on a monomaniacal mission to destroy this country?” It is a sad story of those following a call without a self awareness. Another example is Writers, Publishers and Editors Call for Termination of Barrett Book Deal in Latest Censorship Campaign – JONATHAN TURLEY. “the letter of hundreds of “literary figures” this week to Penguin Random House is chilling. The editors and writers call on the company to rescind a book deal with Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett because they disagree with her judicial philosophy. After all, why burn books when you can effectively ban them?” … ” the letter is not simply dangerous. It is perfectly delusional”. Thomas Lifson provides another example as Amnesia overcomes at least 5 staffers at the New York Times. “This is called “lying by omission.” Ignoring what doesn’t fit your desired narrative is a denial, a form of escape from reality. It does not bode well.


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Great Head Fakes of the Doomsday Prophets

The doomsday prophets seem to be missing something. Richard McDonough has Abrams and Oprah to provide an example in The Democrats’ Never-Ending ‘Apocalypse Now’ Argument. — “It is much easier to insinuate than to formulate.” 

Voters must recognize that as soon as one hears the apocalyptic language, one is being played.  If politicians are actually interested in solving America’s problems, they will make concrete proposals in measured language.  It is when Democrats have no solutions, but only an unbounded personal ambition, that they must resort to using apocalyptic fear tactics.

The ‘United’ Nations provide Eric Utter with another example as the UN claims climate catastrophe now almost unavoidable. — “The Democrats welcomed these reports, as they interpret them as lending support to their virulently anti-American agenda.  They, and the media (sorry, I repeat myself), are pulling out all the stops now, just days before the midterm elections.  This is evidenced by ever more extreme, panicked, and preposterous headlines” 

Jack Hellner says The media and other Democrats can see the handwriting on the wall and are becoming desperate “so they need to destroy Republicans.” A catalog of sins follows. That leads to John Hinderaker and Can We Please Have Some Racism? preferably “of the approved sort–but it is hard to find” — “For now, let’s just note the absurdity of the Daily Show going prospecting for racism in, of all places, the fact that the son of Indian immigrants is now the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.” For more head spinning, see Steven Hayward In Re: The Pelosi Story. — “Yeah, sure, this apparent nudist protester from the Castro district of San Francisco is somehow a right-wing Proud Boy “insurrectionist.” I guess they can’t figure out how to play the race card with this story, though you’d think it wouldn’t be that hard to throw down “white supremacy.” He also notes the “leftist ugliness” regarding the death of Lucianne Goldberg.

But the farmers are fighting back. Vijay Jayaraj is asking Why Are Farmers Defying Bans to Cultivate GM Crops? The is a nuclear power argument redux. “The answer is straightforward: GM crops give higher yields, are resilient to deadly plant diseases, and can withstand tough environmental conditions.” The Doomsday prophets deny the evidence and will not tolerate farmers making a living by helping mass populations avoid starvation and malnutrition, just like they did in handicapping the availability of cheap energy that is needed to raise the standard of living of the impoverished. — “Many middle- and low-income countries have yet to approve GM crops despite them being declared safe by the world’s leading food regulatory bodies. Additionally, a wave of anti-GMO activism disrupts their adoption.”

The Hillsdale Imprimis picks up another dimension of the assault on humanity from a talk by Jeffrey A. Tucker: The Economic Disaster of the Pandemic Response. “The economy—viewed as mechanistic, money-centered, mostly about the stock market, and detached from anything truly important—was pitted against public health and the preservation of life.” … “The lockdown approach in 2020 stood in stark contrast to a century of public health experience in dealing with pandemics.” … “Health and economics both require the nonnegotiable called freedom. May we never again experiment with the near abolition of freedom in the cause of mitigating disease.”


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Do you have standing? Do you stand alone or with others?

Thomas Lifson notes a passing: Lucianne Goldberg, R.I.P. Many others were influenced by this lady and News Forum is only one of the later projects in a career of work in political integrity.

The question is about justice. Jack Cashill does a comparison and contrast explaining The Real Reason Woman Who Killed Firefighter Went Uncharged — “I have to wonder how George Zimmerman felt upon reading about the shooting death of Kansas City firefighter Anthony Santi, 41.” David Zukerman says there’s No luck for Steve Bannon, so what about law and order? The case is one of many current political prisoner episodes but “perhaps rule of law is not dead, just hibernating” – wishful thinking? denial? Jonathan Turley takes up Biden’s Boast: Blocking Judicial Review of a Half-Trillion Tuition Giveaway is Nothing to Celebrate. Part of the issue here is the court’s use of ‘standing’ to avoid digging into controversies. This was heavily used to avoid hearing election issue evidence in the 2020 elections. “We now see the literal cost of narrow standing rules. It is not the false claim of these judges being on “Biden’s side” — rather, the question becomes who is on the Constitution’s side if no court can rule on its alleged violation, even with hundreds of billions of dollars at stake?”

To understand the bonds of a nation, we must look at the social construct of people in a particular territory who share common history, culture, and traditions.  The foundation of the construct is dependent on the ability of a people to establish a set of values deemed immutable.  For the bond to survive, these values must be deeply rooted such that man feels compelled to cling to the nation’s foundation like a newborn child to its mother.  As long as people believe in the foundational principles, a nation can survive. – Brian Bumbalo. How do we keep the bonds of a nation together?

Neo has comment in this regard as well. The sins of the father: January 6th and the Reffitt case has kids turning on parents, juries taking political revenge on free speech, and intemperate prosecution. This all follows from the question What’s even better than election denial?  — “So the case is really about unelected judges, advised by an unelected panel of “experts,” redrawing the voting districts and usurping the power explicitly given state legislatures by the US Constitution.” Chris Menahan via has a note about the reaction to the propaganda driving the injustice. Watch: Trump Voters Shut Down MSNBC Host’s J6 Propaganda | ZeroHedge That also shows in an essay by John Green: The MSM Threatens Democracy — “Our democracy can’t function without an informed public — and that is dependent on an effective news industry. But they’ve willingly sacrificed their credibility, and along with it their effectiveness.” Richard McDonough follows up with The Democrat-Media Complex’s ‘Save our Democracy’ Farce. This is a catalog of sins.

Monica Showalter has found a culprit. Someone at the Justice Department doesn’t know what ‘justice’ is. Deep state and a lot of muck to hide in: Biden Has Unleashed The Regulatory Leviathan: Report – Issues & Insights describes how culprits can find cover and protection that make accountability difficult to achieve. Thomas Lifson provides another example about the National Institutes of Health blocking researchers from access to key database for studies of genetics and intelligence. — “When bureaucrats fear the truth and obstruct the search for it, they are leading us into a new dark age.”

Activism comes in many forms and many are rising to take note and even respond. Chris Donaldson describes how Ted Cruz deftly turns Ana Navarro’s rude loaded question about his wife and father on its head. Monica Showalter the consequences as the Vatican think tank becomes hotbed for pro-abortionists. Jason Mattera follows with Onward Christian Cowards wondering “Where are all the splashy full-page ad campaigns from purported Christian “leaders” condemning the moral degeneracy of this Biden administration?”

On the climate and pandemic panic fronts, Tyler Durden has a good ENSO rundown with La Nina Transforms Australian Desert Into Wetlands. The only somewhat unusual thing here is that there have been several La Nina cycles in a row. S. Stanley Young and Warren Kindzierski also take a look at the dataset to conclude COVID: Just another flu from Mark Twain: “it’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.”

For basic education there’s  Michael Anton on Natural Right and Historicism — “these theoretical differences matter for the sake of the truth and also for the future.” This is a rebuttal to an assault in what might be called a debate.


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questions, questions, so many questions

Victor Davis Hanson is wondering Will ‘Democracy Die in Darkness’ After November? That’s the fear if Republicans win elections. Here’s a catalog of how the fear is expressed. Rajan Laad asks Is the Biden administration meddling with the midterm elections? This is about keeping that democracy dead or at least under the covers. Philip Carl Salzman has another question in this vein. When Was the Last Time That the Democrats Told the Truth About Anything? When you are desperate, you’ll say almost anything to rationalize the insanity you hold within unless you can face reality. Reality is about to get into picture want it or not so the claims and assertions get ever more absurd.  


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Hey Doc! What happened to medicine valuing the patient?

The medical establishment is regressing! Cameron English worries that Science destroys its credibility by embracing critical theory.  “The acceptance of fashionable nonsense is a threat to Enlightenment values and public health.”  Andrew Ross describes why he thinks Telemedicine is not medicine despite the COVID lockdown fad. Rich Yurkowitz does a Fact Check: Obamacare Failed on another word pablum used to sell a costly and ineffective solution to fears and doubts. John Hughes wonders What’s Wrong with the American College of Emergency Physicians? He notes that “Profits, social issues, physician censorship, and political pet projects seem to be guiding medical policy and therefore practice in America” rather than  “fentanyl overdoses, obesity-related morbidity and mortality, government policies causing increases in violent crime and murder, and declining economic conditions.” Olivia Murray provides a history lesson as the Medical community (once again) complicit in eugenics agenda. This is about abortion and infanticide. Stacey Lennox reports that the CDC Vaccine Advisory Group To Vote on Adding mRNA Vaccines to the Childhood Schedule. This is and absurd risk analysis conclusion going against the trend by other agencies looking at the issue and why Elizabeth Nickson wonders Just how big is our democide? 

Margot Cleveland clarifies the latest political jury decision and notes Russia Hoaxers, Not Durham, Should Be Embarrassed. The question is what can we do about such miscarriage of justice without spilling a lot of blood. On the Russian front, Boris Bondarev gets into The Sources of Russian Misconduct. He qualifies as a Kremlin defector. Then there’s Jack Hellner about how Democrats take ‘fake news’ to new lows. The propaganda machine is overt and organized.



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Are you proud to be a deviant?

Those ‘fact checkers’ should really be called gaslighters. CJ Hopkins at The Consent Factory describes The Gaslighting Of The Masses at ZeroHedge. What it is. How it works. Examples from the ‘new normal.’ Hopkins is proud to be a ‘deviant’ from this new normal by getting back to reality and reason. Arnold Cusmariu says Calling January 6 a ‘siege’ is utterly absurd and cites a first page red flag as a taint in a paper to guide it’s weight for credibility and value. Cusmariu also illustrates the lack of integrity and the meanings of words and their use as a salve and means of deceit in presenting a position. Jack Cashill explains another gaslighting exercise with Durham’s In-Your-Face Danchenko Gambit. In this case the gambit is to use the demonstrate the prosecution of a lie to the FBI to illustrate the corruption of the FBI by exposing the FBI gaslighting.

GMO – Cameron English gets into another case where the evidence refutes the fanatics talking about Drought-Tolerant Crops: A Success Story the Non-GMO Project Hates. Hyperbole and hysteria meet evidence and measure. There is some good background on GMO technologies, too.




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Signature issues, common behaviors.

There are so many signature issues that have clear definitions defining binary social division. Trying to understand this is not easy. el gato malo describes a denial of reality to preserve identity and status as one model with an example for his tutorial. Patricia McCarthy uses Transgenderism, the left’s offensive against Western Civilization to explore the phenomena. J.B. Shurk thinks The COVID Cult Proved How Desperate Westerners Are for Meaning. He praises those who didn’t go along with the nonsense. Jason Snead describes another front in The Left Is Pushing To Reshape Voting Systems Across America — Here’s How. This one centers on ranked choice voting and its implicit problems. Clarice Feldman notes progress in the opposition with Score One for True the Vote. This one is about an election software company with China ties. Washoe County is cited as being a potential victim and the FBI role is also noted.

Things climate also bring problematic behaviors to the fore. Mark C. Ross describes One great way to stop species extinction. It seems some professor is shouting ‘doom!’ as per usual. Viv Forbes gets to the reality behind a common FUD mongering theme asserting that Floods and droughts are nothing new. The very long history of El Niño droughts and floods are a focus to illustrate the point.


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It’s trying to keep the self from falling apart

This time it’s climate and meat. Cameron English gets into behavior patters with ‘Bothsidesism’: The New Rallying Cry of Anti-Meat Hysterics. The confusion here is that the ‘both sides’ being discussed is really issue conflation, a different logical fallacy. Both sides usually refers to an attempt to construct a commonality between those holding opposing viewpoints in order to minimize the disagreement. It is related to the ‘vox populi’ and appeal to authority fallacies. The underlying point is really that the hysterics for many current issues have a lot of commonality in behaviors and self rationalization of the belief systems driving those behaviors. Eric Utter has another example where Democrat labels National Right to Life Committee an ‘extremist group’. That’s another hysterics issue where similar behaviors are used to rationalize behavior where reality and reason does not suit the need.

The 1/6 hysterics provide another example of this phenomenon. Rajan Laad notes how January 6th Footage debunks the insurrection narrative and shows Pelosi breaking federal law. This illustrates that there is some realization that is creating dissonance and cites a few of the conflicts committee members face. Julie Kelly provides a different view of these conflicts in listing The Broken Promises of the January 6 Committee


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Complaints about selection – book banning?

Many states have laws about disseminating indecent material to minors. Andrea Widburg says Schools continue to groom children and parents learn to speak out. The canard about book burning is also being exposed as libraries always select books to put on their limited shelf space and it is the manner of selection that is under question, not banning books.

Many despair any accountability from Durham’s investigation but at least the scope of the matter is getting laid on the table and exposed. Victoria Taft reports Durham Trial: ‘Salacious and Unverified’ Trump-Russia Dossier Story Too Juicy for FBI to Check. One aspect centers on Carter Page and the FISA court. Margot Cleveland describes Why The FBI’s FISA Tweak Is Worse Than Using Steele Dossier. The New York Post notes that The FBI framed Trump and saved Hunter Biden: it’s time to clean house, for good and “denial is no longer possible.” They may not, even yet, be fully aware of the depth of the psychosis that is driving the effort.

Nevada suffers the urban versus rural problem and branding issues with a ‘diverse’ Republican party. Brittany Sheehan says Nevada Is the Perfect Political Storm and This Is Not a Drill [Redstate obnoxious caveat] and gives a fine rundown on the situation and some of its history. Other stories note political ads that describe how the incumbent gained much wealth while in office (but what else should be expected these days?)

The sad story of the medical establishment behavior with the pandemic panic has patterns in history. Robert F. Graboyes is working on a book about 1,600 Years of Medical Hubris that notes that “Over its long history, the field of medicine been at its best when it was rife with questions and at its worst when it was brimming with answers.” As he illustrates, too often it is brimming with answers – many times incorrect or incomplete answers. Many knowledge based issues that have significant implications for social health and safety suffer the same weakness. Climate, energy, and natural resources are at the top of the list. Susan Goldhaber has an encouraging note suggesting that Science Finally Winning the Day in Glyphosate Cases. It seems that some juries are going for evidence and reality rather than emotion and sob stories.



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getting the story straight – and somewhat complete

A million buck incentive to provide evidence to bring down the President is a big deal. John Hinderaker describes how FBI Offered Bribe to Bring Down Trump as revealed in trial testimony. For John, it’s no longer a matter of reform the FBI, it is a destroy it and start all over again gestalt. Thomas Lifson is asking the question Who authorized the $1 million FBI payment offer to Christopher Steele revealed in court testimony? as that amount is a bit out of the petty cash territory. John and Andy Schlafly get into the context for this latest FBI reveal in describing how Weaponized Prosecutions Create a Biden Police State. This one is about prosecutors in Fulton County who are trying to pin the tail on the elephant rather than the donkey. Newt Gingrich on Walker, Warnock, and the Left’s Personal Destruction Machine gets into another flavor of this same phenomena.

Julie Ponese via The Epoch Times is wondering What If The Truth Never Comes Out? | ZeroHedge. The particular truth in this case is about the pandemic panic and the mRNA innoculation effects. Will there be any accountability? Monica Showalter notes Another voting registration ‘accident’ with 30,000 non-citizens mailed notices, this time in Colorado where the truth leaking out might be why there’s all the ruckus related to 1/6. C. Roberts takes apart another gaslighting attempt with the question Guess How Many Violent Crimes in the USA Involve a Gun. It is a good tutorial on how the gungrabbers lie with statistical deceit. Bob Ryan walks the same vein by asserting that CO2 is not the enemy. Facts should reflect reality and not distort it to satisfy some emotional fantasy. Yet another exposure of this deceit is described by Don Surber saying we should Celebrate Columbus Day. He says “Be glad it isn’t Indigenous Peoples Day because they were really not very nice people.”

It is possible to ‘get and education’ if you want. At Open Culture is a post about how to Download The Harvard Classics as Free eBooks: A “Portable University” Created in 1909. Whether the access to information and education is wonderful or a burden is like beauty – in the eye of the beholder.




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White privilege

What happened to the Hippocratic oath? Andrea Widburg picks up on how Minnesota medical school students promise Stone Age style medical treatments in a white coat ceremony tradition for physicians to be. Michael Applebaum, M.D. has a A news flash about ‘violence’ for the woke new doctors of America on the affirmation that “We commit to uprooting the legacy and perpetuation of structural violence deeply embedded within the health care system” which leads to a “Take the violence away and you are left with mostly “Too bad. Bummer.”–like treatment.”  Scott Johnson thinks it is going Beyond the Hippocratic oath: “Perhaps most notable are the mindlessness, falsity, and Maoist self-abasement of the oath, although I am undoubtedly missing a few other elements that should be mentioned. How serious people can recite the shibboleths with a straight face and without gagging is a phenomenon almost beyond belief.” Dr. Joel Zinberg describes another front on this decay as California makes it illegal for doctors to disagree with politicians. Deane Waldman has another case study about Biden, Expanding Veterans’ Medical ‘Coverage’ Crushes Their Care. socialized medicine sounds so nice. Can you find a real success of this approach?

Columbus Day is in the same vein. Geoffrey Clarfield describes The Anti-White Lie Behind Multiculturalism. Diversity succeeds when it combines and constructs, not when it divides and destroys. Those who malign Columbus to praise the cultures he found are praising slavery, human sacrifice,ecological ‘use it up then move on’ subsistence, tribal warface and criminality – but they seem to be too ignorant to see this.

Thomas Lifson wonders if you can Spot the insurrectionists. This is about the Floyd riots and the January 6th protest. Andrea Widburg follows up with a comment about The WaPo runs a paranoid, delusional article about a second Trump term. A paniced psychosis is illustrated by projection and denial. Brittany Sheehan provides the Nevada flavor of this in describing how Trump’s Rally in Rural Minden Brings Backlash That Perfectly Paints Politics in the Silver State (RedState caveat). These folks will find something to fight about no matter how creative the need to get. 

On the resources and climate front, energy and disaster seem to be on the front burners. Rupert Darwall thinks Energy Inflation Isn’t An Accident, It’s A Planned Demolition and its getting worse. Brian C. Joondeph provides one angle of this in describing Hurricane Hysteria, Hype, and Histrionics. Paul Driessen backs hom up with Hurricane Hype, Lies, Censorship – and Reality

Then there’s the PayPal brouhaha.

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enough is enough

my way or the highway, not! – “For many of us, they truly define hubris and smugness in ways never previously seen in our country.  Their disdain for anyone who refuses to toe their line is, at times, unbelievable.  Their use of official government resources is astounding and controlling.” — Jessica Curtis: How much Democrat hypocrisy can America stand? – American Thinker

Erasing historic norms.  Questioning the outcomes of elections.  Calling into question the legitimacy of the Supreme Court.  Tolerating violence against conservatives while fearing unrealized violence against liberals.  Using the media and Big Tech to tilt elections.  Checkmarks every time.  You would think this might make liberals blush just a little.  You would be wrong.

non specific allegations try one’s patience – “Superintendent Layne Millington penned an October 4 screed to the community, in which he vaguely characterized expressions of opposition to the school’s ill-considered actions” … “Layne Millington seemingly has no shame” — John Klar: Vermont school superintendent battles parents who challenge girls’ changing room policies – American Thinker — “Parents in Vermont will, like all informed Americans, protect their daughters.  Layne Millington should resign quickly, and flee the accountability he so desperately fights to avoid.  Then perhaps normalcy – teaching math instead of extremist political radicalization – can be restored to this long-beleaguered school.”



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BOLO for PLD – Pavlovian Liberal Didactic

justice delayed is justice denied – “there’s the fact that the investigation — despite ample evidence already made public — has limped along for years. If that laptop had been full of incriminating emails from Eric Trump and photos of Don Jr. smoking crack, does anyone doubt they’d have been in court long ago?” — Post Editorial Board: Trust Justice on the Hunter Biden investigation? No way — “From start to finish, it’s sure looked like the Biden mafia’s clan interests have obstructed the functioning of the law here (just as their allies in the media and Big Tech throttled our pre-2020-election reporting on Hunter’s laptop).”

reaping the whirlwind – “focusing on skin color is as evil in New York in 2022 as it was in the Jim Crow South.” — Andrea Widburg: The New York establishment’s approach to crime is evil – American Thinker — “the above narrative is appalling insofar as it reflects the values of the New York City establishment … I can’t think of any people more deserving of this pro-criminal viewpoint than the progressives who have visited so many horrors on America, from Biden on down to the crazy, dangerous people flourishing on America’s streets.”

chapter and verse – “It is called the Pavlovian Liberal Didactic, or PLD.” … “manifest itself in one of four ways … Hide in the Basement … Non-Response … Flip … Willful Ignorance” … “If pressed further on the substance of their beliefs after they have given several PLD responses, in about 50% of the cases, liberals will then respond by calling the conservative one of the following: racist, misogynist, xenophobe, transphobe, phobe-phobe, anti-science.  I have not figured out yet why it happens only roughly half of the time.”– Gary Radtke: How Liberals Respond When You Try to Debate Them – American Thinker — “We learn more about how others think when good, honest debate occurs over important issues.  It also makes us better at understanding and improving our own positions when people having different ideologies from us seriously challenge our beliefs.”

rebuke to the deceitful mainstream media — “The pattern of recent global warming underscores the validity of what meteorologists widely recognize: the oceans are the vital inertial and thermal flywheels of the climate system. The corollary is, if one wants to control climate, it will be necessary to control the oceans. Efforts to decarbonize in the hope of affecting global temperatures will be in vain.” — Jerome Corsi: The Media’s Rank Dishonesty About ‘Climate Change’ And Hurricane Ian – American Thinker

cutting off nose to spite face – “t this website, I try to give readers a steady flow of the latest instances of official energy madness, the ongoing efforts of our politicians, bureaucrats, academics and journalists to undermine and destroy the energy infrastructure that is the basis for our prosperity and our comfortable lives.” — Francis Menton: A Comprehensive Roundup of Official Energy Madness – Watts Up With That?

At 35 pages in length, Toomey’s piece is a seemingly endless litany of one intentionally destructive policy after another. Even if you follow this issue regularly, as I do, you can’t help but be astounded when you see the full extent of the destruction organized into one piece. An energy infrastructure built up over a century and more that actually provides reliable and affordable energy to millions of people — a true miracle of human ingenuity! — is being systematically and intentionally attacked and wrecked by ignorant fools who have no idea how difficult the existing system was to create, and equally have no idea how to make something to replace it that might actually work.

what you need when you need it has a cost – “the paradox about renewable energy is when deployed at scale, they actually make electricity production more expensive” — Nina Nguyen via The Epoch Times: The Renewable Energy ‘Paradox’: A More Costly Way Forward | ZeroHedge


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Where is the outrage?

persecuting opposition – “It was not Jeff Clark’s letter that was ‘dishonest’ — it was the D.C. Bar’s charges against him” — Margot Cleveland: DC Bar Assails Trump DOJ Lawyer For ‘Dishonesty’ To Mask Democrats’ 2020 Election Lies

free speech? not here – “Still no response from Tennessee’s Republican governor and attorney general on what protections they’ll offer to citizens in their state targeted by the Biden administration for their First Amendment-protected actions.” — Evita Duffy: FBI Raids Another Pro-Lifer’s Home, Targets 11 Peaceful Protesters

“The FBI has gone from abdicating their duty to provide equal justice under the law to pro-life people like us,” said Harden during the interview, “to downright attacking us.” Indeed, Biden’s DOJ is using Gestapo-like force to crack down on pro-lifers like Gallagher and Houck, while pro-abortion terrorists get off scot-free.

never give up, never surrender? – “You have no legal ‘right’ to compel others to say things they don’t believe” — David Harsanyi: The Never-Ending Persecution Of Jack Phillips

Until the Supreme Court explicitly reaffirms the foundational protections of religious liberty and free speech, there will be no end to the state compulsion or harassment. There is some hope in the case of Denver-area web designer Lorie Smith, who refuses to create websites for same-sex couple marriages, which the Supreme Court has taken up this term. Let’s hope the justices do their jobs this time.

for thee but not me – “The wave of open hostility towards SCOTUS, particularly over the court’s takedown of Roe‘s invented “right” to an abortion, isn’t exclusive to the country’s partisan press. Rather, it’s being spearheaded by President Joe Biden.” — Shawn Fleetwood: Roberts Can’t Be Bothered To Condemn Leftists’ War On SCOTUS — “If he had any real interest in preserving the integrity of the institution he serves, Roberts should abandon his role as a politician and become the originalist judge the country needs him to be.”

suppress dangerous words – “In more and more cases, the government is declaring war on what should be protected political speech whenever it challenges the government’s power, reveals the government’s corruption, exposes the government’s lies, and encourages the citizenry to push back against the government’s many injustices.” — John and Nisha Whitehead via The Rutherford Institute: All Of Us Are In Danger: When Anti-Government Speech Becomes Sedition | ZeroHedge

trying to understand evil – “Think of all the institutions that have marched in lockstep during the dramatic decline in civilization over three years … They sat by and said nothing or even cheered as governments utterly wrecked rights and liberties that humanity has fought for over 800 years” — Jeffrey A. Tucker: Why Did So Many Intellectuals Refuse to Speak Out? ? Brownstone Institute — “in our time, as in all times, there is a crying need for intellectual sanctuaries for those brave souls who are willing to stand up and be counted, risk cancellation, put their professional careers on the line, simply to say what is true. They need protection. They need care. And they deserve our congratulations, for it is they who will guide us out of this mess”

adopting deceit as gospel – “In its “frontal assault” on Columbus, the NEA, America’s largest labor union, draws heavily on the tendentious and thoroughly debunked pseudo-historical work of Howard Zinn” — Thomas D. Williams: Catholic League Slam’s NEA’s ‘Malicious Falsification of American History’

“Zinn would have the reader believe that the Indians were doing just fine before the white man came along,” Donohue observes. “Never once does he attempt to explain why many tribes engaged in savage warfare against each other (the Hurons and the Iroquois are one of many examples), nor does he discuss  cannibalism, human sacrifice, and other acts of cruelty that existed before the Europeans arrived.”

cornering the market to punish wrong think – “While there are some viable alternatives to PayPal, their partnerships with financial institutions can mean the service providers and users possibly being subjected to woke ESG standards and summarily canceled as a result, which Republican governors like Florida’s Ron DeSantis are trying to stop.” — Stacey Matthews: PayPal Updates User Policy to Include Possible $2,500 Fine For Speech It Doesn’t Like


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Proper dissent and its opposition

education – “The Progressives’ hundred years war on the Constitution would have been futile without the Supreme Court’s complicity, made possible by justices who abandon their oaths to support and defend the Constitution and, instead, reimagine it as a living document, one that means whatever they wish it to mean. With their rulings unmoored from the Constitution’s original meaning, its protections have crumbled, and our liberties have vaporized, along with the Court’s credibility. Justice Clarence Thomas, however, is anything but complicit as evidenced by an avalanche of dissents written in palpable exasperation.” — Marc Garrett: ‘The Dissents Of Clarence Thomas: Fealty To Constitutional Originalism’ – American Thinker

To experience the full enormity of the damages resulting from the Court’s complicity in the Progressives’ agenda, and significantly, profound insights into rectifying them, Justice Thomas’s dissents are required reading, and there is no better organized, annotated, and edited collection of them than “The Dissents of Clarence Thomas.”

insidious corruption – “These errors flow through our political system in hugely significant ways. … For the decade between the 2020 census and the next one, our system will have been compromised” — Benjamin Weingarten: The outrageous, Democrat-friendly census errors you’ve heard nothing about

it runs deep – “The Foundation for Freedom Online has been pulling together information on these efforts, and found that the focus on attacking domestic speech accelerated in the run-up to the 2020 elections” — After These Revelations, Who Will Defend Big Tech Now? – Issues & Insights — “Until Big Tech companies denounce their past practices, repent, and promise never to do the government’s censorship bidding again, they pose a grave threat to the First Amendment and should be treated as such.” 


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past is prologue

wisdom seems missing – “The future will honor those who are wise enough to avoid the mistakes made 100 years ago.  But those who fail by repeating these same mistakes will leave sordid and dishonorable legacies.” — Theodore Thomas: Madness Redux – American Thinker

propaganda served insidious and disingenuous – “For the left, though, it’s different when a Republican does it.” … “The modern leftist media is unconstrained by traditional rules of reporting. Rather than reporting the facts and letting readers draw their conclusions, modern reporters offer conclusions and then throw in random, often unrelated or meaningless facts.” — Andrea Widburg: The American media and the art of grotesque misrepresentations – American Thinker — “In the world of modern journalism, the best we can do is encourage people to turn off the TV and remove these outlets from their browser’s bookmarks.”

reparations? to whom? – “The supply line of history rarely lies. … it is time for a “conversation” — as the left likes to put it — about paying reparations to the descendants of people who fought and died to help free enslaved people.” — A.J. Rice: Those African Kings Owe Me – American Thinker

myth mongering – “We keep hearing from the environmentalist crowd that hurricanes are getting more powerful and more deadly thanks to man’s greenhouse gas emissions. So why aren’t we seeing the catastrophic loss of life that Biden expected?” — : Biden Was Wildly Wrong About Ian’s Death Toll — Here’s Why It Matters – Issues & Insights — “nothing is more clear from the natural disaster record than that prosperity – and the ability it provides to better withstand whatever comes – is how you save lives.”

from the front line – sundance– : Hurricane Ian Recovery Update and Hurricane Ian Recovery Update Day 2 – The Last Refuge

count the ways – “The Democrats have tried to politicize Hurricane Ian” — John Hinderaker: On Hurricane Ian | Power Line

how do they gain office? – “The ideology that underpins their agenda is antagonistic to the traditional conception of criminal justice and, if taken to its logical conclusion, demands its destruction,” — Petr Svab via The Epoch Times: Progressive ‘De-Prosecutors’ Disrupt Criminal Justice System, Experts Say | ZeroHedge

alumni unite! – “individuality based on color of skin takes precedence over forming a common bond across the unit.  This is a complete reversal of the military’s traditional values.” … “This is a national security crisis on many levels.  For one, the military is replacing the type of people who believe in service and country with those who don’t.  That won’t end well.” — Fletch Daniels: Air Force Academy Woes Highlight Collapse of Military Values Under Diversity Mania – American Thinker

If the military is to succeed going forward, it needs to return to the values that made it great.  And that will not happen as long as Democrats hold power.  If and when Republicans are back in power, they need to do a lot more than outlaw critical race theory.  They need to dismantle the diversity and inclusion infrastructure in the military.  No more toxic diversity commissars or indoctrination sessions.  Until that happens, the problem cannot be fixed, and the military will continue to face a values crisis that impacts recruiting and readiness at every level.

it’s fear talking – “For the left, including the Democrat party and the media, fascism is more of the same name calling that in recent years was “racism” or any of the many “phobias” used, in Alinsky fashion” — Brian C. Joondeph: Mamma Mia MAGA – American Thinker — “Simply calling one’s political opponents names like ‘fascist’ is projection, attributing one’s own feelings or deficiencies to others.”

double justice – “This is the tale of two laptops, one tale definitely damaging to the Democrats, one potentially so. What they have in common is that the FBI did its damnedest to bury both.” — Jack Cashill: The Seth Rich Case: The FBI’s Other Laptop Scandal – American Thinker

“if the history and culture of Virginia can be rewritten, the rest of the country will be easier to take down.” — Scott S. Powell and Ann McLean: The Front Line Of The Battle To Save America Is Virginia

C.K. Chesterton reminds us that “the disadvantage of men not knowing the past is that they do not know the present.” Virginia’s political leaders and philanthropists need to wake up. The hour is late, and it is time to get out of denial that so much of what is happening is playing into the hands of our enemies, who want to strip us of our virtuous heritage so that they may subdue America without firing a shot.

see what you can do :A Refreshing Transformation From Sheriff Lombardo to Candidate for Nevada Governor – RedState if you can get around the blockade, this is a refreshing look at Nevada candidates.

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