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Exceptionalism and reality

amulets and talismen – who gave us the right? – anyone can be a victim – Trump was right, as usual – energy is key – facts don’t seem to matter much for many.

America is The Exception—And We Better Make Sure It Stays That Way. Jeff M. Lewis — “Even a passing glance at what the “free countries” of the world have done in response to the COVID-19 pandemic should be cause for concern.” – “It is time for every American to understand clearly that our Constitution was inspired, designed, and written to prevent this type of police state response.” – “There is no place in the world like the United States, where you are born with your rights and the government is prevented from infringing upon them”

How the truckers split indigenous Canada. Ashley Frawley — “We are fed up with being viewed as virtuous victims” – “if the recent Freedom Convoy revealed anything, it was that deep rifts do exist in Canada — and they could soon boil over.” – “no matter how hard policymakers and even indigenous leaders try to convince us otherwise, the issues faced by indigenous people are not so different from those faced by people around the world.”

President Trump in 2018 called out the factors that led Putin to invade Ukraine. Rajan Laad — “Trump observed that decades of cowardice in challenging the status quo and probably self-interest have prevented past US Presidents from addressing and dealing with the stark disparity in contributions to NATO. … pointed out that Germany shut down their coal plants and then struck multi-billion-dollar pipeline deals with Russia, making it dependent for its energy on Russia … showed how clearly he understood the functioning of global organizations such as NATO and the EU” – “George Orwell observed that in a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act. … President Trump was the only one who understood the façade of these pompous but pointless global organizations had the guts to plainly state the obvious that the Emperor had no clothes on”

Standing Up To Putin Means Ditching Net-Zero. Rupert Darwall via — “The dilemma for the West: you can’t win a geopolitical conflict lasting years or decades with an economy powered intermittently by wind turbines and solar panels.

Psaki’s ‘West Wing’ White House. Post Editorial Board — “This explains so much. After all, the show pioneered Psaki’s own style of communicating. I.e., speaking to anyone who questions the liberal orthodoxy of the moment as if they were fools or traitors.” – “This is hilarious as fiction. But when it becomes fact — especially as we face the most serious aggression against the West in a generation — it’s simply terrifying.”

Psycho-socio affection for masks. Geoffrey P. Hunt — “Bill Maher … In commenting on the pathology of mask wearers, and usefulness of masks per se, he says a mask is merely an “amulet.” – “A mask also operates as a talisman, conveying some special powers, enhanced by the mystery of how the spirit occupies the soul behind the mask.” – “Mask wearing has always been comic, farcical, dark, and teasing sexual theater. Yet for many, imprisoned by the age of anxiety, mask wearing is an obsession designed to conceal a body dysmorphic disorder accompanied by diffidence requiring a screen to provide safe space and refuge from imagined uncomfortable judgments and rejections based solely on cosmetics” — “The Enlightenment from Bacon to Kant to Newton to Harvey ushered in the era of logic, reasoning, mathematics, physics, human anatomy and the philosophy of science.  Coerced and mandated, CCP Covid mask wearing has abandoned all of that, forsaken truth, and sadly, trivialized beauty, and brutalized whimsy.”

The COVID narrative continues, regardless of facts. Terry Paulding — “we are becoming a dumber, less questioning, more complacent, and lazy society” – “In order to have a thriving society, we need to stop this idiocracy in its tracks. If we don’t have a solid, proof-positive foundation upon which to build consensus — if, instead, we have proof that we’re being fed lies — then there can be no trust in those “in authority.” Without that trust, there is basically no authority, only vacuous, malevolent despotism, and an increasingly angry populace.”


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Where’s the threat? The culprit in the mirror.

Don’t confuse hate with disgust and disappointment – The Left chooses targets like Putin is doing – Texas is trying to protect children – VDH has two history lessons.

The Ruling Class Is A Far Greater Threat To Americans Than Russia Is. Christopher Bedford — “the truth is that a lot of us hate our elites far more than we hate some foreign dictator.” – “So what’s the cause of this apparent treason? Why aren’t we charging? Why aren’t we all impressed with a government that’s afraid of racially profiling Chinese spies, or the carbon footprint of war in Europe? Why didn’t the Russians fear the diversity tweets of our NATO alliance, or our maternity flight suits and trans soldiers?” – “The only answer so many come to is, predictably, “Trump,” but the real culprits are in the mirror.”

Leftists viciously malign Clarence Thomas. Mario Diaz — “Justice Clarence Thomas has done well for himself.  He is in no need of defense by anybody.  His life and work are inspiring by any measure.  But the despicable, racially motivated, coordinated media attacks against him and his family are so unfair that even a slight appreciation of justice would compel a reasonable person to speak.”

Texas moves to prosecute trans medical procedures on children as child abuse Jazz Shaw — “Of course, when the Boston Globe covered this story, they chose to describe such procedures as “gender-affirming care.” This move by Abbott should properly be viewed as common sense, but sadly, such sensibilities are far from common these days and the medical community has continued an alarming slide toward woke political theory instead of actual science.”

The Plague You Should Be Freaking Out About Is Government Abuse Of Power, Carina Benton — “Two years on, the crackdown on legitimate civil protests showcases what western governments will do to suppress critics of their Covid police state.”

Why is the Left Suddenly Worried About the End of Democracy? Victor Davis Hanson — “They are not worried about 2 million foreign nationals crashing the border in a single year, without vaccinations during a pandemic … that some 800,000 foreign nationals, some residing illegally, will now vote in New York City elections … that there are formal efforts underway to dismantle the U.S. Constitution by junking the 233-year-old Electoral College or the preeminence of the states in establishing ballot laws in national elections … that we are witnessing an unprecedented left-wing effort to scrap the 180-year-old filibuster, the 150-year-old nine-person Supreme Court, and the 60-year tradition of 50 states, for naked political advantage … that the Senate this year put on trial an impeached ex-president and private citizen, without the chief justice in attendance, without a special prosecutor or witnesses, and without a formal commission report of presidential high crimes and misdemeanors … that the FBI, Justice Department, CIA, Hillary Clinton, and members of the Obama Administration systematically sought to use U.S. government agencies to sabotage a presidential campaign, transition, and presidency … that the Pentagon suddenly has lost the majority support of the American people … that in 2020, a record 64 percent of the electorate did not cast their ballots on Election Day … that the usual rejection rate in most states of non-Election Day ballots plunged  … that partisan billionaires of Silicon Valley poured well over $400 million into selected precincts in swing states to “help” public agencies conduct the election”

Putin’s Predictabilities. Victor Davis Hanson — “It is easy to predict what the Russian president will do in any given situation. Biden is making it easier for Putin to act with aggression.”


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Panic Driven Seeking a Monopoly on Violence

Dumped a Churrchill and installed a Chamberlain and now try to deny the results. Again – Guns control is a proxy for people control – The police are losing credibility as well – The heroes of envy a decade on avfter Obama’s claimed son.

Vindman and the rest of the Trump-hating Ukraine cabal have much to answer for. Monica Showalter — “the Russia invasion didn’t happen on Trump’s watch as they plotted and schemed against him instead of doing their jobs. – It happened after the man they worked so hard to get into the presidency cheated his way into power. – now the results speak for themselves – This obviously, has prompted all kinds of scrambling self-justifications from this Ukraine cabal that elected Ukraine-corrupted Joe.”

A partisan investigation into Trump seems to have dead-ended. Andrea Widburg — “At least one criminal case that Democrat activists filed against Trump may be ending with a whimper.”

A Tsunami of Cope Approaches After Criminal Case Against Donald Trump Implodes. Bonchie — “As to the prosecutors themselves, it is incredibly disturbing that they were so emotionally invested in taking down a political opponent (don’t kid yourself about their political leanings) that they chose to quit when their boss, himself left-leaning and anti-Trump, decided there wasn’t enough to go on.”

The Fall of Canada, The Danger in the US. Naomi Wolf — Understanding Martial Law — “Parliamentarians in Canada also do not seem to understand that “dictator” is no longer rhetorical. A member of Parliament was shushed when he cried out this epithet, but the fact is that this is not a slur at this point. Justin Trudeau is by definition now in fact a dictator.”

The Democrats Are Turning America into the New Venezuela. Karina Schmitt — “Our constitutional rights are disappearing at the combined hands of government and giant corporations.  Stripping the people of their right to protect themselves is a slippery slope toward the downfall of a free country.  It can rapidly turn a beautiful, resourceful, and free country into a living hell for its citizens.”

The State’s Monopoly on Violence. Max D. Dublin — “it’s not unlikely that these historians will view the lockdowns as a massive exercise of violence by so-called liberal democratic states on their people. – In the present political moment, violence is usually thought of as being physical.  But quite often, in fact increasingly more often than not, it is psychological or financial violence in the mode that sometimes is referred to as passive aggressive.”

Why Tech Totalitarianism Threatens To Turn America Into Canada Or China Unless We Stop It. Kara Frederisk — “Absent drastic measures to arrest the progress of this march toward totalitarianism with a tech face, we risk the welfare of a nation.”

Let’s Hope The Special Counsel (And Others) Are Investigating The People Who Watch You Online. Margot Cleveland — “A revelation buried in a cache of documents opens a new and potentially important investigative corridor for Special Counsel John Durham.”

A Decade of Deceit and Division: What Trayvon Wrought. Jack Cashill — “Although he certainly did not intend to, the drugged and despondent 17-year-old who wandered through a failing Florida subdivision on a rainy February night ten years ago Saturday launched a new phase in the American civil rights movement.”

How The Left’s Push For ‘Equity’ Is Destroying Equality. Joe Mobley — “The tremendous sacrifices, losses, and displays of courage driving the promise of a more perfect union — dignity, respect, and equality for all people — are sullied. Bigotry, racism, and flagrant sexism are now par for the course.”

The Treason of the Ruling Class. Steve McCann — “Because of the egocentrism and megalomania of the current ruling class, our country is inexorably and stealthily marching toward a tyrannical one-party socialist oligarchy beholden to a globalist agenda.”

Glenn Reynolds: “Instead of “defunding the police,” which is such a dumb idea even the Democrats are now pretending they never favored it, it’s more helpful to look at how the police are funded. Incentives matter.”

Cops, convoys, conservatives, and tyranny. Stu Tarlowe — “what bothers me even more than the propaganda offensive against those who dare to protest government COVID edicts — and the propagandists are currently attempting to sell the idea that the very word “freedom” is actually code (a “dog whistle”) for “white supremacy” — is the prospect that American cops will turn on the protesters as unhesitatingly as the Canadian cops did.” — “Tyranny is difficult to impose without heavy-handed enforcement.  What we’ve seen in Canada, and what I fear we’ll see even more of in the U.S., causes one to no longer wonder where a tyrannical regime manages to find its Gestapo, its Stasi, its jackbooted thugs.  They’re already in place, uniformed, armed, and well regimented.”

No Matter How Peaceful The American Freedom Convoy Is, Our Corrupt Regime Will Demonize It. Jordan Boyd — “Like the many people who only peacefully protested at the Capitol on Jan. 6, the truckers will be smeared as domestic terrorists by the Biden administration and media.”

The Air Force Went Woke, Its Planes Won’t Fly. Daniel Greenfield — “Diversity was supposed to improve military readiness. It didn’t.”

In the End, Sweden Did It Right. Stephen Moore — “What if two years ago, when COVID-19 first hit these shores, our politicians hadn’t panicked?” — “Sweden’s successful response strategy reminds us that we must never again shut down our businesses and schools. I just pray we have all learned that enduring lesson before another virus wave arrives.”

The Centers For Disease Control’s Lies Have Destroyed Its Legitimacy Gregg Schmedes — “By refusing to acknowledge the harms of lockdowns, mask mandates, and vaccination, the Centers for Disease Control has brought everlasting shame to itself.”


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A requiem for the deaf

It’s ability to engage with society that is at threat – Canada joins other commonwealth nations tossing off the British heritage – Those who need to pay attention aren’t listening – Education means conformity and convenient standards?

A Social Credit System Arrives in Canada. David Sacks — “Justin Trudeau just created a caste of economic untouchables. Can we stop this dystopian policy from taking hold in America?” – “anyone who cares about the future of America as a place where citizens are free to protest their government needs to understand what has just occurred and work to stop it from taking root here.”

Requiem for a Nation. David Solway — “It may seem hard to believe that America’s neighbor to the north is now a full-fledged, up-and-running police state.” – “there is little doubt that Canada, like Australia and New Zealand, has gone rogue.”

With media targeting truckers’ donors, say goodbye to anonymous free speech. David Harsanyi — “In Canada, first the doxing, then the struggle session.” – “The fact that we aren’t obliged to publicly attach our names to all political donations is endlessly frustrating to those intent on smearing and intimidating their political opponents.”

The Gathering Storm in the West. Victor Davis Hanson — “Few are listening any more to the clueless Justin Trudeaus and bumbling Joe Bidens and all the toxic hypocrisies they embody.” – “Canada is now governed by absurdism, and it is symptomatic of an ailing Western elite.” – “That wound of an imperious but counterfeit elite has suppurated too long beneath a smooth scab. And abruptly, the truckers at least tore some of it off.” – “More and more North Americans are perplexed why anyone would wish to follow such unimpressive mental and physical figures along with all the toxic hypocrisies they embody and weaponize.”

The police in Paris did something entirely unexpected. Andrea Widburg — “It’s been terribly disappointing, both inside and outside of America, to see police forces rally to enforce tyrannical, unprincipled, and often illegal or unconstitutional government responses to COVID.” – “one thing that none of us expected, and that’s to see police marching peacefully alongside Parisians who were protesting COVID restrictions and vaccine passports.”

CDC quietly lowers the bar for early childhood speech development. Jazz Shaw — “For the first time in decades, the CDC has changed many of the recognized milestones for childhood development in terms of speech and cognitive functions. These markers are considered important in terms of recognizing when children aren’t progressing quickly enough, suggesting the potential need to determine if some sort of impairment is being observed and if the child may require greater medical attention. The curious thing about the changes instituted by the CDC is that in a majority of the cases, they have lowered the standards rather than raising them.”

Everything that’s wrong with American education summed up in one image. Andrea Widburg — “The problem with teachers like the one who graded the work above is that they train children not to think, but instead, to follow rules and to color within the lines — and if the lines make no sense, the children must simply retreat to a position of safety that the teacher will support.” – “American children are in deep trouble at schools filled with young, leftist, mindless drones who view their students not as lovely, growing, infinitely adaptable beings to be encouraged and cultivated, but as factory widgets who must be forced, through all the coercion public schools have, to fit a single (usually leftist) mold.”


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Canada versus the canary in the coal mine

What’s with unfettered tyranny? Police run amok? Who will stand even if it does look lke Pickett’s charge redux? There is an imbalance and it is ugly.

Trampling The Truckers – The Great Reset Becomes The Great Awakening. Tom Luongo via Gold, Goats, ‘n Guns blog — “There are few words to describe the depth of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s depravity. I’m not going to even try.”

The Reason for the Police Violence in Ottawa is Not What You Think. Elizabeth Nickson — “It’s way way worse”

After a big show of force against truckers, Trudeau’s regime bruits making its new powers permanent. Monica Showalter — “It’s just this one little sliver of Sudetenland.”

Canada’s Parliament Suspends Debate on Trudeau’s “Emergencies Act” Claiming Safety Concerns. Leslie Eastman — “Conservative Party Interm Leader Candice Bergen plans to be back in session Saturday, doubling efforts to end “Emergencies Act”

The Message to Canadian Truckdrivers from Archbishop Vigano is Even More Important Today. Sundance – also The Democracy Disconnect in Canada Highlights a Big Mistake Conservatives Make — “When the terms “freedom and liberty” are allowed to be defined as extremist sentiment, what you end up with are Canadian federal police beating people in the streets and arresting citizens who petition their government for freedom.  Meanwhile, the ever fearful and politically correct conservatives in Parliament grasp their pearls while simultaneously cowering to avoid labels.”

Canadian protest turns violent. Don Surber – no, the other one.

A Political Prisoner of the Democratic Party. Julie Kelly — “There is one standard of justice for rioters and cops on the side of the Biden Regime, and another for everyone else.”

War over Trump spying. Byron York — “in its effort to prove the “right-wing” wrong, the Times did not grapple with the actual text of the Durham filing.” – “Directing attention to “right-wing” coverage of the Durham filing allows some media outlets to ignore the substance of Durham’s filing. But it does not change the substance of Durham’s filing. And in the future, the special counsel will undoubtedly reveal more about what really happened.”

‘What-aboutism’ — Ruling against Trump leaves more questions than answers on free speech. Jonathan Turley — “The ruling will now allow a long-awaited appeal on core constitutional questions, including the protections for inflammatory speech.” – “Mehta becomes more curt and cursory over Trump’s constitutional claims. When Trump’s lawyers said his language was largely indistinguishable from that of many Democrats like Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.), Mehta chided them for playing “a game of what-aboutism.”

The false claim that Trump was in wrongful possession of confidential documents. Andrea Widburg — “he problem — which the AP reluctantly concedes — is that, as president, he had the final say over what’s classified.  That means that there’s no hypocrisy in his reaming Hillary Clinton for her conduct.” – “As a predicate, the National Archives management has turned that government office into a purely leftist entity determined to advance all leftist causes, including destroying Donald Trump.” – “This entire document thing is a false flag operation.”

Six Things Clarified By The Durham Probe. The BSC Team — “Elections in America, like in most countries, are all about the political center; the folks in the middle that aren’t as committed as the rest of the country. In the U.S., that number is somewhere around 20% of the electorate. While some, if not many, of those independent/undecided voters, don’t particularly care for Donald Trump, they dislike being lied to even more. And considering the scale of the Dems’ lies with the Russia Hoax, and the conspiracy in which they engaged in promoting it, the political backlash from the Durham Probe could be epic.”

Durham For Dummies. Scott Johnson — citing Kim Strassel in the NYP and “Peter Van Buren’s Spectator column seems to me to pierce the fog. As they say in certain precincts, Van Buren bottom lines it: “[T]his is not a fake scandal. Durham has potentially uncovered the most destructive political assassination attempt since Kennedy.”

America’s cognitive dissonance continues to deepen. Terry Paulding — “Our schizophrenic national divide is reaching a point at which the fabric of society is being shredded. The willful adherence to false “facts,” by both media and government actors is impossible to miss.”


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Who can you trust? Does anyone care anymore?

Self immolation in Canada – wage dictat stumbles – when power corrupts thinking first 

Canada is destroying its banking system. Andrea Widburg — “The problem with becoming a dictator is that madness often quickly follows.” – “Trudeau may feel that his throne is a bit more stable, but investors around the world are thinking there is no way they will entrust their money to a Canadian bank. The financial world functions only if there is some element of trust.”

What Trudeau and Co. are doing is complete madness.  Like many tyrants before them, their fanatical, unhinged efforts to protect their status and punish their enemies mean they are engaging in self-destructive acts that, sadly, will also destroy their country.

Federal appeals court pauses $15 minimum wage mandate for outdoor recreation companies. The Center Square Staff — “U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit in Denver handed the Biden administration another court loss by granting injunction.” – “the court also recognized that the President did not have the authority to issue the rule.”

The Danger To Democracy Comes From The Left. Patrick M. Garry — “if indeed, as Democrats claim, the mandate of producing some evidence of identification is so oppressive and unjust, then all requirements of identification everywhere should be prohibited.” – “those regimes that elevate power above all else are authoritarian regimes – and authoritarianism has no room for democracy.”


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No lack of stark contrast

The media is dependent on gas for its lights – fact checkers are about anything but – where are the religious leaders? – child sacrifice for false gods – Hostile envy – what we learn about ourselves.

Durham scandal: The sheer dishonesty of the media is astounding. Jack Hellner — “It takes a tremendous amount of effort for most of the media to collude to bury truthful stories of corruption while reporting fictional stories to bury Trump.”

Fact Checkers Defend Activist Scientists Because They Agree with Them Not Because They Are Right. Susan Crockford — “The so-called fact-checkers are out again trying to insist one side of a scientific debate is wrong and another is right because they happen to agree with one side. That’s advocacy, not science.” – Polar Bears! cute pictures!

The false doctrines of the Church of Woke. David Kahn — “Wokism, a doctrine that is being enforced at many major institutions in this country, is a religion, of falseness, racial separation, and racial animus.”

COVID-19 and the Failure of America’s Major Religions. Dennis Prager — “The government issued irrational (as well as anti-religious and unethical) edicts and nearly every church and synagogue obeyed.” — “With regard to Christians there is the issue of the New Testament admonition to obey secular authority.” (but what do you do when the government does not adhere to its side of its contract with the people?)

How The CDC Abandoned Science. Vinay Prasad via — “Mass youth hospitalizations, COVID-induced diabetes, and other myths from the brave new world of science as political propaganda…”

Ultimately, science is not a political sport. It is a method to ascertain truth in a chaotic, uncertain universe. Science itself is transcendent, and will outlast our current challenges no matter what we choose to believe. But the more it becomes subordinate to politics—the more it becomes a slogan rather than a method of discovery and understanding—the more impoverished we all become. The next decade will be critical as we face an increasingly existential question: Is science autonomous and sacred, or a branch of politics? I hope we choose wisely, but I fear the die is already cast.

Trouble With Vaccine Mandates—They Can Backfire, Studies Show. Cameron English — “Dozens of studies examining the effects of vaccine mandates have been published over the last year. A pre-print review of this literature has found that requiring COVID-19 vaccination may carry significant costs, including a deepening distrust of public health authorities and greater vaccine hesitancy.” [see his cites but his gratuitous (see post on Hostile Envy) slime on Tucker and DiSantis is a warning about his bias]

“A Case for Hostile Envy of Economic Success As the Cause of Hate Crime”. Newmark — “Successful people are generally not well liked. In psychology, this is called hostile envy” .

There has never been more massive gaslighting than what The Swamp is doing over voter fraud. JD Rucker — “Who’s doing it? Mainstream media. Big Tech. Every Democrat lawmaker. Even many (most?) Republican lawmakers are on board with the attack on our national psyche.”

The Sad Lessons Of The Trump Presidency, Mark Wauk — “The sad lessons are about who we are as a nation, as a people.”

Biden’s Science Advisor: Not One, but Two Scandals. Rajan Laad — “Over the past year, the Biden administration has achieved an ignominious consistency of scandal and incompetence.”

Don’t Get Sick in a Blue State. Steve Feinstein — “There is no lack of stark contrast between the way conservative/red states and liberal/blue states have handled the COVID crisis over the past two years.” — “In the current crisis, politics and ideology trump sanity and sound medical practice, every day.  It’s beyond sad.”

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There’s a war in. Haven’t you noticed?

Crazy Years and the insanity all around us – Oversight in 1/6? phooey. – Infiltration methods – spies – arrogant responses showing some desparation, maybe – a summary of cherished myth funderals.

The Crazy Years. Richard Fernandez — “Maybe the progressives don’t know what else to do. It’s obvious to them that something momentous is happening, but there’s no explanation for it in any of the tomes in Revolution Bookstore.”

D.C. Jail Ignores House Judiciary Member’s Query About January 6 Inmates. Penny Starr — “Rep. Greg Steube (R-FL) has yet to hear from the D.C. Department of Corrections, whose director he queried in July of 2021, about the status of the men and women who remain in the agency’s custody for charges related to the January 6 riot at the Capitol.”

Freedom Convoy Organizers Say They Notified Police After Being Told “Nefarious Elements” Plan To Discredit Protest. Katabella Roberts via The Epoch Times,– “Organizers of the Freedom Convoy in the Canadian capital say they have notified police after being told that “nefarious elements” are planning to plant weapons at the Ottawa COVID-19 mandate demonstrations as a “pretext to forcibly remove peaceful protestors.”

Democrats Framed And Spied On Trump While He Was President. Margot Cleveland — “The details John Durham sprinkled throughout his filings suggest even more bombshells are to come.”

What We Learned From Michael Sussmann’s Response To The Spygate Special Counsel. Margot Cleveland — “The media has finally begun covering the special counsel’s investigation and indictment against former Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann, and he is none too happy.”

2020: The Year Our Most Cherished Myths Went Belly Up. Mark Wauk — “I found James Bovard’s review of 2020 to be particularly trenchant” — “Nevertheless, there are signs of America awakening. … And yet–how much damage has already been done? Can we recover?”



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For thee but not for me – protests and lockdowns

Advocating violence or promoting civil rights? Oligarchy desperation, cornered rat type (watch out for painful bites) – The narrative is an attempt to escape reality and garner fellow victims – Durham’s Watergate redux. Some think it too big to prosecute. House Detectives were old school surveillance state – internet history tabled.   

Leftist Media Falsely Frames RNC’s Defense Of Jan. 6 Free Speech As A Defense Of Rioting. Tristan Justice — “framed Republicans as defenders of the Capitol chaos, rather than of the Constitution-protected rights to free speech and peaceable assembly.” — “The idea that Republicans declared any episodes of political violence “legitimate political discourse,” isn’t just untrue, it’s entirely absurd” — “The media’s knee-jerk reaction to frame the RNC censure as justifying rioting at the Capitol is part of the true scandal embedded in the Democrats’ Jan. 6 efforts.”

Oligarchy’s Response to the Freedom Convoy Bodes Ill for Them. Roger Kimball — “The deposition of Canada’s prime minister is unlikely to be so sanguinary as the Ceau?escus in Romania. But it will be no less definitive.” — “Will the heavy hand of the state succeed in crushing the protest? In the short term, perhaps.” — “There are several ironies regarding the Canadian chapter of this uprising against the self-appointed elites who wish to rule us.”

Killing civilization: Teaching schoolkids ‘the narrative’. Selwyn Duke — “It’s the result of deceivers “replacing instruction about facts with narrative stories.” The facts here reveal that there is no story.” — “What’s so tragic here is that while children are easily manipulated with lies, they’re also very receptive to Truth because they don’t yet have ingrained political biases that cause them to run information through an ideological filter. Facts really can hit home with them.”

Sometimes a Not-Great Notion. Clarice Feldman — “The not-so-great notion in recent years, in my view, has been that of the ruling elites of the western nations now heading for political suicide.” — “the people who came up with the not great notion of enhancing their power and the power of their gentry and donor base by lockdowns and enforced compliance with mask and vaccine mandates are jumping in the river of our widespread discontent and drowning.”

The Surveillance and Political Spying Operations Highlighted by John Durham Today are the Tip of the Iceberg. Sundance — “Barack Obama and Eric Holder did not create a weaponized DOJ and FBI; instead, what they did was take the preexisting system and retool it, so the weapons only targeted one side of the political continuum.”

The Bygone Era Of The Hotel Detective. Luke J Spencer — technology has changed things a bit.

The 20 Internet Giants That Rule The Web. Tyler Durden — “With each passing year, an increasingly large segment of the population no longer remembers images loading a single pixel row at a time, the earsplitting sound of a 56k modem, or the early domination of web portals.”


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Ideology sans values inspection leads to trouble

Hanson brings in history – The danger rises as heels dig in – the easy way to be king of the mountain is a temptation of the devil – Ask the police and military: whose side are you on? – Can we protect the children – from the government? We can’t see the effects on the mind but we’ll certainly experience them.

Why Ideology is the Ancient Enemy of Civilization. Victor Davis Hanson — “When ideology in places like Castroite Cuba, the old Soviet Union, and Venezuela warped the application of the law, destroyed the role of merit in assessing qualifications, silenced speech, and unequally applied the law, then society unwound. – In such ideological dystopias, eventually even the shelves empty, the currency becomes worthless, and the nation regresses into poverty and chaos. Is that the future we await?”

Trudeau is getting dangerous, but the truckers still have options. Andrea Widburg — “whenever you have to depend on the goodwill of a tyrant, his police state, and his military, things aren’t going well.  That’s especially true of Canada because, on May 1, 2020, Canadians gave up their guns.” … “as we’ve seen in Australia, Austria, Canada, and various jurisdictions across America, police do not side with the people; they side with the ones who write (as opposed to funding) their paychecks and manage their pensions.  The same may be true for the military.  Hoping for a better outcome than what happened at Tiananmen may be unduly optimistic.”

US Truckers’ Convoy 2022: Assembly Coachella CA vicinity 5MAR, Launch To DC 6MAR; More Details Here & To Follow.

Open Letter to the Canadian Truckers. Robert W Malone — “These are my truths, and I believe that they are self-evident.”

Why is Wokeism so attractive to so many? Steve Rose — “It requires little effort, sacrifice, or intelligence. Simply believe, complain, criticize, and accuse—it’s that easy. In exchange, you’re rewarded with a flattering identity: you’re now a crusader/warrior/hero who vanquishes villains (imaginary villains, but villains nonetheless)—all at seemingly no cost.” — “Their mindset of “I’m a good person, and you’re not” is delusional. Delusions evaporate when they’re exposed to the light of truth. We need to expose them all.”

D.C.’s Met police exonerate their own for beating an unconscious woman to death. Andrea Widburg — “if the two dead women had been Black leftists, instead of White Trump supporters, the outcome of these two investigations would have been very different.” — “The only thing we know with certainty about January 6 is that most of our elected officials are cowards, both physically and morally.”

The Jig is up for Transgenderism as Child Abuse. Jay Tucker — “Federal, state, and local governments have ignored the obvious in a case of willful blindness, but the evidence that children and adolescents need protection is now so apparent that government must intercede.” — “The hypocrisy and lack of integrity of a large segment of professionals treating gender-confused minors is overwhelming.” — “The evidence is in.  The mea culpas are in hand.  As one gender-care psychologist has declared: “Therapists Have Betrayed the Parents of Gender-Confused Kids, and There’ll Be Hell to Pay.”  Children, parents, legislatures, and courts need to educate themselves to become fully informed.”

FDA Rushes to Grant EUAs to Two More COVID Drugs With No Long-Term Safety or Efficacy Data, While Ignoring a Mountain of Evidence Supporting HCQ, Ivermectin. David Gortler — “the FDA, which had for decades advocated for the use of inexpensive generic drugs whenever possible, is suddenly inaudible and has even spoken out against inexpensive, widely available generic drugs that likely ameliorate COVID symptoms, even though these drugs have decades of safety data behind them. There are two leading explanations for this otherwise inexplicable turn of events: politics and money.”

Climate Hype Leads to Climate Anxiety and Undermines Constructive Efforts. From the Cliff Mass Weather Blog — “Tremendous damage is being done by media, activists, and some politicians by hyping climate change (global warming).” — “undermining our ability to deal with climate change.  It leads to poor adaptation to the moderate impacts of global warming or taking realistic steps that can be highly protective.” — “Hyping climate change is simply unethical and wrong.” — “Apocalytic predictions calling for immediate action have gotten our nation into trouble many times in the past, resulting in major errors.”

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The Mental Landscape – Academia is the common factor to question

Twenty points to consider about the hidden war – fetish in education – McConnel and Cheney contempt for their troops – maskng the question

No, the Revolution Isn’t Over. N.S. Lyons — “None of the fundamental drivers of “Wokeness” have relented” — “One would think that by now all these anti-woke conservatives and moderate liberals would have learned at least some of the bitter lessons from the last decade about how political power and cultural change actually work, but I guess not – They could have recognized by now that this is not a simple political issue with a political solution, but they have not.”

The Unbearable Bleakness of American Schooling. Robert Pondiscio — “How contemporary education fetishizes the bad and the broken in American life” — “The mental landscape of American childhood is very different today. By any reasonable measure, the world is safer and more stable than at any time in living memory. Adults could hardly be more active in children’s lives, but at the same time we seem less inclined to play a reassuring role.” — “The defiant relationship of American education to its host is not necessarily an explicitly political project” — “When education becomes activism, it dwells exclusively in the bad and the broken”

Mitch McConnell Shouldn’t Promote Media Lies About RNC Censure Of Cheney. Mollie Hemingway — “Republican voters would like their leaders to meet the simple test of not calling them terrorists for engaging in peaceful political protest. They would like their supposed leaders to meet the simple test of not accepting the media’s routine lies about them but, instead, to fight vigorously against those lies. That McConnell failed so dramatically in this regard does not bode well.”

Liz Cheney Reveals Her True Priorities and That’s Going to Sink Her. Nick Arama — “If you were siding with the Constitution, you would know to fight the Democrats at all costs because they are doing all they can to suborn the Constitution and move the country further left.”

Liz Cheney Called Electoral Objections Unconstitutional And Then Sided With Democrats Who’d Done It For Years. Tristan Justice — “In their final phone conversation before rivalries emerged, Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney called political ally-turned-primary challenger Harriet Hageman to weigh the consequences of demanding that President Donald Trump concede the election.”


It’s Time To Ask: Did Any Of The COVID Mandates, Closures, Lockdowns Do Anything? I & I Editorial Board — “Was any of it worth it? Did any of the guidelines, mandates, orders, shutdowns, cancelations, lockdowns do anything to alter the course of the disease, or change in any way the number of people who died from it? – Let’s review:”

Were Masks A Waste Of Time? Geoff Shullenberger [] — “Experts advocated an intervention they once thought useless…” – “The endorsement of masking by medical bodies and public health authorities worldwide, Miller shows, entailed the abandonment of a longstanding view that masks were a useless and even harmful intervention.” — “The most disastrous failing of the experts has been their lack of curiosity about the actual results of the policies they have staked their reputations on.”



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What happened about self awareness and honesty?

Authoritarian instincts rationalized by security and populist resistance – Propaganda means a new dictionary and simple, pleasing sounding new mission statements – but what comes after? – What’s happening now (CPI)?

Are You America’s Top Terrorist Threat? John Hinderaker — “The DHS Bulletin is embedded below. In a variety of ways, the Democratic Party has tried to delegitimize opposition to its hegemony and, where possible, make it illegal. Let’s hope that the Department of Homeland Security has not been enlisted in this scheme.”

Our Authoritarian Moment. Jeffrey Folks — “Ben Shapiro warns of the rise of censorship, voter fraud, fake news, and other leftist tactics for seizing control.” — “Just to have a chance, we must constantly oppose authoritarianism through legal and peaceful means, through voting and political organization, and through writing and speaking out, and we must be a little less polite in our resistance.  If we fail, this really will be “the authoritarian moment” — or, more to the point, the establishment of a totalitarian communist state in America.”

Time to worry: the Biden government is redefining core principles. Andrea Widburg — “Two odd little reports appeared in the past couple of days, both of which involve the federal government redefining things that, before the Biden administration, had mostly agreed-upon definitions that were not hostile to ordinary Americans and that recognized American sovereignty.” — “Never before in American history have we had an American government that is a mob-style enforcement agency against citizens and one, moreover, that happily fulfills that role because it so patently hates the citizens over whom it has this power.”

Capitol Police Issue an Unbelievable Statement After Accusations of Spying on Congress. Nick Arama — “The Capitol Police didn’t deny it, they just tried to justify it in a statement as necessary for security reasons.” — “I don’t know about you but I’ve never seen police securing property taking pictures of documents and information and coming back two days later to then grill staffers dressed as construction workers.”

What To Do With the Left After Their Coming Spanking. Conrad Black — “The day is now not far off when wokeness, American self-hate, foreign appeasement, and the indulgence of criminal and corrupt organizations like Black Lives Matter will end.” — “So great is the rot and failure of the system that Trump attacked in 2016 that not everyone can be punished for their complicity in it.” — “The escalated use of the criminal justice system to resolve political differences took off with Watergate; it is about to reach its climax and the national interest requires that the temptations of comprehensive vengeance yield to the necessity for a more civilized political atmosphere.”

What Are They Hiding? “Democrats Argue Voting Machines Too Fragile to Inspect – If Investigators Touch Them They WIll Need to Be Replaced – Demand Rudy Giuliani Be Punished for Requesting Access to Dominion Machines” Jim Hoft

How Vaccine Discrimination Caused Dangerous Hospital Care Shortages In Wisconsin. Kylee Zempel — “The depths of Covid corruption at Gundersen can’t fit on one page, and that hospital is just the tip of the iceberg.”

Here Is The Heatmap From Today’s Blowout CPI Report. Tyler Durden — “Today’s CPI print was a stunner: despite JPM hearing “whispers” that inflation would miss expectations, not only did that not happen with CPI now coming in higher than Wall Street estimates 9 of the past 11 months, but CPI came in at the hottest level since 1982 when the Fed Funds rate was 11.50%.”

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What happened about self awareness and honesty?

Watergate was about a political espionage burglary. Deja vu strikes with the Capitol Police this time. – Crime is about moral teaching, but look who’s teaching out children – then there’s the blue stack.
Capitol Police Caught Spying in Republican Congressional Office, Investigation Launched. Bonchie — “In late January, news broke of multiple instances of the Capitol Police appearing to spy on Republican congressional members. Those actions followed the rank politicization of the force that took place after January 6th, including the expansion of its intelligence-gathering mission in areas that are, at best, questionable.”
The Real Cause Behind the Rise in Crime. Cal Thomas| — “The notion of wrongdoers getting their “just desserts” has also faded from our culture. Criminals are now regarded by too many progressives as victims of racism and social inequalities. … Failure to teach right from wrong and discipline children contributes to violations of moral and secular law.” … “Crime is first a moral issue. Failure to address it on that level ensures it will only get worse.”
DHS issues heightened terror threat citing ‘mis- dis- and mal-information’ on election fraud and COVID-19. Thomas Lifson — “The Department of Homeland Security issued a bulletin on Tuesday that sounds precisely like a prelude to a totalitarian crackdown on political dissent from the preferred narratives of the Biden regime and the Deep State.” — “The implication is obvious: disagreement with official narratives is treasonous.”
What’s the Deal With Mike Pence? Andrew W. Coy — “What in God’s name is Mike Pence doing? And for Pence, I do mean in God’s name.”
Who Is Teaching Our Children? John Hinderaker — “If anyone is in doubt about whether liberal teachers are introducing poisonous, racist and anti-American doctrines into our schools, all you have to do is look at New Business Item 39, – Or you could look at the latest job offering at the University of Minnesota:”
The Blue Stack Strikes Back. Zaid jilani — “The welding of media, government bureaucracy, big corporations, and banking together into a partisan weapon to punish dissenters points the way toward an ugly future.” — “These activists know how to play the game. If you look back at any of the recent controversies over free speech—from QAnon to COVID to the last two presidential elections—this is how things work when a development or outcome is seen as unfavorable or undesirable by the favored political camp” — “What the United States needs now more than anything is trust. We must learn to get along with each other, even if not everything everyone says is always 100% scientifically accurate or conforms to rapidly evolving progressive standards of etiquette. Trying to berate and bully ordinary people and the outlets they enjoy into submission will only push them into ever darker modes of thought. For the sake of democracy, we have to find a way to break up the blue stack and reinvigorate pluralism in the United States.”

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Inconvenient reality with woke medicine, money on trees, and bullies in big tech

A bit of history from Imprimus about inflation – a worry about medicine going woke – Media Matters defined as a propaganda component – factoids about energy reality – another voice of reason and integrity facing the cancel culture

What Happened To ‘First, Do No Harm’? Steven Goldsmith — “Since the onset of the COVID pandemic, many physicians have disgraced our profession.  They have administered experimental vaccines of unprecedented toxicity for an illness with an overall survival rate of 99.74 percent, all without proper informed consent.  They have withheld outpatient therapeutics of documented efficacy, leaving patients to sicken or die untreated.  Undeterred by reports of catastrophic side effects such as teenage myocarditis, they have injected undisclosed ingredients with unknown long-term risks into children who harbor no serious risk from the illness.  National medical associations and state medical boards continue, without due process or sound evidence, to punish physicians who espouse views that challenge our government’s claims.  Why?”

Do I trivialize the Holocaust by facile comparisons of COVID medical hacks with Nazi doctors?  I reject that charge.  The Holocaust was unique in its magnitude.  But the processes that facilitated Nazi atrocities reflect tendencies in all societies.  Unless we want a repeat on an even greater scale we must recognize those tendencies in ourselves before it is too late.

Inflation in the United States. John Steele Gordon — “Create too much money and you get inflation. We are witnessing the proof of that right now.”

Why The Joe Rogan-Spotify Fight Will Define Free Speech For Us All. I & I Editorial Board — “Media Matters for America, the George Soros-funded team of miscreants who’ve appointed themselves guardians of liberal orthodoxy in the media, compiled a list of what it considers Rogan’s worst COVID transgressions last year. Here’s the catalog of transgressions:” … “The censors cannot be allowed to succeed. Because trust us, once the COVID scare is over, the left will find a new target for its “misinformation” censorship campaign.”

The Inconvenient Truth About Electric Vehicles. Jerry Korth — “There isn’t nearly enough electrical power available or in the pipeline to fuel 50 million new EVs by 2030. That would require an additional 150 billion kWh’s per year of deliverable electricity. Even the largest power plants only deliver about 8 billion kWh’s per year.”

We’ve Moved! “To different email and online donation service providers, but not because we wanted to”  Kemberlee Kaye — “We are transitioning away from Salsa Labs as our email and donation platform, not voluntarily. They don’t want us on their platform anymore, with no explanation given. They don’t claim we violated their terms of service or did anything wrong.”


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Government Thuggery

It comes on many fronts and is expressed in standard form to squash dissent and protest. – Making a list but not checking it twice - inakomyslyashchiye – comic book villains

School District Sends Letter Saying They’ll Label Unmasked Students a ‘Clear and Present Danger’ and Prosecute Parents for Truancy. Jennifer Van Laar — “Facing a wave of students peacefully protesting mask mandates by simply showing up to school unmasked, administrators all over the country are doubling down – leaving elementary school students outside with no coats on a cold day, unsupervised; attempting to barricade high school students in an unheated gymnasium; making them sit on the curb without desks, a teacher, or work; denying them access to the school; and labeling them a “clear and present danger to the life, safety, or health of a pupil or school personnel” in order to legally exclude them from campus.” … “Also, it’s disgusting that school officials would think it’s a good idea to make baseless political referrals to CPS when the system is unable to properly protect truly abused and at-risk children.”

I’d like to say we’ve reached peak insanity, but I don’t want to tempt fate.

Schweizer Hits Another Home Run on Biden-China Corruption. John Dale Dunn — “Red-Handed: How American Elites Get Rich Helping China Win”

There’s Good News and Some Really Bad News on America’s Religious Freedom Front. Mark Tapscott — “officials are creating databases of the religious beliefs and practices of millions of American citizens.” — “more than three dozen Republicans in the House of Representatives are moving to stop this latest illustration of the inevitable grasping, expansive, abusive tendencies of government bureaucracies.”

The internet has become a tool for government oppression, neo — “And not just a tool for government oppression – a remarkably comprehensive and efficient tool. – potentially (and perhaps already actually) the greatest totalitarian tool ever invented.”

The censoring of Joe Rogan is a tactic right out of old Soviet Union. Rebekah Koffler — “the benevolent authoritarians want to “protect” you from the bad influence of the Rogan type “rogues.” — “It is not an accident that the “guardians of truth” in the White House, Hollywood, Big Tech and American press equivalents of Soviet Pravda and Izvestiya are coming after Rogan and Spotify with the zeal of Russia’s Vladimir Putin chasing down and poisoning his opponents.”

GoFundMe tells the Canadian Freedom Convoy and its donors to GoFundThemselves. neo — “Violence? I’ve read a lot about this demonstration, and it’s been remarkably peaceful, not just “mostly peaceful” like the Antifa riots.” — “Historical fascism actually went further than that in terms of explicit government control of private industry. But the underpinnings – that private companies do the government’s bidding while preserving the appearance of autonomy – are now present in Canada.”

GoFundMe shuts down the Canadian truckers’ fund. Andrea Widburg — “if the truckers hadn’t been naïve, they would have avoided GoFundMe from the beginning.  It was inevitable that GoFundMe would cut them off.  It was also inevitable that it would do so at the behest of a leftist politician who lied about the truckers being violent.  Also, that GoFundMe would say, as if it had never funded CHAZ or BLM, that it couldn’t possibly countenance handling money that might go to violent people”

Ottawa Police Department Announce They Are a Political Activist Institution and Agency of Government. Sundance — “the originator of the left-wing effort to target the Freedom Convoy has been identified.”

Canadian Trucker Protest Enters Second Week. John Hinderaker — “Canadian authorities are playing the role of comic book villains” — “GoFundMe quickly backtracked and agreed to automatically refund all donations. The truckers are now working with GiveSendGo. Meanwhile, can anyone explain why every single institution and platform, and almost all large companies, have been taken over by the authoritarian left?”

GoFundMe and the Nag’s Head Light: How Crowdfunding Has Become The Latest Battleground Over Free Speech. Jonathan Turley — “The easy-to-use technology and need for crowdfunding services quickly expanded the company into a multibillion enterprise. However, it soon became clear that the company was using its control of funds to advance its own political agenda. Worse yet, the company effectively coaxing groups into fundraising campaigns on its site, only to freeze accounts before the money could be used.”

Attorney Representing Freedom Convoy Shares a Message. Sundance — “The jackboots will focus on using acts of mischief, hate, harassment, intimidation and other threatening behaviors, whether real or created by Canadian intelligence operations, to target the protestors.”

Why Ivermectin was Disappeared. Henry F. Smith Jr — “Not only has this FDA-approved, Nobel prize-winning drug been made unavailable, if a physician were to prescribe it, or advocate it as therapy, they are threatened with the potential loss of their medical license, their hospital affiliations, and their board certification.”

Why the Sudden Hostility Toward Off-Label Medicines? Brian C. Joondeph — “why now, almost two years into the COVID pandemic, are we not throwing everything at this virus?” — “why such hostility toward off-label treatments, even when the physician follows well-established precedent, making a decision for their patient after weighing the risks and benefits? And why are physicians who follow this accepted approach for off-label medications threatened with loss of employment, license, and reputation?” — “Why is science being upended for COVID, from off-label therapeutics to natural immunity, well established concepts now suddenly considered junk science and dismissed? Is this what we can now expect from the finest healthcare system in the world, the Orwellian politicization of medicine?”

Watts Up With That: We’re on GETTR. Charles Rotter 


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it’s not the crazy Gods, it’s their believers.

Discovery Will Be Lit –  Favorite politician caveat – No justifiable reason – Freedom struggles – treachery. Vindeman and Pence et al

The Rise of Totalitarian Science, 2022 Edition. John G. West — “Because of the pandemic’s deeply personal costs, it can be painful to engage in a candid discussion of the changes COVID-19 policies have wrought on our society.” … “Now, after two years, facts are becoming clearer — and so are the momentous consequences of the pandemic for our culture. Those consequences are so serious that they can’t be ignored.”

So what can you do?

When you hear a friend or colleague demonizing others for being unvaccinated, call them out on their dehumanization of others.

When you hear people advocating suppression of “misinformation” in the name of science, advocate for free speech — and share some true scientific information that is being suppressed.

When local government officials push increasingly repressive measures, let them know you strongly oppose those measures and why.

When Will Freedom Arrive In The U.S.? I & I Editorial Board — “Yes, most U.S. states have freed their residents. Yet much of the country is still under the government boot.” … “Notice any commonality among these outposts where freedom no longer rings? They are all run by Democrats.”

What You Need To Know About Alex Vindman’s Lawsuit Against Trump Officials. Margot Cleveland — “While Ukraine hoaxer Alex Vindman may achieve an early victory in this case, he may soon deeply regret his decision to sue.” .. “Vindman might just give Trump the impeachment trial he needed, with the witnesses he needed, to establish Vindman worked with the whistleblower and the whistleblower with Schiff to launch the Ukraine hoax.”

The Treachery of VP Mike Pence Explained. Emerald Robinson — “Who fired General Flynn and started the Russia Hoax in the first place?” … ” it’s always been obvious that Pence and his staff were deeply involved in trying to remove President Trump from office.” … “It’s time you paid much closer attention to your favorite politicians though— if you want your country to survive.”

Biden’s Flights of Illegal Aliens into U.S. Cost Taxpayers $340M in 9 Months. John Binder — “The data, obtained by Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) following an inquiry to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), shows the extent to which Biden’s massive illegal immigration inflow into the U.S. is costing American taxpayers.”

Protests From Out of Nowhere. Richard Fernandez — “what we are now witnessing in the disputes rocking the Australian Open, Spotify, Marvel and the trucking world are spontaneous meeting engagements in the culture wars. It’s like a chain reaction of angry people setting off other angry people. The singular thing about this development is that it would have been impossible six months ago. A psychological barrier has been breached and a taboo has fallen. The potential of this to create a cascade is considerable.”

Canadian Convoy Movement Goes Global — Next Stop, U.S.? I & I Editorial Board — “It’s a potent movement that has tapped into a deep vein of cultural anger and resentment over the Canadian government’s authoritarian response to the virus.” … “some are now saying, “enough,” and loudly. And they’re not the elites. They’re working people who have seen their livelihoods damaged or destroyed, lost their rights to travel and and speak out, and in general have been treated as subjects, not citizens.”

Communism’s Woke Gods Must Be Crazy. J.B. Shurk — “It’s no wonder that one of the first acts of all communist regimes is to round up and murder anybody not hysterically committed to the “cause.”  Communism, like its COVID-1984 kissing cousin, only thrives when mass formation psychosis takes over.” … “Our corporate news propagandists have become a veritable Ministry of Truth.”

Why Wokeism? Seth Grossman — “That narrative goes like this.: until about 600 years ago, most people in the world lived peaceful, comfortable, and environmentally sustainable lives. – Then, in the 1400s, a bunch of white men in Europe went crazy.  While abusing their women, they built ships and weapons to attack and exploit the rest of the world.  These crazy white men exterminated Native Americans, enslaved black Africans, and impoverished Asians.  They also started wars and polluted the planet to cause the catastrophic “climate crisis” we have today.” … “This thinking caused 14 years of world war and the deaths of some 85 million people — roughly 3% of the world’s population.  Sadly, this will happen again unless most Americans quickly understand and reject the lies and evil of this “woke” culture.”

Letter from a fired Hershey worker. Don Surber – “Hershey has a reputation as a good employer that is benevolent to the community. This was a cold cut that likely will result in a court battle. What happened?”

Censor This: Science Says Mask Mandates Don’t Work. James D. Agresti — “Some of the most powerful proponents of masking continue to spread destructive fictions and withhold genuine facts from people.” … “In reality, those “misinformation” policies and other pronouncements of tech giants, government officials, media outlets, and fact-checkers often flout basic principles of academic integrity, spread deadly falsehoods, and suppress facts that could help people.”

People Are Still Struggling Alone In Hospitals For No Justifiable Reason. Jordan Boyd — “Two years in, hospitals’ ongoing no-visitor policies leave the people they claim to treat emotionally, spiritually, and physically vulnerable.”

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J6 abuse and exposure, accountability, narratives leaking

We don’t need no stinkin’ evidence! DoJ values (and corruption) on display. Accountability for bureaucrats? Obsession personal destruction. The dangers of silence and early warnings ignored.

Jan. 6 committee abusing its power. David Bossie — “DOJ’s new sedition indictment reveals ‘no intent by [Trump] to do anything'” — “As the illegitimate Jan. 6 committee in U.S. House — in coordination with the biased mainstream media – searches for its latest phony narrative about what the Trump White House might have known about the events of Jan. 6 ahead of time, some inconvenient facts have come out. It appears as if the parallel criminal investigation at DOJ threw a bucket of cold water on Congress’ latest political witch hunt of former President Donald Trump.”

This ultra-partisan committee should report to the House Administration Committee about how it’s spending the American people’s hard-earned money without delay. Secondly, depositions are being held without minority staff or minority counsel present. Witness after witness is being hauled in to answer questions without being afforded a full spectrum of constitutional rights. … 

The Jan. 6 committee has been abusing its deposition power, its subpoena power and its contempt power for six months — with nothing to show for it.

Justice Department Continues to Go Easy on 2020 Rioters. Julie Kelly — “Biden’s prosecutors may be fooling themselves—and federal judges auditioning for a promotion—but they are not fooling the majority of Americans.” — “There is absolutely no comparison between the violence that terrorized the country throughout 2020 and the four-hour disturbance at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021” — “What happened throughout 2020 was unequivocally an act of domestic terrorism, a crime for which the Justice Department is wholly uninterested in fairly prosecuting.”

We Need A Sarbanes-Oxley Law For Voter Rolls. Jay Valentine — “Numbers mean things.” — “If their numbers are fake, don’t reconcile, or have hidden data not conveyed to the investors, CEOs and CFOs can and do go to prison. … Why should election rolls meet a lesser standard?”

Women for America First Special Screening of J-6 Movie Capitol Punishment  Jim Hoft — “Everything that we are being told by the media about that day is a lie and there are few who are willing to stand up and tell the story of what really happened.” — “It’s of paramount importance to get the truth out to the millions of Americans who are being told January 6th was an insurrection by Trump supporters to try and stage a coup of the United States government. So invite a date or bring your friends and family for an informative and fun filled evening with like-minded patriots to view this must see film.”

Bombshell documents reveal the Big Lie behind the Trump Ukraine impeachment. Andrea Widburg — “It now turns out that Biden was lying big time when he claimed he needed to fire a “corrupt” prosecutor. In fact, the Obama State Department strongly supported the prosecutor. Biden was just giving Burisma its money’s worth.” — “All this material, of course, was exculpatory when it came to Trump asking Ukraine to investigate possible corruption in the American government. Yet someone at State (or was it Adam Schiff?) withheld this evidence from him.”

Time to end the witch hunt obsession with Donald Trump. Gerald McGlothlin — “The only thing that’s more tiring than the COVID-19 obsession is the ongoing witch hunt obsession with Donald Trump.” — “This isn’t right.  This isn’t the America I grew up in.  It’s called character assassination.  It’s un-American — and it must stop.”

The COVID Narrative is Falling Apart. James Stansbury — “Will 50,000 fearless Canadian truckers succeed in bringing a strong enough emotion to Canada or the U.S. to end the mandates?”

Did Dismissals of Safe Outpatient Drugs Cause Needless COVID Deaths? Clayton Fox — “Dissenting doctors say, “Yes.”

The dangers of challenging the climate change consensus. Anthony J. Sadar — “the ramp-up of the climate crisis is waiting in the wings for the exit of the malicious microbe.  As the spotlight turns from virus hysteria, the beam will shine back on climate angst and its attendant tactics like childish name-calling.” — “Silencing, intimidating, or otherwise discouraging alternate viewpoints will harm understanding of the atmospheric environment and will slow, if not prevent, effective and efficient solutions to authentic climate change challenges.”

From 1984 to 2022. Lloyd Billingsley — “Ingsoc, Amsoc, and life in Stalinist Covidistan.” … “From a free and prosperous republic to a dreary Stalinist Covidistan. All across America, the clocks are striking thirteen.”


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By their behavior you can know them

It’s a BFD. And another. And Another. Peaceful protest is grin and bear it time for the elites. Election fraud on video – borders and incursions aided and abetted by Administrations conspiracies. Feminist rights sans responsibilites – misinformation!

Smearing The Truckers (Ii) [Updated]. John Hinderaker — “The Canadian truckers’ protest has turned into a huge event that has gripped not just the political class, but millions of people across that country. As usual, the politicians who claim most vociferously to represent the people–like Justin Trudeau–are horrified when the people actually speak up.”

President Trump Weighs in on Upcoming Dinesh D’Souza Documentary. Will — “Conservative commentator Dinesh D’Souza just dropped a trailer to his monumentally important, new documentary, a film called “2,000 Mules.” If you’re standing up and haven’t watched it yet, you might want to sit down. It’s epic” — “scrutiny of the 2020 election continues as the country ramps up for the 2022 midterms. Dinesh has truly done us a service by creating a documentary about a subject that many surely would have preferred to stay hidden, off away in the dark where revelations about it can’t”

The border gets worse and worse. Byron York — “the news is filled with reports on Ukraine, or COVID, or the latest twists and turns of the Biden agenda on Capitol Hill. But what’s happening on the border — the U.S.-Mexico border — is important news, and you need to know more about it.”

This Is Not America, Part II. I & I Editorial Board — “The hour is dark, but we believe there will again be light. Too many of us still remember a better time before wokeness, the cancel culture, modern-day book burning (deplatforming), lockdown tyrants, mask tyrants, hateful Karens, millions gone mad because of Donald Trump, and a hopelessly corrupt press. No, not perfect, but a far better environment than the toxicity we’re living in today.”

Feminist Hypocrisy on Display as Feminists Ignore Transgender Athletes. Brian C. Joondeph — “The silence of women’s rights groups displays their hypocrisy, as they are in reality just another left-wing political advocacy group, pushing the latest progressive hot button issues. ”

The Transgender Movement is A Modern-Day Castration Cult. Armando Simón — Transgender Regret: The Apostates - Censorship and Persecution - Denial Of Reality - Recruitment and Child Abuse - Politics: “Until this insanity ends, the casualties will continue to mount in the transgender wars. And children will be the primary victims.”

Journalists and other Democrats are thoroughly confused about who spreads misinformation about COVID. Jack Hellner — “Here are some important facts we don’t seem to see:” – “Repeating talking points from so-called “experts” who willingly spread misinformation takes zero intelligence. … Joe Rogan points out that a lot of what has been classified as misinformation is now recognized as true.”

The doctors who actually do know best? Jim Hollingsworth — “These are not doctors just plucked off the street, but professionals from all over the country who are tops in their particular field.” … “Several doctors asked those who attended the rally to go home and take action to open the eyes of those around them.  Many forms of mass communication have been shut down; doctors have been removed from certain platforms.  But the truth must get out.  Otherwise, we will only have tyranny.”


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