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The cancer is metastasizing

California Needs To Stop Its Crime Spree Before It Goes National. I & I Editorial Board — “San Francisco and Los Angeles voters might not know it, but saving the country from the run of crime that’s ruining their neighborhoods is in their hands. If they do their jobs, they will send a message to the voters elsewhere who are enduring the Soros district attorneys’ social experiments: Throw the bums out.”

San Francisco restaurant that ordered cops out is poster child for the local wokester idiocy. Monica Showalter’

Our Under-Incarceration Problem, Beverly Hills Edition. Paul Mirengoff — “wealthy liberals in places like Pacific Heights, Pebble Beach, Rancho Santa Fe, and Beverly Hills are no longer safe in their mansions, even with private security. The Avants had private security, and guards were present when Maynor killed Jacqueline.”

Misremembering Pearl Harbor. Victor Davis Hanson — “The tactically brilliant but strategically crazy attack on Pearl Harbor unleashed incalculable furor against a once sophisticated Japanese empire, which foolishly attacked the United States at peace.”

Holy Koolaid Ruins Christmas. Erik Manning – “In his video 12 Contradictions in the Bible, Holy Kool-Aid includes the standard list of complaints against the Christmas narratives. Leave it to the skeptics to try and stuff a lump of coal in the stockings of Christians every year.”

Thomas Massie’s Gun-Filled Christmas Photo Brings out the Left’s Biblical Scholars Who Clearly Know Nothing About Christ. Brandon Morse

Spot the anti-Americans… Jack Hellner — “I can’t think of anything less American than being dependent on foreign enemies for oil … less American than killing black and brown babies at a rate much higher than their rate in the population. … leaving Americans to die in Benghazi and Afghanistan … lockdowns, mandates, and moving toward socialism … nominating someone who believes that all bank accounts should be federalized … ”

Let’s Build a National White Trash Museum. Not. Christopher Chantrill — “I don’t know about you, but an America featuring dueling victim museums on the Washington Mall is not the America that I love. Not at all.”

A President Betrayed by Bureaucrats: Scott Atlas’s Masterpiece on the COVID Disaster. Jeffrey A. Tucker — “Atlas’s book has exposed a scandal for the ages. It is enormously valuable because it fully blows up what seems to be an emerging fake story involving a supposedly Covid-denying president who did nothing vs. heroic scientists in the White House who urged compulsory mitigating measures consistent with prevailing scientific opinion. Not one word of that is true.”

On The Eastman Subpoena.  Scott Johnson — “A rule that allows Congress unfettered access to the emails, text messages, and geolocation information of protest organizers will serve none of us well in the long run. [Elizabeth Goitein]”

 GOP’s Fortenberry Targeted In Yet Another Questionable And Politicized Case From Troubled Department Of Justice. Mollie Hemingway — “No major reforms have taken place at the Department of Justice or FBI even as its politicized bungling of prosecutions and investigations has made major news.” … “The extent of the corruption is shocking,” Stevens’ attorney Brendan Sullivan said at the time. “It’s the worst misconduct we’ve seen in a generation by prosecutors at the Department of Justice.”

Former D.C. National Guard official says generals lied to Congress about Jan. 6. Sophie Mann — “Col. Earl Matthews calls military leaders “absolute liars” over their accounts of riot.”

“I Think We Have To Move On” John Hinderaker — “During the 2020 campaign, Jen Psaki tried to sell the ridiculous claim that Hunter Biden’s laptop was “Russian disinformation,” while Hunter himself never denied the authenticity of the laptop or the materials it contained. It helps when you control a once free and diverse press.”

The Gateway Pundit and American Gulag Donate $40,000 to Persecuted Jan. 6 Families This Christmas. Jim Hoft — “In September The Gateway Pundit announced the launch of, an informational site about the more than six hundred and thirty (630) people Joe Biden continues to imprison and persecute, largely for entering a public building on January 6, 2021. ”

America’s ‘Racial Justice’ Profiteer: Benjamin Crump. Frank Bergman — “Today our behavior, our mindset, and our people are the greatest draw for immigrants from all over the planet. Shamefully, racial justice profiteers in our midst threaten the very justice, truth, and healing that America represents.”

The End Of The Apartheid Alibi. Glen Reynolds — “You’d think that Zimbabwe would have been a cautionary example for South Africa, but it seems to have been more of a how-to guide. And hey, the political insiders got rich.”

The Problem Is The Ideology: Progressive Dreams Lead To Chaos. Ron Nutter — “Loury quotes Steele to the effect that “the problem before [blacks in America] now is not a problem of oppression. It is a problem of freedom. It is a problem of seizing opportunity, the problem of taking responsibility.” … “What is needed today is an appreciation for common sense, for our common history, and a recognition of the tried-and-true experiences of citizens that have been reified in institutions that have, for centuries, done well by us.”

Court on a Hot Tin Roof: Airing Out “the Stench” from the Oral Argument Over Abortion. J. Turley — “In Wednesday’s Supreme Court oral argument in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, Justice Sonya Sotomayor got a whiff of something she did not like.” … “But Roe should stand or fall on constitutional merits — not on feigned outrage over changing constitutional precedent.”

Demonizing Kyle Rittenhouse. Janet Levy — “The Left is trying to build a new, extrajudicial narrative around Rittenhouse’s acquittal” … “Absent in such depictions is any concession to the idea of safe, responsible gun ownership, and of communities where young people grow up around firearms, learning to hunt, engaging in target practice, and imbibing values of good citizenship and patriotism.” 

Boys Replacing Girls in Sports – Feminists Yawn. Brian C. Joondeph — “If biologic men can compete as women, it makes women’s sports irrelevant. Why bother with the pretense anymore, just make it a free-for-all, where anyone can compete with anyone, regardless of biologic sex, weight class, or any other physical parameter than confers advantage to some. All in the name of equity.”

a brief reminder: health agencies were not always deranged. el gato malo — “a trip down memory lane” … “this has NOT been “following the science” is has been the abrogation of a century of evidence based epidemiology and social mores in order to take a devastating and self-serving joy ride with the world’s populace like it was some sort of video game.”

Unlike pagans of old, today’s climate activists will kill crop yields. Jerold Levoritz — “Long ago, elites in various cultures sacrificed fellow citizens, including children, to their presumed gods to improve crop outcomes for the next growing season.  Woke anthropologists might call these the first documented examples of cancel culture.”

Dr. Ben Carson nails it on the suppression of existing therapies for COVID: ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine. Thomas Lifson — “The medical establishment and the panic merchants in government, the media, and the tech sector, including social media, refuse to acknowledge the remedies at hand and instead push universal vaccination and expensive patented therapies.”

Somebody shouldn’t have trusted the science. Ace of Spades on the latest academic journal hoax.


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How they do it.

What Are They Teaching Our Children? John Hinderaker — “Many people are reluctant to believe that the public schools could possibly be as bad as they are being portrayed.” … “How much worse will they become if liberals get their way? Can it possibly be true that liberals want to turn our schools into cesspits of racism and anti-Americanism? Yes, it is all too true.” … “The Left’s poisonous hostility toward the United States is the dominant feature of these proposed standards, and is the essence–the whole point–of Critical Race Theory. And don’t assume that initiatives like these are occurring only in liberal states.”

Ninth Circuit Ignored the Heller Ruling In Order to Uphold California’s ‘High Capacity’ Magazine Ban. TTAG Contributor — “The Ninth Circuit ignores historical context, and cherry-picks language and clings to alternatives to “allow” gun owners to possess restricted magazines and continues to use an interest-weighing test rejected by the U.S. Supreme Court in District of Columbia v. Heller.” … “Aside from the egregiously wrong notion that the government “allows” rights to be exercised, Heller clearly rules out alternative choices as an option.”

That cuts to the heart of what California and their gun control allies are doing. This isn’t just about restricting magazines. This is another attempt to erase Second Amendment rights, first by relegating them to second-rate status, then eliminating them altogether.

Nothing is Anybody’s Fault. Clarice Feldman — “Media Blame Shifting … District Attorney Blame Shifting … Celebrity Blame Shifting … Political Candidate Blames Clear Record … Retail Theft Rings … You could also hold accountable California voters”

Contemporary West’s far left “religions” are as dumb and devastating as radical Islam. Lubos Motl — “the rational, balanced judgement is ultimately the primary cause that gives rise to the potential to create wealth and happiness; it is more fundamental than the wealth and happiness themselves.”

The amount of absolute insanity that is taking place – and that is clearly devouring tons of people around us – is so high that I increasingly insert whole days when I mostly isolate myself not only from the news on the Internet and in the “media” but also from all people who seem likely to be hopelessly brainwashed morons. I just really physically suffer when I am exposed to the human stupidity and its concentration in our environment is just unbelievable these days.” … 

We are fighting against all these braindead self-radicalized mammals who, at the end of 2021, still haven’t noticed that pretty much everything served at the CNN, MSNBC, WaPo… are shameless lies and propaganda designed to ruin the whole Western society while making a bunch of lying criminals richer and more powerful. Even more seriously, dozens of percent of the rank-and-file brainwashed loons are actively “improving” all these radicalizing CNN-style lies and they make them even more insane and more harmful because they have been programmed to behave in this way. This is really a transformation on par with the Islamic fundamentalist takeover of the West and before it is really too late, we must appreciate that the outcome of such a destruction of the West would be far graver than the unfortunate neutralization of a few thousand hinged untruthful fanatics which probably has to take place now.

No, Ron DeSantis is not creating a private army to take over America. Andrea Widburg — “Governor Ron DeSantis proposed reinstating Florida’s State Guard — and the entire leftist establishment went mad.  … If sanity were abroad in America, most people would sagely nod and say, “Well, that sounds like a fine, sensible idea, perfectly in keeping with American pattern and practice over the centuries.”  But sanity has left these shores, and leftists, many of whom should be assumed to know better, promptly announced that DeSantis was setting up a private army to take over America”

A Serious Look at the Moronic Variant. Kevin Roche — “aside from my base of skepticism to everything until good data and research is produced, there is nothing in the early data that tells me we should be unduly worried.  I know the CV-19 terrorists will be disappointed. … Which brings up the real issue with how this epidemic has been tracked and responded to–the excessive use and inadequacies of PCR testing.” … “We will never get out of this terrible cycle of futile and damaging responses to the epidemic as long as we keep this idiotic testing regime going.”

Researchers shoot holes in study touted for confirming ‘masks work’ in curbing COVID. Greg Piper — “Study of 342,000 adults finds masks effective against COVID based on 20 infections.”

Vinyl Sales Now Higher Than at Any Time Since 1988. Mike Johnson — “Twelve-inch LPs (LP stands for for long-playing)—introduced in 1948, stereophonic from 1957—were eclipsed by cassette tapes in 1982, and then by CDs in 1987. CDs went on to outsell cassette tapes in 1991, and by 2002 held a dominant 95.7% share of the market. Vinyl records, which had at least two-thirds of the market until 1980, fell to a nadir of just .02% in 2005, and to all appearances were well on the way out.  … Now, at the end of 2021, vinyl sales have beaten CDs for two years running, currently representing 6.6% of all music sales—the highest level since 1988.”

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So much on the plate: abortion, election integrity, social panic, totaliarian impulses

Heavy Lifting:

A lesson to be heeded from the totalitarian past. Augusto Zimmermann — “It is increasingly clear the principle of legality is no longer regarded as important by some elements of the judicial elite, at least insofar as governments can allege the ’emergencies’ they declare justify the enactment of measures that profoundly affect our fundamental rights and freedoms. There is an unsettling precedent for the law’s endorsement of the unacceptable.”

Because the rule of law stands in frontal opposition to executive orders which express the temporary will of the government, democratic governments are necessarily bound to exercise their power according to clear, stable, and general rules of law, which must therefore be approved by the elected representatives in Parliament and receive proper public scrutiny. … 

THE PRINCIPAL force in the judicial legitimisation of the regime were not the Nazi ‘judge-monsters’, the likes of Freisler, Rothaug and Theirack, but instead the so-called ‘good’ judges who did not have enough courage to question the Nazi atrocities and gross violations of human rights.[47] By not questioning the validity of Nazi rules these judges provided the façade of legal normality to the totalitarian regime. … 

To conclude, the contributions of the German legal profession were of inestimable value in the legitimisation of the Nazi regime. The German legal profession provided justification for the murderous actions of that regime, which otherwise would have been recognised as unlawful and devoid of constitutionality. Above all, the German legal profession supported the use of emergency powers that facilitated the ultimate denial of ethics and metaphysics in conceptualisations of the law, which eventually resulted in a lack of legal basis for lawful resistance against that totalitarian regime.

Roe And Casey Were Grievously Wrong And Should Be Overruled – Cooper Et Al. == “The Supreme Court of the United States has done much over the course of American history to protect and secure our constitutional system of government, but it has been far from infallible. This Article is about two of its worst mistakes.”

Here Comes the Limited Hangout. Lee Smith — “America’s Nixonian press corps takes a page from the Watergate playbook to try and cover up its active role in the criminal Russiagate hoax” … “with Trump now safely out of office, it appears that the cover-up is now cracking wide open.” … “A comparison of the media’s role in the two biggest political scandals of the past half-century is worth the time of anyone who cares about what the next decade or so of American public life is going to look and sound like.”

Abortion emotion and other cases:

Sotomayor’s intellectual limitations on display in the oral arguments over Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health. Patricia McCarthy — “She revealed a lot about her own mindset when she referred to pregnancy and perhaps parenthood as an “undue burden.” She clearly has no clue about “viability;” … compared a fetus to a “brain-dead person whose foot jerks when tapped,” … asked, “What are the advancements in medicine?” … “What is shocking is that those lefty justices and the attorneys pleading their case are so ignorant of the advances in medical science and technology that disprove every argument they present.”

Georgia Governor Validates Rossi Findings: Discredits Hand-Count “Audit”. Kevin Moncla — “We spoke with Mr. Rossi, who told us of how he found the issues and the arduous process which eventually led the Georgia governor to review his findings.” … “Sterling excused most of the problems raised as nothing more than expected trivial human error. He went on to discount the others in condescending, intentionally over-complex excuses of Georgia law, claimed Mr. Rossi was not using the correct files and alluded to his failure to understand the process.”

Will the Public Finally See What Happened in the Capitol Tunnel? Julie Kelly — “When Americans finally view the surveillance footage, January 6 will make alleged police abuse at LaFayette Square look like a day in the (federal) park.”

Nevada Judge Gets Something Right: Strikes Down Nevada Ban On Homemade Guns. Herschel Smith — “I am not making a comment on this particular judge – it just seems that they get so many decisions very wrong, and it’s nice to see someone get it right.” … “Never give up, never get disheartened, always fight the controllers at every step.  Counter their every move, all of the time.”

The Counterrevolution and the Republican Party. Jared Peterson — “Here’s an incomplete list of the reality-averse ideas and suicidal policies that America’s ruling revolutionaries have promulgated and pursued since January 20, 2021” … “It can’t be said strongly or often enough, that the destructive madness now passing as federal ideology and policy amounts to an unprecedented revolution more profoundly radical than any other in human history. It includes a redefinition of human nature and the human family; mandatory confession of evil and racism by a nation’s founding and still majority people; rejection of that country’s founding values of individual liberty and the rule of law; and replacement of merit and character with group identity as the primary basis of social reward.”

Flash Mobs’. James Dillon — “The facile assembly of large mobs of miscreants to raid retailers in San Francisco, Oakland, and Los Angeles is even more alarming than it seems.” … “We need to be shocked by a generation’s bold descent into anomy. When absence of conscience becomes commonplace, when sociopaths loiter around every corner and patrol every sidewalk, and when the fruits of a liberal society fall largely to those who least appreciate the origins and purposes of our freedoms, then promises of life, liberty, and happiness for all are in jeopardy, and democracy itself is at stake.”

Science Blah-Blah Horseshit is the Universal Language of Covid. Jeff Maurer — “And it’s why we need to be able to trust institutions” … “Institutions make mistakes; that’s inevitable. But trust waxes and wanes depending on the frequency and size of those mistakes.”

Aussies Gone Mad.  John Hinderaker — “I used to think that Australians are a freedom-loving people, but that has turned out not to be true. Crocodile Dundee is dead; Pajama Boy now rules.” … “UPDATE: This is an interview with a young woman who has just been released from the Howard Springs covid camp. There is much more at the link:”

How Much Longer for COVID Scare Tactics? Steve Feinstein — “So, here we are again: A new COVID variant has appeared on the world stage” … “With Pavlovian predictability, the Democrats have shifted into an even higher “Vaccinate Now!” overdrive gear. This new strain is being used as the latest club with which to pummel recalcitrant vaccine resisters into shame and submission.” … “it seems like a lot of people aren’t going to sit idly by while their daily rights are wrested away from them. Enough is enough. If the 2022 midterms are reasonably honest and trustworthy, we’ll find out soon.”


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Bifurcating society

Third Worldizing America. Victor Davis Hanson — “Our elites, like the Third World rich, have mastered ignoring—and navigating around—the misery of others in their midst.”

AMA bringing dangerous levels of wokeness into the medical profession. Jazz Shaw — “They want to do away with “meritocracy” in admissions, claiming that having the schools accept only the best-performing students is “malignant” and “creates harm.” Perhaps even more alarmingly, they want to stress that associating race with genetics in the practice of medicine is equally evil. The result this could have on the quality and medical knowledge of the next generation of doctors and the impact on patients who receive flawed diagnoses is truly alarming. (Free Beacon)”

How the Courts and Bureaucracy Destroy the Constitution. Patrick J. Gibbs — “It has been building up to this point for the past 250 years. The U.S. Constitution was originally designed to divide the powers of the federal government among its three different branches (Congress, Executive, and Judiciary). The 10th Amendment to the Constitution went further and reserved to the States respectively, or to the people “the powers not delegated to the United States.” This separation of powers was intended to prevent a consolidation of power that would inevitably lead to the end of representative government.”

If we don’t stop the monster, it threatens to eat our Constitution and spit out a form of government unrecognizable to our Founders.

Refugees from Communist Countries Are The Canaries In The Coal Mine. Armando Simón — “All the signs are there. Put it all together, add 2+2, and you come out with 4—regardless of what American leftists now claim, like Obrien in 1984. Yet, I know of quite a few people who want to believe that the warnings are an exaggeration, alarmist (even when the enemy openly proclaim a Communist future), or who fervently wish that it would simply go away, who doggedly stick their heads in the sand, who want nothing more than to lead a quiet life. “As long as it doesn’t affect me” “Yes, I’m worried, but it’s going to be all right” are excuses that I have heard. They have no desire to learn more, to get involved, and even less to fight for their country. When it’s too late, they will be picked off, one by one.”

Biden legal defeats rapidly piling up across the nation on broad array of policy fronts. Aaron Kliegman — “On issues ranging from vaccine mandates to immigration policy and racial preferences, federal courts across the country have repeatedly found the Biden administration to be pushing policies which violate the Constitution.”

Federal Judge Expands Healthcare Worker Vaccine Mandate Injunction to Apply Nationally. Sundance — “with these rulings piling up against the White House; and with more and more Americans ignoring the fear porn being attempted with Omicron; we can expect the executive branch to go even stronger in the direction of more punitive punishment using federal mandates.”

Corrupt Politicians Overseeing Jan 6 Committee Are Afraid of the Truth – Bannon’s Subpoenas Scare Them to Death. Joe Hoft — “Americans deserve to know what actions Congress took before, during, and after the January 6th protest at the Capitol.” … “And why are Congress and the DOJ withholding information from those they prosecute who have every right to this information?”

DOJ Prosecutors Using Grand Jury to Subpoena Financial Records of 2020 Election Audit Groups. Sundance — “Remember, when the political agencies under the umbrella of the Fourth Branch of Government (CIA, FBI and DOJ) use their aligned media they follow a particular pattern of using New York Times, Politico and the Washington Post to build the framework of their investigative narratives.” … “The Fourth Branch of Government will activate against any individual, entity or group who is perceived as a threat.”

Smashing and Grabbing Blue America into Ruin. J. Robert Smith — “Zealots can’t be reasoned or compromised with; they aren’t open to either, anyway.  They won’t stop unless they’re defeated and pushed to the margins.  If progressive zealotry prevails, and progressives succeed at imposing their worldview on us, the consequences will be similar to what’s happening in dreary San Francisco and Chicago.  Main streets in our communities will become mean streets.  Americans of good sense and goodwill can’t permit that to happen.”

The Looting Will Stop When Store Owners Can Shoot On Sight. Parker Beauregard — “At once ascribing poverty, immoral historical legacies, and contemporary systemic racism, we are supposed to believe that what is happening is actually a form of justice. - Nothing could be further from the truth.” … “It should be as simple as saying that stealing is wrong. If it is not yours, don’t take it. If you want something, earn it. ”

Kamala Harris To DOJ: Hands Off Black Supremacists. Paul Mirengoff — “Leftists like Kamala Harris want us to believe that white supremacism is a major threat to America. What about black supremacism? To Harris and the left, it’s a myth, and worrying about it is racist.”

The Myth of White Supremacy Is Getting People Killed, But the Media Isn’t Telling You About It. Kevin Downey Jr. — “The left-wing media will continue to cry wolf over white nationalist boogeymen. Joy Reid, a black woman who went to Harvard and makes millions of dollars at MSNBC, will bang that drum all the way to the bank. Racism sells, even when it doesn’t exist (Psssst Jussie Smollett). And if 62 white people get run over in the process, who cares? Reid will just ignore it, and if pressed, she might justify it by recommending white people read one of the ten or so books about Emmett Till. Is “racial revenge” her goal?”

How Culture Got to the Point Where Saturday Night Live is Promoting Abortion in a Clown Outfit. Natasha Crain — “I break down the psychological process of moral buy-in that secular culture must go through to gain acceptance of a changed moral position: awareness, normalization, then celebration.” … “Christians, don’t be surprised. Secular culture will undoubtedly continue to “clown around” with evil. It’s actually quite predictable. - It’s the modus operandi for suppressing truth in unrighteousness.”

10 Things You Need to Know About Today’s Oral Arguments in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization. Chris Queen — “Oral arguments wrapped at lunchtime, but there’s so much that happened. It’s hard sometimes for laypeople to wade through the legalese, but I’ve done the hard work for you, dear reader. Here are 10 things you need to know about today’s oral arguments in Dobbs.”

Justice Kavanaugh Just Boiled the Abortion Debate Down to Its Most Fundamental Core. Larry O’ConnorLarry O’Connor| — “When deciding between the interests of a pregnant woman and the interests of an unborn child, “You can’t accommodate both interests. You have to pick.”

So You Say You Want a Revolution? Sen. Jeanne Shaheen Issues a Warning to the Supreme Court. J. Turley — “these threats are an attack on the very concept of impartial judicial review.  “When you talk about destruction” of our traditions of judicial review, as the Beatles declared in 1968, “you can count me out.”

The COVID con is the ’76 swine flu fiasco on steroids. Selwyn Duke — “I came across a 1979 60 Minutes segment on the propaganda surrounding the 1976 swine flu scare.  … watching the segment drives home how striking the parallels between the two disease scares are.  Exaggerations of the bugs’ severity, media propaganda and fear-mongering, an effort to vaccinate the whole nation, serious vaccine-coincident side-effects, and an apparent government cover-up of the latter were all elements of the ’76 fiasco just as they epitomize what’s occurring today.”

The COVID Vaccine Failure. Jamaica Plain — “The CDC narrative on COVID is simply put: (1) the mask is your best defense, (2) COVID is a pandemic of the unvaccinated, and (3) vaccines are our only exit strategy. However, whenever their narrative falls apart, the emphasis shifts, cover-up lies become bolder, and dissenting science is censored.” … “As Americans, we can either be subject to medical political tyranny or stand for freedoms derived by our God-sanctioned morality. We need to decide whether to fight for our country founded as “a city on a hill” by the courageous who love freedom. Our alternative is a biosecurity state that promises us safety, tells only noble truths, and censors all dissenters. Now is the time to decide: a house divided cannot stand.”


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