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The swamp is a third world entity

Who’s hiding the evidence? – “Documents were ordered released Jan. 19, 2021 but never made public because DOJ raised last minute privacy concerns” —  John Solomon: Judicial Watch sues DOJ to release Trump-declassified ‘smoking gun’ documents from Russia probe | Just The News

It’s gone nuclear – “Update (2053ET): Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) came out with a blistering response to the Monday FBI raid on former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence, reportedly in connection with materials Trump brought with him after leaving office.” — Tyler Durden: Donald Trump Announces Mar-A-Lago “Raided, Under Siege, And Occupied” By The FBI | ZeroHedge

The American Thinker is all over the FBI raid – Patricia McCarthy: The complete Sovietization of the Democrat party — Andrea Widburg: Republicans, after a shocked silence, speak out against the Mar-a-Lago raid — Dex Bahr: Raid on President Trump’s Florida home a wake-up call —  Olivia Murray: ‘Everything dear to the American character’ —  Olivia Murray: A weaponized FBI raids Mar-a-Lago in search of a crime —  Andrea Widburg: Marc Elias boasts about the real motive behind the FBI’s Mar-a-Lago raid — Rajan Laad: What if Donald Trump had never joined politics? – American Thinker

A List – “every day in every way our lefty friends are force-feeding us lies like farmers force feeding ducks and geese in their cages for the foie gras.” — Christopher Chantrill: When Rulers’ Lies Come in Battalions – American Thinker — “Ask yourself another question: when does a regime absolutely forbid anyone to have ideas that conflict with the regime’s ideas? Answer: when the regime is completely out of ideas and can’t face the fact that the opposition has ideas, good ideas, actual ideas that might work.”

Prognosticating – “The ongoing persecution of Trump is likely to spectacularly backfire on the Left. It is unlikely that a raid will cow the man who has weathered many scandals and accusations.” — tippinsights Editorial Board: FBI Raid On Trump Will Make Him A Martyr

Tea Leaves – “After news of the raid broke and leaks about its purpose began circulating yesterday evening, speculation about an attempt to disqualify Trump started circulating on social media.” — Ed Morrissey: Too good to check: Is the DoJ trying to disqualify Trump for 2024? – HotAir

good for the goose good for the gander? – “Although the cost of busing an illegal is likely much less than the cost to Texas of caring for the migrant and protecting the community from those who commit additional crimes, a non-profit should be set up to raise and provide funds for additional buses not only to D.C. and New York, but to any place that has declared itself a “sanctuary” jurisdiction.” — Michael Nadler: A simple plan: Free Bus Ride to Sanctuary – American Thinker

what’s that definition of insanity? – “it should be said that by passing massive subsidies for wind and solar power, the U.S. has decided to emulate Germany’s energiewende (“energy revolution”) policy that it adopted 20 years ago. It has been a total bust. … it is worth noting an early indication of how this will all end from inside our own borders, specifically California, which was an early adopter of the German model.” — Steven Hayward: In Re: The Climate Bill (Part 1) | Power Line

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Marshaling forces of the Deep State

THE Threat to the Republic – “A two-tier justice system is not a justice system. It is a totalitarian system. Its purpose is not justice but population control.” — Joy Pullmann: Criminalizing Opposition To The Regime Is How The Republic Ends — “We need the GOP to provide serious leadership, because Democrats are a serious threat to equal justice for all, and that’s going to destroy the country for good if it’s not stopped post-haste. Americans desperately need swift and prudent action to avert even more unthinkably dangerous events. Those who refuse to plan and take that action despite accepting from voters the responsibility to do so will be infamous to history as cowards and traitors”

Follow the science? – “the circumstances under which the law should permit or prohibit the intentional killing of a human while in utero” — Margot Cleveland: The Dobbs Debate The Left Doesn’t Want Americans to Have — “An alternative basis for justifying abortion-on-demand argues that human life in utero lacks sentience, rationality, self-awareness, or some other ability that makes that human life worthy of protection.” … “Pro-life leaders and politicians need … to start laying out the above scientific and logical foundation for the public, especially as the propagandistic popular press attempts to skew the story, so that eventually the idea of protecting all humans is no longer considered extreme by anyone.”

Remember the Tea Party and Louis Lerner? – “Nearly half of the Democrats’ Inflation Promotion Act is devoted to increasing the budget of the IRS. Think about that: when has more IRS ever been popular? Never. So what are the Democrats up to?” — John Hinderaker : What’s Behind the Democrats’ IRS Expansion? | Power Line — “I think the liberals who run the IRS would sic their agents on every conservative nonprofit in the country. They would audit such organizations, looking for evidence that they somehow had violated the extremely vague regulations governing political activity. Such audits would require even squeaky-clean organizations like my own to hire lawyers to defend them. Government lawyers work for free–that is, courtesy of the taxpayers–while private lawyers have to be paid. Thus, a concerted attack by the IRS could largely disable conservative nonprofits, whose revenue would be dissipated by paying for lawyers, and whose energies would be dissipated in dealing with IRS attacks.”

revealing a mindset – “There’s a reason Yiddish has innumerable words for the human condition while French seemingly has an equal number for social and romantic relationships” — Andrea Widburg: Leftists overdo hive-mind discipline, but conservatives could use a little more – American Thinker — “I don’t want us ever to have a hive mind, but we must be precise in language”

damaging effects of TDS – “The news of Alex Jones being fined was met with unrestrained jubilation across liberal precincts.” — Rajan Laad: Why Alex Jones is being targeted – American Thinker — “If Alex Jones who is perceived as a pro-Trump and an anti-establishment figure is penalized for spreading misinformation but the Democrats establishment loyalists who peddle insane conspiracy theories are honored with Pulitzer prizes something is gravely wrong.”

ominous precedent following a pattern – “The trial was nothing more than using the legal process to punish an unpopular person for saying stupid stuff. If that is a crime, we are all f***ed.” — streiff: OPINION: The Alex Jones Verdict Is Wrong and Dangerous – RedState — “Jones may be an unsavory character, he might even deserve punishment, but the principle established by the success of this lawsuit and the damages awarded is profoundly dangerous. The lawsuit should have been summarily dismissed as a blatant violation of the First Amendment.”

graphs and charts – measure the issue, see it. — Steven Hayward: The Geek in Pictures: Overdue Homework Edition | Power Line

imagination is no way to decide – “to the left, facts don’t matter. Their narrative is simply a vehicle for a radical agenda to destroy the oil industry and our quality of life, with an end goal of transforming America in every way. If the public saw an unbiased dataset, they wouldn’t gobble up the agenda hook, line, and sinker. – Here is some factual data that is easy to find but we will never see” — Jack Hellner: Somewhere between fact and fiction, leftists find a home for the climate crisis – American Thinker — “The politicians and bureaucrats who can’t control inflation, the budget, the border, geopolitical affairs, healthcare costs, terrorists, crime, or virtually anything else, claim they can control the climate, with such complicated factors like sea levels, storm activity, and temperatures? And all we have to do is let them confiscate from us trillions more dollars and destroy our quality of life?”

better believe it- it can, it has, it will – “don’t believe this can’t happen here, in America. Everything that’s occurred in the last not-quite-2-years falls into the category of “I would never have believed it could happen here.” As just one example, would any past government have been insane enough to print more money and raise taxes on the middle class in the middle of a recession?” — Andrea Widburg: Pay attention to what’s happening to Dutch livestock farmers – American Thinker

more disaster from the government – “I imagine a lot of people are feeling betrayed right now. They followed “the science” and got injected with a biologic that has caused, for many, some serious side effects.” — Terry Paulding: They’re still dropping like flies – American Thinker — “Bottom line, the vaccine hasn’t kept anyone from getting COVID. It hasn’t been proven to make symptoms less severe, despite that being the base rationale for believing in taking the stuff. It has caused significantly more problems and deaths than it has prevented.”

History isn’t necessarily as we want it – “As a result of this relatively peaceful display of American power, Japan unconditionally surrendered … very unpeaceful lefty demonstrators will screech in harsh opposition, as they gather once again … unpeaceful so-called peace-lovers who ignore the ultimate sacrifice of so many others so you might live and continue to spout your — at best — deranged nonsense.” — Ethel C. Fenig: Remembering the truth about the atomic bombs in Japan – American Thinker


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Truth leakage – anti-human, anti prosperity, abandonment, and the darkness in the soul

starve ’em out! – “Global warming religion is international, and the same anti-farming movement is coming soon to the U.S., the world’s number one agricultural economy. … Making food scarce and expensive, so that much of the population is threatened with starvation, has another benefit for liberals” — John Hinderaker : The Coming War on Agriculture | Power Line — “conservatives, and conservative politicians, need to stop conceding the premises of global warming to the Left. “Climate change”–that is, the theory of catastrophic anthropogenic global warming–has been decisively refuted as a matter of science. But it lives on as a religion for those seeking meaning in their lives, and as a cynical political tool of the Left. Conservatives need to stop conceding moral high ground to environmental Leftists, and instead attack them head-on”

taste your own poison – “The havoc was caused by the Biden administration luring illegals to the border and inviting them to cross without consequences. A tiny fraction of the havoc the Democratic Party has inflicted on red and purple states is now coming home to roost in blue states. That is a good thing.” — John Hinderaker: Bringing the Havoc Home

abandonment on  a whim – “In answering the question “to what end” – never, ever underestimate the Left’s ability to walk away from strategic moral choices. … On April 14, 1975, the Democrat-held Congress severed all aid to South Vietnam, and Saigon fell just sixteen days later … Fast forward to the utter collapse of Afghanistan last year, in which the blame is solely on the Biden administration’s executive department. And again, the media quickly put that military disaster in the symbolic rear-view mirror.” — Ed Timperlake: Now the truth begins to emerge – American Thinker

surrender to the dark side – “In the grips of monomania, psychotic people perseverate on their object of interest. They talk about their enthusiasm incessantly and believe, wrongly, that everyone else is similarly inclined.” —  Melissa Mackenzie: To Dick Cheney and His Ilk: It’s Not About Trump – The American Spectator | USA News and Politics — “Trump will be remembered. You will not be. The irony, of course, is that you made him. … D.C. elites focus on Trump while the country suffers. It’s no wonder you’re hated. It’s no wonder there’s Trump.”

media deceit meets reality – “The most egregious coverage of Sicknick’s death came in the New York Times” — Bruce Hoenshell: Screenshots: Brian Sicknick’s Text Messages That He Sent To His Best Friend On January 6 Reveals Who Really Started The Riots Around The Capitol – USA SUPREME

who says so? – “The bottom line is, fortunately, easy to find: when intent to harm exists, guns are irrelevant.” — C. Roberts: What’s a Gun Got to Do with It? – American Thinker — “If you fear guns, the choice is equally simple: don’t own one.  You have that choice.  However, if you support gun confiscation, you remove that choice from your fellow citizen, leaving him more vulnerable.  If your fellow citizen is victimized by a criminal, morally speaking, the policy you supported spilled his blood.”

saying so doesn’t make it so – “California had 6 incidents that claimed the lives of 19 people with 9 wounded. Texas and Georgia each had 5.” — Jason Blair via The Epoch Times: Despite Strict Gun Control, California Had The Most Active Shooter Incidents In 2021: FBI | ZeroHedge

freedom of speech? not in the USA – “Parents of one of the slain children filed a defamation suit against Jones, claiming that followers of Jones had harassed them and sent them death threats for years in the false belief that they were lying about their son’s death.” — Ed Brodow: Alex Jones and the Right to Offend – American Thinker — “Wherever it is sanctioned, the “right” not to be offended invalidates the Bill of Rights and the Constitution.  The difference between the U.S. and Cuba has to do with the right to say and think whatever you like even if someone is offended by it.”

Nevada trying to right a lopsided ship – “Lombardo pointed out several examples of the governor’s soft-on-crime policies when speaking more in-depth about his criticism of Sisolak.” — Jordan Dixon-Hamilton: Lombardo Blasts NV Gov. Steve Sisolak over ‘Anti-Cop Rhetoric’



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weasel, lawfare, and hate driven drivel

Political warfare of the ugly sort – “A key indicator of the strategy from within the J6/DOJ effort surfaced when the quasi-constitutional “committee” sent a subpoena to former President Trump legal counsel Pat Cipollone, then leaked the subpoena, then leaked the testimony, then shaped, edited and broadcast the testimony during their prime-time broadcast” — sundance: Coordination Between J6 Committee and Politically Motivated DOJ is Intended to Break Attorney-Client Firewalls in Trump Targeting Effort – The Last Refuge

priorities – “The FBI director knows a lot about issues that matter to the Biden regime and the media. But he isn’t so savvy when it comes to issues that matter to Americans.” — Julie Kelly : The Evasive Mr. Wray › American Greatness — “Mounting scandals and public safety threats endanger the country, not merely the reputation of the FBI.”

blowback – “Political consultants applauded Liz Cheney for her brilliant move of tapping one of the most hated politicians in history to help boost her political chances.” — Babylon Bee: ‘Never Has America Faced A Greater Threat Than Donald Trump,’ Says Guy Who Started Two Wars And Shot A Dude In The Face – there are many other reactions to the Cheney ‘hail mary’ reveal such as at Legal Insurrection.


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a policy of national suicide in an age of rage

Not the country as formed – “once again, the D.C. Despots have thrown down the gauntlet against constitutionally protected free speech” — J.B. Shurk: Never Forget the Government’s J6 Political Prisoners – American Thinker — “We have thoughtcrimes, State-decreed lies, and political gulags haunting America — a triumvirate of tyranny that now heralds the Washington way.  It is the federal government’s behavior — not the actions of J6 political protesters — that should stir in the blood of every American an uneasy sense that something within our nation is terribly amiss”

a catalog – “In the process, they caused untold damage to their country and fellow citizens. They disgraced their profession. They tarnished the scientific community. And sold their souls to ideologues.” — Victor Davis Hanson: Why We Lost Trust in the Expert Class

Complex Realities – “Donald Trump won’t seem to go away, and neither do the criticisms. The left’s complaints don’t count, except when people on the right buy into them as true – which is still happening” — Tom Gilson: Never-Trumpers’ Simplistic Reality: Repairing the Damage It’s Done to Christian Witness – The Stream — “Live life according to its complexity. Do not fail to listen to those you disagree with. Learn from them. Expect hard decisions to be hard, sometimes requiring decisions between degrees of good and evil. Pursue the way of wisdom. Reject oversimplified, truncated views of reality. Seek the best, knowing that the perfect is yet to come”

axioms need examination – “The left doesn’t like the adversary system when it’s used to fight them, so they are determined to destroy the opposition’s ability to do so” — neo: The war on lawyers who would defend the right – The New Neo

shenanigans and betrayal – “As Nevada’s Republican Party pushes to unify, a rogue faction has emerged with the goal of betraying the GOP base to elect Democrats” — Brittany Sheehan: Betraying the Base: Rogue GOP Faction Aims to Elect Democrats in Nevada… Again – RedState

rival mobs destruct – “The rising threats against Supreme Court justices has been one of the most startling elements in our age of rage … it reflects a sense of license to engage in the most reckless rhetoric with regard to the conservative justices … when leading columnists start posting anticipatory obituaries, it is time from some self-reflection in the media” — Vox Senior Editor Fantasizes Over the Death of Justice Alito – JONATHAN TURLEY — “If columnists and academics join this ragefest, we will become little more than rivaling mobs tearing apart our foundational institutions and values”

history tells – “Threats against the judiciary did not come suddenly. The slouch toward selective law enforcement and politicized violence has a history.” — Maureen Mullarkey: The Left’s 1960s Violence Is Back

listing issues – “Instead of addressing concerns about deceit, Wray confirmed Republicans’ suspicions that the FBI does engage in politicized investigations” — Jordan Boyd: FBI Director Sets New Record For Lies, Dodges, And Obfuscations To Avoid Slight Attempts At Congressional Oversight – The Federalist

where’s the power? – “It is obvious to even the most casual of observers that are two tiers of justice within the U.S. … Wray’s display at the hearing is proof of those ominous signs that the U.S. is drifting away from the values on which it was founded.” — Rajan Laad: FBI Director Christopher Wray puts on a disgraceful display – American Thinker

wiggle is a dance that implies deceit – “four exchanges proved intriguing — and potentially insightful” — Margot Cleveland: Grassley’s Questioning Of Wray Suggests Bigger Biden Scandal == “With this guarantee now public, the question for the “patriots working their tails off,” as Sen. John Kennedy called the FBI agents not implicated in wrongdoing during yesterday’s hearing, is whether they will come forward to out the bad apples. If not, are they really patriots working their tails off? Or are they really just trying to save their hides”

take the test -“I would challenge the media and other Democrats to look at the above policies and state exactly which ones are extreme and why” — Jack Hellner: Whose policies are middle of the road, and whose policies are extreme? – American Thinker

abandoned principles – “It’s been known since 2015, when Donald Trump first came down the escalator, that the Bush family’s allegiance is entirely with the Obama-Biden claque” — Andrea Widburg: Dick Cheney lashes out at Trump in a campaign ad for daughter Liz – American Thinker

sane world? you’re kidding, right? – “This is shocking, or would be in a sane world: Gina McCarthy, the Biden administration’s National Climate Advisor, is openly calling on tech companies like Facebook and Twitter to censor any dissent from the administration’s “green” fantasies” — John Hinderaker: Biden Administration Calls For Censorship On Energy | Power Line

social cancer (Imprimus) – “Complaints by veteran soldiers about younger generations who lack discipline and traditional values are as old as war itself. Grizzled veterans in the Greek phalanx, Roman legions, and Napoleon’s elite corps all believed that the failings of the young would be the ruin of their armies. This is not the chief worry of grizzled American veterans today” — Thomas Spoehr: The Rise of Wokeness in the Military | Imprimis — “My hope and my prayer are that we figure this out before it is too late”

tunnel vision – “leftist climate changistas, who have amassed dangerous and extraordinary power, are ignorant about history and base all their predictions on a very infantile and narrow range of observable data” — Andrea Widburg: Down Under, nature is doing just fine without Greenie interference – American Thinker


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exposing a long series of sophistries

History. with context – “The Dakota War is perhaps the darkest chapter in our state’s history” — John Hinderaker: Revisionist History, Revisited | Power Line

It’s time for choosing – “You either believe in laws or you believe in mob rule … Voters need to find out who is for or against mob rule, whether they are Democrats or Republicans. We are not going to be a free or decent society otherwise” — Thomas Sowell  The Point of No Return

Who will need a lawyer? – “What is the difference between an EUA “vaccine” under President Trump and the same one under President Biden?  One was available and the other became mandatory.” — Mark A. Hewitt: The Covid ‘Vaccine’ Scam – American Thinker — “The courts are overturning their tyrannical edicts”

the farce of equity – “the hackneyed shibboleth of the Left – Diversity is our strength – stands in direct contradiction to our original national motto” — Janet Levy: The Fightback Against Racial Quotas – American Thinker — “isn’t that what the Left wants? E pluribus chaos, a complete inversion of uniquely American ideals that seek unity while respecting diversity”

“The mob focuses its noisemaking and blather on Marxist theories of oppression and class or group/ethnic/tribal conflict and oppressions, always with an anti-American and anti–traditional Western civilization theme fortified by memes, canards, and propagandist rhetoric” — John Dale Dunn, M.D.: National Association of Scholars position statement on transgenderism insanity – American Thinker — “The transgenderism ideology is mainly a weapon against the autonomy of the family, which is where our civilization “reproduces” itself generation upon generation.  Disrupting the way in which boys grow into men and girls grow into women is a powerful assault on our civilization.  That some children are susceptible to this assault is no great surprise. Children are susceptible to all sorts of manipulation.  That such manipulation is now touted as respect for the “freedom” of children is pure evil”

Declining a visit to the pig pen – “Normal Americans, however, understand that people who refer to you as “a negligent, homicidal sociopath” and “Death-Santis [and] a fascist and a bigot” are not doing to treat you with respect.  More significantly, they are not interested in a substantive conversation about politics and policies” — Andrea Widburg: Gov. Ron DeSantis gives the perfect rebuff to ABC’s The View – American Thinker

beyond propaganda – “An entire North Carolina police department resigned, and CNN is desperate to hoax it into a racial issue” — Nolte: CNN’s Latest Anti-Cop Race Hoax Is a Doozy of Desperation

Watts station audit – “We decided long ago that the climate zealots would never back down, no matter that the facts say. Their fanaticism knows no bounds. So all we can do is bring the truth whenever we are able. We see no reason people should live in fear and guilt.” — Climate Emergency? What A Crock, Part 2 – Issues & Insights


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Push back against the foul narratives

lesson not learned – “it was thirty years ago this month that the DOJ entrapped Randy Weaver for his Christian beliefs, issued a death warrant, killed his dog, son, and wife, and shot Weaver and his friend” — Huck Davenport: Lessons from Ruby Ridge – American Thinker

catalog of the flailing air man – “no matter how brazen the department’s corruptions become, there will never be enough space in jail for the over 74 million Americans who, in 2020, voted for President Trump’s reelection despite the most strenuous efforts of his most committed enemies” — Sean Ross Callaghan: The DoJ’s Brazen Corruption

Another catalog – “In the era of peak woke we are supposed to accept any radical departure from long-held custom and tradition as the new normal … Or were they simply transitory and necessary in the age of the dreaded Trump—as one-time leftist means to achieve noble ends, and thus should never be institutionalized much less boomeranged?” — Victor Davis Hanson: Are the New Progressive Rules Reciprocal? › American Greatness

“Calling a new slush fund to push the green agenda to destroy the fossil fuel industry the “Inflation Reduction Act” is as dishonest as calling Obamacare the “Affordable Care Act.”  Any journalist who repeats or implies that this act has anything to do with reducing inflation and believes that it will reduce the deficit either doesn’t have the ability to think and analyze or doesn’t care about the truth” … “Which government spending program has ever reduced the deficit?” — Jack Hellner: Another Day, another campaign ad promoting radical leftist policies disguised as a news article – American Thinker == “How sad that people who call themselves “progressives” are willing to destroy America by moving it backward toward economic collapse”

Refuting the ‘Big Lie’ mantra – “If a vote is cast in an illegal process, it’s an illegal vote” — A Declaration Of Dissolution: Wisconsin Supreme Court Fires The Starting Gun – Issues & Insights

It started in Exodus – “Commentator Matt Walsh had just finished reading Dean King’s Skeletons on the Zahara: A True Story of Survival, about an American ship that wrecked on Africa’s shores in 1815” … “And regarding those angry Republicans, I also have a point to make: they’re dead wrong that it’s a mistake to bring actual history to the fore” — Andrea Widburg: Republicans attack Matt Walsh for telling the truth about slavery – American Thinker — “The only way to push back against this foul narrative is with the truth”

Truth leaks as some stand tall – “What the FBI needs to rehabilitate itself is a cavalcade of whistleblowers exposing the rot within the bureau … The last two months seem to suggest a potential change in attitude, with FBI whistleblowers willing to work with outsiders committed to reform” — Margot Cleveland: All FBI Agents Must Blow Whistles Or They’re Complicit In Hackery

crass hatred – “Before Liz Cheney claimed President Donald Trump took no action on the National Guard, she coordinated a campaign to prevent deployment” — Tristan Justice: Liz Cheney Is Lying About Trump’s Inaction On The National Guard

adjustments and corrections for a cause – “Nationwide study follows up widespread corruption and heat biases found at NOAA stations in 2009, and the heat-bias distortion problem is even worse now” — Anthony Watts: New Surface Stations Report Released – It’s ‘worse than we thought’ – Watts Up With That?

Ignorant fear driven behavior – “some of America’s entitled college students are working to get low-risk pesticides banned from their campuses, in a bid to slow global warming … they’re overwhelmed by the prospect of catastrophic climate change, and they fight this “climate anxiety” by protesting” — Cameron English: ‘Climate-Anxious’ College Students Troubled by Pesticides Need Science Lesson | American Council on Science and Health — “If Charlene thought climate change was bad for her anxiety, imagine the terror she’ll experience in the pesticide-free world she foolishly longs for”

The path to perdition – “The administration’s “green” energy proposals, like those that have been adopted in Europe, are leading this country toward an economic, social and strategic disaster” — John Hinderaker: “Green” Is Unsustainable | Power Line — “On energy, as on a number of other issues, the Democratic Party is on a collision course with reality. Call me an optimist, but throughout human history when ideology meets reality, reality generally wins.”


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