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It’s ugly out there

On The Use Of Fear As A Government Tactic. Mark Wauck — “Perhaps a public debate on governmental lying and manipulation through the purveying of fear is about to begin. God willing, it will.”

Sentencing Of Jan. 6 “Shaman” Jacob Chansley Was Excessive. Ameer Benno — “At sentencing, Judge Lamberth reportedly said of Chansley, “He made himself the image of the riot, didn’t he? For good or bad, he made himself the very image of this whole event.” But media coverage should have had nothing to do with the sentencing.” … “It’s apparent that Biden’s DOJ viewed Chansley as the personification of Jan. 6 itself.  That’s why, instead of recommending a sentence that actually fit the evidence, Chansley’s prosecutors urged that the court adopt baseless sentencing enhancements.” … “Lamberth shamefully allowed media coverage, rather than the facts of the case and the applicable law, to shape his rulings regarding Chansley’s pretrial detention and sentence.”

Yes, you’re right: The Department of Justice has a double-standard. Andrea Widburg — “The surest sign that you’re living in a corrupt country is that people are not treated equally under the law.  Those who are politically disfavored are denied justice, while those whom the government favors walk away from their crimes.”

Stirring the Pot – The Salvation Army Is Bearing False Witness in Failed Spin Effort. Brad Slager — “So just how are those outside the SA making the claims being called wrong when the Salvation Army delivered documents making those very claims? This seems to be the tactic from the group regarding this controversy: insist that critics are not telling the truth, and scrub the evidence proving them correct if possible. Violating the Ninth Commandment in order to clear your image is not a good look going into the holiest of seasons.”

Was Kyle Rittenhouse Foolish? David Henderson — “What came out at the trial was that Rittenhouse really did go to Kenosha, Wisconsin to defend people’s property after seeing rioters inflict substantial damage on various businesses. His father lived in Kenosha. He had a job in Kenosha. Presumably he knew a number of people in Kenosha whom he cared about. I’ve thought about other young people who have put themselves in situations where their lives are at risk in order to defend people whom, and property which,  they care about.” There is interesting behavior to note by the cynics launch in the comments with nitpicking, selective perception, warping the meanings of words, and denial of reality.

Cruz Drops the Question That Just Skewers Fauci. Nick Arama — ““It’s astounding and alarming that a public health bureaucrat would even think to claim such a thing, especially one who has worked so hard to ignore the science of natural immunity,” Paul tweeted. Indeed, it’s dangerous when you have a bureaucrat in such a position, wielding such power, thinking he is unquestionable. – Then, Cruz responded and completely took Fauci apart. In lawyer-like fashion, Cruz eviscerated Fauci in a simple clear way in five tweets.”

Resisting COVID Tyranny. Richard Moss — “History will judge this to be medicine’s darkest hour. It will rank among the worst of medical atrocities.  What is telling and tragic is that the rot has spread not only to its medicine’s commanding institutions, but to local hospitals and medical staffs.  But a Medical Freedom movement that rejects such tyranny and actual “misinformation” is forming.”

Those Ugly Climate Models. I & I Editorial Board — “The narrative that man is cooking his planet like an overdone Thanksgiving turkey has survived only because the media have propped it up. But we’re confident that eventually the story will collapse. The evidence does not favor the climate alarmists.” … “Reality will ultimately catch up to the climate hyperbole. And soon, we hope. The media and the politicians and activists whipping up and perpetuating fear are in line for a reckoning.”



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Wading through the swamp. The dangerous critters are those who claim to be the guides.

Sorry, but Hunter Biden’s profiteering matters — even if the rest of the press ignore it. Post Editorial Board — “The Biden files have been confirmed and substantiated eight ways to Sunday. Reporters just don’t want to hear it.” … “The media are out of excuses.”

The Biden family business: Corruption Inc. Mark Powell — “Miranda Devine’s newly released ‘Laptop from Hell’ is a magisterial recounting of Hunter Biden’s misadventures, corruption and the astonishing extent to which he has traded on his father’s influence. Not, mind you, that the current US President is any better when it comes lies and self-interest. The fruit, as they say, seldom falls far from the tree”

“At any other moment in modern history, the laptop’s contents would have been the journalistic scoop that defines a journalist’s career. But such is the world we live in that, even with the publication of this book, much of the world’s media will ignore both its contents and the reek of corruption at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. … 

In this post-truth, media-manipulated world we can be confident President Biden will continue to receive a free pass. For the press to dig into the laptop’s contents, to follow the links and expose the connections would be a tacit confirmation that Donald Trump was right. The Left-colonised newsrooms of the world could never, will never, allow that. Apart from anything else it would lay bare their own corruption But as a verse from the wisdom literature of the Bible rightly says, “The man of integrity walks securely, but he who takes crooked paths will be found out” (Proverbs 10:9). Whether that’s in Joe Biden’s current existence or the next one  remains to be seen.

Sunday Talks, Adam Schiff Outlines the Democrat 2022 Strategy Using the J6 Committee – Prediction Tripwires. Sundance  — “The DC system is predictable in how they weaponize their branches against the electorate.”

The motives are obvious: (1) tamp down any election integrity measures; (2) demoralize the MAGA or spirited America-First base of opposition against Democrats; (3) put the Republican Party on the defensive; (4) take attention away from the economic mess caused by the current administration; and (5) provide political turmoil in the ranks of their opposition.

Meet the Technology That’s Uncovering 2020’s Voter Fraud. Jay Valentine — “The search for phantom voters is over.  Phantom voters are sitting next to you at the restaurant or standing next to you at the bank.  They are your friend and neighbor.  You may be a phantom and not know it.” … “These canvassing organizations are the Minutemen of this generation.  They come from every background, organize with no central leadership.  They blindly figured out how phantom voting was happening, and they are forcing states to audit their voter rolls.”

A Tale of Two Cities: Kenosha vs. Waukesha. Victor Davis Hanson — “The media’s blatant lies amount to racial arson.”

Rittenhouse should have never been charged; Brooks should not have been out of jail. The effort to make the former a beneficiary of white supremacy and the latter a victim of it required a level of amoral media deceit that finally was unsustainable even in this bankrupt age.

Undermining democracy with chaos. Abraham H. Miller — “America will not fall to an external enemy, but to internal subversion that will collapse the body politic.” … “the threat is from those who cheer this ideology on, our friends and neighbors who think that wokeness enhances their status as sophisticates, not realizing that in the scheme of chaos they are the next victims.”

Fauci Admits It: Trump Was Right About ‘Living With’ COVID. I & I Editorial Board — “So, it’s up to the public to take Trump’s (and now Fauci’s) admission to heart. COVID isn’t ever going away. We can cower in the basement, dutifully comply with ridiculous mask requirements and intrusive vaccine mandates, and submit to pointless shutdowns. – Or we can do what Trump advised way back when. Act like adults, use common sense, and learn to live with COVID.”

Media’s false fearmongering about Michigan. Igor Chudov — “How-to debunk scarecrow articles and why the VAXXED should be in fear”


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Getting the axe

Antifa Member Who Took Axe to Senate Office Given Probation and his Axe Back. J. Turley — “Starks was supported by a GoFundMe account for his defense costs despite the company barring people from contributing to defendants like Kyle Rittenhouse until after he was acquitted. He was also supported by Democratic politicians.”

The Hate That Dare Not Speak Its Name. Daniel Greenfield — “It’s time to tell the truth about the black racism, crime and terror that came to Waukesha.” … “There’s Nothing More Frightening in America Today than an Angry White Man,” a CNN op-ed headline blared after the Rittenhouse verdict. And then Darrell Brooks, a black racist, career criminal, and convicted sex offender with two open felony cases, intentionally drove into the Waukesha Christmas Parade, leaving bloody children strewn like crumpled flowers.” … “But black racists always get a pass by a media that’s happy to enable their racism. While white racism is denounced as disgraceful, black racism is embraced as revolutionary.” … “The combination of black racism and leftist support for black criminals led to the parade horror.”

House Democrats’ retributions and acting like an adult in Congress.  — “It’s time to get serious or get gone” … “this is the third time in the last 10 months that the Democrats have decided who will represent Republicans on committees. That is a bad precedent.”

A Shortage Of Gratitude From The Turkey-Cons On Thanksgiving. I & I Editorial Board — “But even some of the furthest-left Democrats in Congress, like Sen. Elizabeth Warren, have bemoaned the treatment of those charged for storming the Capitol, some of whom were both held without bond and placed in long-term solitary confinement, questionable treatment that “Patriot Purge” highlights. Meanwhile there are scores of examples of violent criminals around the country who are freed, with little or no bond, to hurt or kill more victims, as we just saw in Waukesha, Wisconsin.”

The Tragedy of the Climate Wars. Mike Hulm — “The tragedy, however, of Mann and people who think like him is that they view arguments about these questions through a Manichean lens: the source of all opposition to the “correct” view—Mann’s view—of what should be done about climate change is traced back to an orchestrated evil empire. The basic doctrine of Manicheanism is that of a structural conflict between good and evil.” … “The art of politics is not to get everyone to agree with you, but rather to find allies with whom you can find joint ways forward, even if sometimes compromised. Consistently demonizing those who think differently than you makes it harder, if not impossible, to forge alliances.”

Natural Law Liberalism—An Ideology for the Republican Party. Andrew Oleksiw — “Unless Republicans anchor their political value system in the absolute truth of inalienable individual rights granted by God the Creator, the Left will eventually win.” … “The erosion of the Judeo-Christian value system among substantial portions of secular Republican leaders has destroyed the glue that once subconsciously held the party together and has now left the party without a truly comprehensive value and belief system. ”

How The Left Wins. Mark Wauck — “We’ve all heard the line about winning the “hearts and minds” of the population being the key to winning a war. Over the past several generations the Left has been busy doing exactly that.”


Fire the Four Stars. The Washington Examiner — “The Army officer had an impressive career up until his current job.” … “The leadership failures abound.” … “The nation is blessed with the finest warriors on Earth. But it’s obvious that their top leaders are, all too often, second-rate. Congress and the White House should demand better. Where they don’t get it, they should impose it.”

Suffer the little children to come unto woke. Tim Blair — “If ever you learn your children are being subjected to the offensive inanities foisted on innocent kids by the ABC’s ‘The School That Tried to End Racism’, make it your parental duty to stress that visiting race hucksters aren’t teachers, deserve politeness but not respect and, most of all, that they make wonderful targets for irreverent sarcasm. Get to it, young ‘uns!”

Explosive Interview, UK Cardiologist Highlights Link Between mRNA Vaccines and Heart Disease, While Noting Researchers Withholding Data Fearful of Losing Funding. Sundance — “The PULS Cardiac Test measures multiple protein biomarkers and uses the results to calculate a 5-year risk score for new ACS.  From pre-Covid injection to post-Covid injection, the 5-year ACS PULS risk score increased from 11% to 25%.”


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Perceptions, personal reality, and mental state in dissonance is dangerous

Erasing the Waukesha Massacre in real time. Don Surber — “Debra Messing is displeased with the media downplaying the tragedy. Perhaps this will open her eyes to all the media lies. Perhaps not.”

The Smug Party. Patricia McCarthy — “Moral superiority is their claim to fame.  Confidence in their ability is their currency. Complacency is their fatal flaw.”

Darrell Brooks did not murder those people, his SUV did.  Inflation and the hike in gas prices are not Biden’s fault.  Just ask Jen Psaki who, like AOC, never seems to have taken an Econ 101 class.  Who needs actual knowledge when, even if ignorant, you are confident, complacent, and smug?  Glenn Reynolds sagely asked “What’s wrong with “the new elite?”  forget cultural insularity or smugness.  The main problem with the “new elite” is that they’re not elite at all. That is, they aren’t particularly smart, or competent.”  That pretty much says it all about the people running the country right now.   The people pulling America’s strings are smug, inept, and very, very dangerous to us all.

South Park commented on the smugness of liberals 7 years ago

The Salvation Army Declares Themselves To Be Utterly Irrelevant. Herschel Smith — “Most of the American Church is already utterly irrelevant, having declared that they no longer believe in the infallibility of Scripture, the Deity of Christ, the Trinity, the substitutionary atonement, and other necessary doctrines to be considered relevant and orthodox.  After defenestrating doctrine, they picked up parity in income as their raison d’être.  In other words, they adopted full orbed Marxism.” And then consider what is going on in the redo of the French Cathedral,, 

Distinctions Are Necessary to a Useful Transgender Discussion. Anthony Matoria — “what appear to be extremes of views are not in fact incompatible, and are simply the distortions that result from flawed premises.” … “The current discussion of transgender issues is dysfunctional and destructive.  Emotion-laden language is substituted for reasoned debate.  The result is that the debate consists mostly of name-calling, doxxing, Twitter-rage, and deplatforming.  This is not healthy for society regarding any issue of social importance.”

Computer Science was always supposed to be taught to everyone, and it wasn’t about getting a job: A historical perspective. There is training and then there is education. This post is a bit of history and a lament that training dominates when it comes to computers.

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The Wrong Takeaway

Losing Confidence in the Pillars of Our Civilization. Victor Davis Hanson — “Never in U.S. history … ” — “Conservatives now have lost their former traditional confidence in the administration of justice, in the intelligence and investigatory agencies, in the nation’s military leadership, in the media, and the criminal justice system. - No one yet knows what the effect will be of half the country losing faith in the very pillars of American civilization.”

The Academic Cover-Up of Massacre Map Defects.Michael Connor — “The problem with the Massacre Map, as with the Dark Emu hoax, is how to correct errors and distortions when those who should be expected to police these things and defend truth in history support the distorters. Instead, as I have learnt, the academics’ solution to plagiarism, inaccuracy and invention is yet more plagiarism, inaccuracy and invention”

Thanksgiving: a Day of Indigenous Mourning for American land? Walter Olson — “as I wrote in 2011 in the ‘Schools for Misrule’ chapter on Indian land claims, the historical premise that Indian land in the U.S. was by and large stolen by the white man is false”

A Requiem For The Dancing Grannies. Jayme Metzgar — “If heaven is more real than earth, joy is more realistic than despair.” … “I waited a day before forcing myself to read about the dreadful slaughter at a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin. When I finally did, I learned that the dead were mostly members and supporters of this troupe of grandmothers, who dance at parades and events for the delight of their neighbors.”

Massacre of the Innocents. Ace of Spades – 

Yes, the death toll from what is absolutely a bona fide terrorist attack, and most likely spurred on by the acquittal of American hero (reluctant as he may consider himself, but oh hell yes) Kyle Rittenhouse, has risen to six with the death of an 8-year-old boy named Jackson Sparks. To be clear, Jackson did not pass counterfeit bills at a convenience store, nor tried to swallow half a kilo of crystal meth before the cops could search his vehicle. Nor was he high on purple drank while pounding someone’s head into the pavement. Nor was he a drug dealer’s gun moll caught in the crossfire of a police raid. Nor did he bullrush a police officer after punching him in the face and trying to wrestle his gun away to avoid arrest. Nor was he a pedophile or domestic abuser with a rap sheet the size of a phone book. No. Jackson Sparks was guilty of one thing and one thing only: being white. In topsy-turvy, Orwellian Ape City, that is a capital offense. Say his name, you bastards. Say his name.

The Media’s Chickens Come Home to Roost in Wisconsin. Matt Keener — “Lies about Blake or that incident get repeated to this day” … “There are consequences for incessantly demonizing people or teaching others they have a right to hate or to riot”

The child is dancing—bopping around in front of her family to the tune of the marching band passing behind her, as the pompom on her Winter stocking cap bounces right along with her, blissfully unaware that she narrowly avoided death or serious injury until after Darrell Brooks has already sped past her in his red Ford Escape towards other parade attendees and participants.

Kenosha Prosecutors Exemplify the Problem with America’s Justice System. Conrad Black — “The Rittenhouse case avoided the curse of the American justice system; it certainly did not exonerate or vindicate it.” … “Writing as someone who is unfortunately very familiar with it, the American criminal justice system is an abomination: a mockery of impartial justice and a conveyor belt to the bloated and corrupt prison system in which millions of innocent or grossly over-sentenced Americans are ground to powder every generation.”

What Can We Conclude From The Rittenhouse Saga? America Needs A Lesson In Civics. Ron Nutter — “What is distressing is that, after the verdict was delivered, there are so many who are rejecting the basic symbols of American society. It does not bode well for our future.” … “What they want is not reintegration of those in conflict, but a continuation of the conflict and  schism.” … “perhaps, seeing now the strife that CNN, MSNBC, and progressive politicians encourage and validate, there is now an antithetical trend toward learning about and defending our civic social symbols. Our courts will be rendered social eunuchs if that does not happen.”

That Gun Tax the IL Supreme Court Shot Down Was Reinstated.Matt Vespa — “They’ll soon start slapping taxes on what types of speech they might find disagreeable. They’ll try anything. They’ll do anything. This is the Democratic Party.”

Looting for Amusement and Luxury Goods. Abraham H. Miller — “The media has omitted the race of the perpetrators, a policy that ironically makes race even more salient.” … “An organized criminal enterprise is not the consequence of episodic rage, but of a purposeful undertaking. And before we get too hung up on the race of the perpetrators, we should consider that a lot of different kinds of people will be buying these luxury goods on social media, knowing they are stolen.”

Thoughts From The Ammo Line. Scott Johnson — “Wouldn’t you think that the “leading intellectuals” of a historically disadvantaged group would look around them, carefully note what habits of mind lead to success, and urge everyone within their sphere of influence to emulate these habits?”

Well, most of the Confederate statues are gone now. Did that convince the 70 percent of unwed fathers to marry one of the mothers of their offspring? Did it inspire some young black man to aspire to dental school or a plumber’s apprenticeship instead of joining a drug gang? The sad truth is that if a magic wand could be waved over the land to erase any and all negative or “racist” thoughts in the minds of white people, not one thing would change. We aren’t the problem; so we can’t be the solution. No matter how hard we try to be “Less White” in order to level the playing field.

ROSEANNE BOYLAND: Died On Jan 6th … Was She Beaten To Death By Capitol Police? Wes Walker — “Depending on which narrative you accept, Ms. Boyland was either crushed under the weight of the pressing MAGA crowd, died from some kind of a drug overdose, or was knocked down and clubbed by a Capitol Hill cop.”

Give Thanks to the Green Revolution. Alex Tabarrok — “the Green Revolution simultaneously prevented many people from starving but also reduced total population because of reduced fertility. The Green Revolution also meant that less land was used for farming not more.”

Global warming scare-mongers refuted as Arctic ice growing, on track to be the most ice in 2 decades. Thomas Lifson — “as with countless other prophesies of climate doom, they were alarmist BS”

With Low Vaccination Rates, Africa’s Covid Deaths Remain Far below Europe and the US. Ryan McMaken — “disaster for Africa has long been predicted for several reasons even beyond the availability of vaccines. For instance, it is known that lockdowns are especially impractical in the poorest parts of the world. This is because populations in places with undeveloped economies can’t simply sit at home and live off savings or debt. Rather, these people must go out into the world and earn a living on a day-to-day basis. Starvation is the alternative. Moreover, much of this work is done in the informal economy, so enforcing lockdowns becomes especially difficult.” … “But Africa hasn’t gotten the bloodbath that was promised”

A few questions to frighten companies who terrorize their employees into getting jabbed. Sandra Friedemann — “Why does “fully vaccinated” no longer mean “fully vaccinated”?” … “If these vaccines are so effective, why are we still masking up and social distancing?” … “By submitting to tyranny, private companies picked their side, raising an important question for many of us: how will they gracefully back off from that stance now that they’ve committed? – Odds are, they’ll double down, pull back the hammer on that virtual gun”


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when circumstances and conditions come together in a once-in-a-lifetime manner

Fear Is Deadlier Than Viruses. Dennis Prager — “I’ve come to realize that it is possible to get people to do anything if you instill enough fear in them. Specifically, irrational fear.” … “You would think that the Enlightenment of the 18th century, with its focus on reason and science, would have led to a great lessening of irrational fear. – It hasn’t.” … “Irrational fear is also a major source of hatred. People hate what they fear.”

Determining whether your fears are rational or irrational is one of the most important things you will ever do. The quality of your life and the life of your society depend on your making that distinction.

Georgia Governor Releases More Evidence That 2020 Ballots Were Miscounted. Margot Cleveland — “While nothing will change the fact that Joe Biden is president, election integrity matters and Gov. Brian Kemp’s letter is but the latest proof that it must be shored up in America.”

Ace of Spades has a morning briefing that often is rather comprehensive. The 11/23 edition asks you to get ready for more racial healing. — “The litany of black-on-white and black-on-non-black attacks over the past 20 years and longer is mind boggling, not only in their sheer numbers, as was recorded in Colin Flaherty’s frightening eye-opener White Girl Bleed A Lot which was published nearly nine years ago, but for the fact that the media either embargoes these stories outright or failing that spins the facts faster than a dervish in an Iranian centrifuge, to create the narrative that the attack was somehow justified. Sound familiar?” — but wait! there’s more!

It wasn’t just the micro-computer arriving as a personal too in the late seventies that was a major technological upheaval, audio also turned over. The new documentary on the Beatles highlights the impact of significant innovators who utilized new tools to implement new ideas in recording. The seventies made the transition from tubes to transistors in audio equipment and heralded the change from single to multi channel audio and started the transistion from analog to digital with CD then DVD then personal computers with the 1997 Intel standard.

Stereo Gear in the 1970’s Was it The Audiophile Golden Age? Steve Feinstein — “There are times when circumstances and conditions come together in a once-in-a-lifetime manner,” … “For the market of high-fidelity electronics and speakers, that time was the 1970’s. Things came together in such a way that the market flourished and grew like never before. It was a singularly great time for the industry, with all the historic, demographic and technological conditions and advances coming together in a way that will never be repeated.”

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Which way do you run? Or do you even see the need, yet?

When Will America Reach Peak Insanity? I & I Editorial Board — “It seems roughly half of the country is suffering from mass delusions. Either that or there is a willful effort to ignore the truth and spread lies for political reasons. Neither scenario bodes well for the country.”

It could be that what we’re calling insanity is actually a campaign of ill intent. But a degree of derangement has to be present. Otherwise, the movement would have been overwhelmingly rejected rather than embraced by a large enough portion of the public to give it traction. Unless we reach peak insanity soon, and begin a return to normalcy, the future will be a far harder ride than the ugly moment we live in.

The Cruel Lesson to Learn from Austria’s COVID Vax Insanity. Joseph Kulve — “this COVID storm will sooner or later pass.  When humanity first encountered the cold/flu viruses, it must have been a lot worse than COVID.  COVID will run its course and slowly disappear.  Until then, stand firm.”

Logic and Data: Weapons To Defeat The Covidians. Andrew Thomas — “The Biden administration has been a complete failure in its ineptness in handling this crisis, perhaps on purpose.  The data is destroying the narrative of the “experts”.  Logic is the antidote to leftist ideology. The defeat of the Covidians is nigh.  Perhaps some time in the future we will look back and either laugh or cry at our naivete and gullibility.”

Watergate revised: Prosecutor cover-up alleged. Paul Bedard — “It’s taken decades of work, but a former aide’s campaign to clear Richard Nixon’s name in the 1972 Watergate scandal has finally reached the Justice Department, with the aide seeking an investigation into allegations of prosecutorial misconduct and a “deep state” conspiracy to take Nixon down.”

The Corrupt Media Did Not Fall For The Russia Collusion Hoax. They Were Part Of It. Margot Cleveland — “The corrupt media’s attempt to frame their failings as mere confirmation bias holds no truer than the Russia-collusion hoax they peddled for five years.”

The pursuit of ‘racial justice’ camouflages the revolution of American corporate media support. Jason Whitlock – “We can no longer afford to delude ourselves with comforting lies. There are few accidents when it comes to the seizure of political power.”

Critique Of Pure Tucker. Scott Johnson – “In 1991, journalists were proud to be open-minded, and I was proud to become one. . . . Editors saw themselves as the guardians of free speech and unfettered inquiry. . . . Being despised was something you bragged about. It meant you were telling the truth.”

Cultural Marxism, Are We Supposed to Ignore What All the San Francisco Looters Have in Common? Sundance — “Dozens of random cars just pulled up to the store and began robbing the place.  It might sound crazy, but that’s exactly how NBC reporter and eye witness Jodi Hernandez, described the incident when she initially tweeted out the alarm as she watched.”

The First Time As Tragedy …   Paul Mirengoff — “If the left tries to build a religion around the Rittenhouse case the way it did around George Floyd, the tactic is almost certain to backfire, as so much of what the overreaching left is peddling these days has done.”

Gratitude and the Left. Ron Ross — “Apart from lying about everything, leftists are insufferable ingrates.” … “If you’re an American citizen alive in the 21st century, you’ve won the lottery. You are so much more fortunate than your forebears it’s hard to list the ways”

Jan 6 denial show

Bob Woodward, tollbooth records undercut Jan. 6 panel claim Kerik attended secret D.C. meeting. John Solomon — “Subpoena from Rep. Bennie Thompson’s committee attributes allegation to legendary journalist’s latest book, which makes no such claim, in potential embarrassment for Democrat-led probe.”

Alex Jones, Roger Stone among those subpoenaed by Jan. 6 committee. Juliegrace Brufke — “The committee has already interviewed more than 150 people across government, social media and law enforcement, including some former Trump aides who have been cooperative.”

Rittenhouse and citizenship

Kyle Rittenhouse And Every Able-Bodied Man Had A Moral Obligation To Protect Kenosha. Evita Duffy — “Any able-bodied man over 16 years old had a moral obligation to defend Kenosha against vandals, looters, and arsonists attacking while police stood down.”

Yes, Kyle Rittenhouse is a Hero. Christopher Skeet — “The least we can do is thank Rittenhouse for this courage, and acknowledge the fact that too many of us self-described patriots thrice his age had a responsibility, the responsibility that comes with our freedom, to stand with him against the mob. ”

Tucker Carlson’s interview with Kyle Rittenhouse is fascinating. Andrea Widburg — “I certainly hope this young man, who seems intelligent, sensible, and thoughtful, gets his wish. I also hope that every one of the media outlets and politicians that defamed him pays through the nose.”

Rittenhouse v Media

“Dishonesty in the Kyle Rittenhouse Trial. John R. Lott, Jr. — “The mainstream media is denying people basic truth.”


In Rittenhouse case, truth in the crosshairs, press objectivity be damned. Eric Utter — “The mainstream media now seeks to obfuscate, misinform, disinform, omit or manufacture information to further its agenda, traffic in fake news, lie and deny.”


The Waukesha massacre picture begins to emerge. Andrea Widburg — “It’s to be hoped that, after witnessing leftist criminal justice in action over the past year-and-a-half, Americans, even Democrats in leftist cities, are wising up to the fact that leftism kills, either directly, through government brutality, or indirectly, by letting violent, hate-filled criminals roam free.”

Who Is Darrell Brooks? John Hinderaker — “another question should be asked: was Brooks inspired to commit mass homicide by liberal bromides relating to race, specifically the Black Lives Matter movement? Your local newspaper won’t touch that question, but Andy Ngo, an actual journalist, has been investigating:”

Amid Unspeakable Horrors, Waukesha Teaches All Of Us What It Means To Be A Community. Kylee Zempel — “Instead of running from terror, the people of Waukesha have stared it in the face with their arms linked — and it’s making them stronger.”


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Heap big medicine splattered all over

The Left’s Long Creep Through the Schools. Kevin Donnelly — “the reality is that the barbarians are no longer merely attacking the gates, they have now taken the citadel.” … “Schools are a primary focus of cultural-Left activists and fellow travellers in the fight to reshape society in their utopian image.” … “Underpinning a cultural-Left approach to education is the belief that knowledge is a social construct employed by those in control to enforce their dominance.”

Heap Big Medicine Man. John Hinderaker – “From Canada comes this ridiculous story about an academic grant to study pre-scientific methods of preventing cancer. One could say that the only important thing in this story is the dollar figure: $1.2 million. Academic institutions exist in large part as slush funds to funnel cash into the hands of liberal constituencies.”

Thugocracy: Science in the Postmodern World (Roger Pielke Jr. as victim). Richard W. Fulmer — “Today, thugs have taken over much of our politics, many of our universities, and much of our science. Their response to dissent is not to assemble facts and logic to support their claims but to slander, intimidate, and muzzle the opposition.”

Stunning good news from Chile — and not just for them, but for us. Monica Showalter — perhaps the tide is turning?

The worst kind of domestic terrorism. John F. Di Leo — “domestic terror has a particularly wicked dimension, because it’s not foreign enemies but our own neighbors who conduct it.” … “We have state’s attorneys and district attorneys all over America who refuse to prosecute most crimes… who refuse to ask judges for stiff sentences when they do prosecute… who happily plea-bargain cases down” … “If you’re looking for the worst kind of domestic terrorism, I sure can’t think of a worse one than flinging open the prison gates – whether by lack of effort or by executive order – and consciously setting such criminals loose.”

Looting Comes To The Suburbs. John Hinderaker — “Cities like Portland, Minneapolis and San Francisco have been devastated by rioting and looting. But smug suburban liberals haven’t seemed to mind much, as long as crime was confined to urban centers like Minneapolis and San Francisco, where, on Friday night, Union Square was looted. But what will they think when disorder strikes closer to home?”

The Rittenhouse Trial Underscores the Left’s Determination to Eliminate the Natural Right of Self-Defense. Steve McCann — “as there is a natural right of self-preservation, man has the right and duty to defend himself against transgressors, including the state, that would deny, abrogate, or unlawfully seize his property.”

Did Capitol Police murder someone other than Ashli Babbitt? Andrea Widburg — video suggests the affirmative

Time for Another Epidemic Summary. Kevin Roche — “Respiratory viruses have been around forever and we periodically have epidemics from them, influenza being the most common example.  And we should know by now that our ability to stop or control those epidemics is very limited.” … “Worst of all has been the terror campaign and the lies and misinformation.” … “We will survive all the virus can throw at us.  Humanity will be fine.  I am not sure we can survive the continued irrationality and deadliness of the government response.”


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another chapter in the same book, here they go again


The Left’s War on Faith. Mervyn Bendle — “Culture at the Heart: Western Civilisation is in crisis, and at the heart of the crisis is culture. … all around us the forces of barbarism continue their relentless ‘long march through the institutions’ of Western Civilisation, corrupting and degrading them as they go.” – Historical Propaganda - Denying the Transcendent - Re-building the World - Destruction & Desecration - Descent into Terror - Militant Atheism - Soviet Atheism - Brutal Suppression - Scientific Atheism - Persecution - Public Reaction - Death Toll - Evangelical Atheists - Different Gods - Dereliction

None of this is accidental, of course. It is the contemporary outcome of the systematic atheistic propaganda that has been a core component of the Leftist agenda for a quarter of a millennium, as even a basic familiarity with history reveals, i.e., an historical understanding not derived from the bogus narrative of Western mendacity imposed on the minds of students in NSW schools and reinforced in crucial HSC exams. … 

But how can people learn from history if they are never taught history, but instead are fed bogus Leftist propaganda? This is why the Culture Wars are so important and why those who care about Western Civilisation must insist that their elected representatives properly exercise their responsibilities in contesting the forces of collectivist barbarism.

Get Woke, Empty The Pews. John Hinderaker — “Why is the ELCA failing? One obvious reason is that it has made clear that Christians who are not hard-core liberals–that is, the overwhelming majority of the population–are not welcome.”

Hanson on Citizenship. Terry Scambray — “Defining terms is always a good place to begin a conversation and Victor Davis Hanson’s The Dying Citizen. How Progressive Elites, Tribalism, and Globalization Are Destroying the Idea of America (Basic Books) weaves a rich definition of citizenship into his discussion of the current threats to this profoundly Western idea.”

A Brief History Of West African Slavery. ICE-9 [The Burning Platform] — “The lucrative Angolan slave trade not only flourished under female African leadership, but grew scientific and efficient and continued unabated until the Portuguese crown outlawed the colonial slave trade in 1869.  However, avarice and ingenuity always prevail so after this slavery prohibition a vibrant slave black market continued unabated as abolition only served to drive up the price of slaves and therefore the incentive to procure them in the field.  These lucrative smuggling operations from Angola lasted up until the day its primary customer Brazil abolished slavery in 1888.”

The woke will never mention the 800 years of an East African slave trade conducted by Arab merchants up and down the Indian Ocean coast.  The woke won’t utter a word regarding present day slavery across the Sahel countries of Mauritania, Mali, Niger, Chad, and Sudan.  One hears only silence from the woke when one mentions the “Systemic Ethniscism” that permeates every Bantu nation where wealth and power are concentrated into the hands of a dominant ethnic group.

Post-election swindles in Pennsylvania: there they go again. Lynne Lechter — “Against this abundant one-party control, and other states similarly governed, the world wants to move on from Donald Trump.  The mainstream media and its cohorts deem January 6 as emblematic of “the big lie.”  “False” they bellow, “Biden won.”   Whether one is pro- or anti-Trump, election shenanigans in Pennsylvania were brazenly accomplished.  Again.”

Scott Adams: Then And Now. Mark Wauck — “I think a lot of people have hit a wall.” … “Not that I was gullible before, or slow to catch on to the various hoaxes that have been perpetrated by the Power Elite, but I guess—a bit like Adams—I resisted the notion that it could be THAT bad.”

Heroes and Zeros: The Kyle Rittenhouse Verdict. Clarice Feldman — “If you want to end violence, act to prevent it instead of doing what you did do — encourage it by applauding it, contributing to organizations that foment it, and removing law enforcement — as you and the mayor of Kenosha did — when riots take place.”

Six Things We Learned From The Kyle Rittenhouse Trial. The BSC Team — “While voters bucked the media narratives against conservative candidates and conservative causes in early November, in the case of the jury they had to overcome not just a year of blatant falsehoods but direct intimidation. When a major broadcasting studio tasks journalists with following a secret jury bus, that is pure evil. However, these twelve Americans stood up to the threat of mob violence and personal attacks and vindicated young Kyle on all counts. – Something feels different in America right now”

Kyle Rittenhouse Did NOT Get a Fair Trial. Selwyn Duke — “Rittenhouse, and America, were failed by the perfidious prosecutor; the pusillanimous judge; the malevolent media; the depraved Democrat Party; and, to a lesser extent, the dithering jury. – Kyle Rittenhouse was, praise God, acquitted. But he did not get a fair trial.”

A meme sums up 90% of the left’s Kyle Rittenhouse lies. Bookworm — “Mayer made this statement and it’s being wildly shared all over social media. What’s important about it is that every fact within it is wrong.” … “I have a suggestion for confronting them. A wise man I knew used to say of interpersonal squabbles, “Don’t get furious; get curious.” … “Politely push them to share with you the facts supporting their claims. And if they return with provably incorrect “facts,” politely respond with irrefutable truth. Lots of them are going to be sundowners who cannot recognize the truth but others will be like Bari Weiss and realize that they’ve been the victims of a giant con.”

Is There a Chorus Building for DOJ to Look Into Possible Federal Charges Against Kyle Rittenhouse? Shipwreckedcrew — “Derek Chauvin was indicted on federal charges in Minnesota after a Motion For New Trial was filed following his conviction in state court.” … “And this is what I is fear the messaging might be about: 18 U.S.C. Sec. 239:” … “Those leading the Biden DOJ have already proven themselves willing to be the “Storm Troopers” for left-wing interest groups. Pursuing a prosecution of Kyle Rittenhouse would simply be another chapter in the same book.”


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Skid marks on the robes of justice, Whither honor?

Is the Air Force Academy Honor Code Dead? Doug Goodman and Scott Sturman — “Under real world military conditions, trust is an essential requirement, not a debatable philosophical principle.” … “The Honor Code is broken, as well as the academy’s ability to accomplish its primary mission of training career officers of character.”

A Border Sheriff’s Reality. Rick Fuentes — “It is Democrat wordsmithing to imply that the Biden’s border strategy is humanitarian.  To claim that moral high ground is antithetical to its true purpose, to expand the blue electorate at the terrible cost of enriching the drug cartels, endorsing human trafficking and child abuse, killing hundreds for their efforts, and putting thousands more into forced labor, poverty, and crime on America’s streets.  It is a willful crisis of humanity and an insult to all Americans if the Biden regime believes it can varnish it over with a few teleprompted speeches and scripted pressers.”

Judge Demands Answers From New York Times Over Publishing Project Veritas’ Privileged Docs. Scott Hounsell — “The New York Times now has until November 23rd, next Tuesday, to provide cause for why they published privileged attorney-client documents.”

knowing that they are currently under the demands of the defamation suit, they still figured it was appropriate to not only take possession of illegally-obtained privileged information but to then also publish those privileged documents. To know those risks, and to know that the action you’re taking is illegal, shows a stunning level of incompetence, or a flat-out effort to create further damages.  In a suit that requires intent, like defamation, handing your opposition an exhibit of your intent, is never a smart play.

It’s time for all of us to join Joshua’s Army. Bookworm — “Joshua destroyed Jericho’s walls with the sound of righteousness. By using truth against leftism, we can be Joshua’s Army in America.” … “Pushing back doesn’t mean engaging in illegal conduct. Pushing back means being like Joshua and the Israelites and making a noise. It’s time we stop getting along by going along with all the casual leftism that affects every aspect of our lives.”

You can be a paralyzed doublethinker or you can be a liberated truth-speaker. And again, you don’t have to speak the truth in such a way that you feel compelled to put your affairs in order and prepare for the FBI to knock down your door. Be honest, be polite, be respectful, be legal — and make the leftists in your world defend their positions, even while letting the doublethinkers around you know that (a) truth exists and (b) they’re not alone. By doing that, you will be a member of Joshua’s Army. 

Whistleblower Videos Capture Pennsylvania Election Officials Destroying Evidence. Margot Cleveland — “A complaint alleges Pennslyvania election officials were tearing tapes ‘into pieces and placing … them into the trash stating they will have a campfire to burn the data.'” … “the videos may not be enough for those so blinded by their distaste for Trump that they cannot see the real threat to our democracy: elections without integrity and an electorate unable to trust the official outcome.”

Ron DeSantis’s fiery statement about true conservative governance. Andrea Widburg — “the question is, do we actually have a constitution that constrains people like Biden or is it just when he loses patience, he can do whatever the hell he wants to?”


How Unethical Were the Prosecutors Trying to Put Kyle Rittenhouse in Prison? Let Us Count the Ways… Victoria Taft — “Thomas Binger and Jim Kraus left a skid mark on the robes of justice. They put a Kraus-sized turd on Lady Justice’s scale. And they almost put an 18-year-old in prison because he fought for his life and took out three of their “heroes,” as Binger called them.”

Crazed Reactions To The Rittenhouse Verdict.  John Hinderaker — “Rittenhouse took the law into his own hands? No, the law provides a right of self-defense. It was the rioters who attacked Rittenhouse who took the law into their own hands. And did Rittenhouse “walk free from any accountability”? Not at all. He was prosecuted and held to account before a jury, which, based on the evidence, acquitted him.” — but still a litany of prominent politicians and celebrities “not happy with the verdict”.

HOT TAKES: Leftists Have a Collective Mental Breakdown Over Rittenhouse Verdict. Jeff Charles — “the Twitterverse is full of hot takes from aggrieved, virtue-signaling leftists whining about how America is such a racist nation because it did not convict a man who clearly defended himself from three aggressors. Here are some gems for your viewing pleasure.”

Kenosha Crowd Reacts to Rittenhouse Verdict…and It’s Not What the Lying Media Told You Would Happen. Megan Fox — “Not only is the crowd overwhelmingly cheering for Rittenhouse and his right to self-defense, but the majority of the cars driving by were honking their horns in support of the verdict. This reaction gives me hope for America. Perhaps Americans do understand why our Constitutional rights are still important and why the mob cannot be allowed to have power over the law.”

Pandemic Panic

Suffering For Telling The Truth. Herschel Smith — “Way to stay classy, Houston Methodist Hospital.  A Twitter post.  You deal with a firing of a respected health care provider by issuing a Twitter post, a child’s forum of ten second sound bites for those with no attention span and little intelligence.”

Fauci Finally Admits Vaccines Don’t Protect Against Serious Covid or Death. Vasko Kohlmayer — “This is what data from Israel and other highly vaccinated countries has indicated for some time now.”

Vaxxocalypse Now. Janet Levy — “My first encounter with vaxxport tyranny took place last week at a Los Angeles gym, where I have been a member for two years.  Abiding by an edict from the governor of California, the reception staff asked to see my vaccination card or a QR code before allowing me access to the facilities.”


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Shameless ignorance, a path to perdition

Brief Heads Up: Schiff And The Death Of Shame In America. Mark Wauck — “We don’t all live in a post-shame era, and distinctions do need to be drawn in that regard. We need an accounting that is thorough and honest in all respects, as well as one that gives credit where it’s due.”

The Steele Dossier and the End of Shame In American Politics. J. Turley — “The problem with shame is that it requires a sense of guilt over one’s actions. In the age of rage, there appear fewer and fewer actions that are beyond the pale for politics. Take Adam Schiff and the Steele dossier.”

In Brief: The Myth of ‘Fact-Checking’ citing Mark Hemingway — “How Facebook created the world’s largest censorship operation.”

Something very peculiar is happening with our Strategic Petroleum Reserve. Andrea Widburg — “why now, of all times, is the Biden administration selling off America’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) to Asia?”

Nick Sandmann reaches out to Kyle Rittenhouse. neo — “Sandmann has learned more in a few years through the crucible of his personal experience than most people learn in a lifetime. He writes:”

Kyle Rittenhouse, Both Right and Righteous, Patrick Buchanan — “While Rittenhouse’s decision to go to Kenosha may have been unwise, it was also unselfish and, indeed, brave. He was risking his life in a riot to defend another man’s property and do his civic duty in a situation of lawlessness. He could have stayed home, as almost everyone in Kenosha did that night, while their city was burned and pillaged.”

Goal Of Rittenhouse Prosecution and Media Manipulation Is To Render “Citizens Not Being Able To Defend Themselves”. William A. Jacobson — “t’s similar to so many other cases. The media immediately sets a narrative, a narrative which is hostile to the defendant in a highly politicized case. It happened in the George Zimmerman case, and has happened in multiple cases and you can’t get rid of that narrative.”

If you can’t defend yourself when someone’s beating you in the head with the skateboard, if you can’t defend yourself when they’re running at you while you’re on the ground and they lower their Glock pistol towards your head from three feet away, if you can’t defend yourself when someone who’s already that night threatened to kill you, if he caught you alone, and is now reaching for your gun, if you can’t defend yourself in those circumstances and the full weight of the state and the full weight of the media is going to come down on you, then we are in a really bad place.

The Media’s Verdict on Kyle Rittenhouse. Bari Weiss — “Why so many got this story so wrong.” … “This wasn’t a disinformation campaign waged by Reddit trolls or anonymous Twitter accounts. It was one pushed by the mainstream media and sitting members of Congress for the sake of an expedient political narrative—a narrative that asked people to believe, among other unrealities, that blocks of burning buildings somehow constituted peaceful protests.”

From George Zimmerman to Kyle Rittenhouse: A Decade of Woke Misrule. Jack Cashill — “Beginning with the Sacco and Vanzetti case in the 1920s, the left lied to conceal the guilt of the guilty. … No longer content to conceal the guilt of the guilty, they lied now to conceal the innocence of the innocent.”

Although he has learned through trial and error to keep a low profile, Zimmerman has been quietly cheering on Rittenhouse from the sidelines. Better than anyone, he knows that wokeism is the one religion that offers neither mercy nor redemption—even to the innocent.

‘QAnon Shaman’ Jacob Chansley Gets 41 Months in Prison. Robby Soave — “Plus: Detroit schools close on Fridays just because, Scott Alexander offers a plausible ivermectin theory, and more…” … “Chansley felt he had no choice but to accept the plea deal that came with that 41-month sentence, of course, because he couldn’t risk a trial that could send him to prison for 20 years. This is the sad reality of the criminal justice system: Defendants often plead guilty in order to avoid absurdly long mandatory sentences, and are thus denied the opportunity to actually attempt to prove their innocence before a jury of their peers.”

Terror in the Capitol Tunnel. Julie Kelly — “The D.C. Medical Examiner’s Office concluded Rosanne Boyland died of a drug overdose but that autopsy result is highly suspicious.”

Nichols’ account is detailed in an appalling new court filing that confirms what American Greatness has reported for months: on January 6, D.C. Metro and Capitol police assaulted nonviolent protesters with explosive devices, rubber bullets, tear gas, and in some cases, their own fists and batons. A tunnel on the lower west side of the Capitol building became a dangerous—and, likely for at least one protester, deadly—battle scene as police viciously attacked American citizens on the “hallowed” grounds of the U.S. Congress.

A Class Act Expelled From School. A Victorian Teacher — “The lunacy of it all is that the protected are demanding that the unprotected partake of the protection that the protected have used, because the protection that the protected have used isn’t protecting them from either the protected or the unprotected. It’s like something out of a Monty Python movie.”

For Those Who Think the Vaccines Will End the Epidemic. Kevin Roche — “All the damage we did made no difference, just imposed a lot of self-inflicted wounds.  Time to stop that.”

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A tenacious grip on a rotten foundation is a recipe for trouble

Divorced From the Truth; Wedded to the Lies They Have Been Told. Jeff M. Lewis — “I don’t know if I have ever seen people, some of whom are my family and friends, so wedded to the lies they have been told they are unable to recognize the truth.” … “I have witnessed highly intelligent, strong-minded, strong-willed, and successful citizens of our country (in a variety of age groups) de-construct into an enraged, slobbering, apoplectic mass, quivering with abject emotion at the very notion that what they believe on these issues is wrong.”

Why the Rittenhouse Case Has Changed Everything. Adam Mill — “The Rittenhouse case is a clinic in exactly why Americans have a right to an AR-15.” … “one thing the media can’t hide are the basic facts.” … “The Left doesn’t want to punish Rittenhouse for murder. It wants to prevent others from standing up to future mobs to protect themselves.”

As the jury retires to deliberate, we can’t really know for sure what the final outcome will be until the verdict is announced. But, thanks again to the Constitution, Rittenhouse received a public trial and anything short of an acquittal will revive jury intimidation allegations. Americans saw that the media lied to them about the facts of the case. While that suits many, even a few leftists expressed shock and surprise at the level of deception. 

Police and 500 National Guard troops have begun positioning to quell the violence expected following the Rittenhouse verdict. It’s one indication that the authorities expect a not-guilty verdict. But there’s another reason to think there may not be another riot in Kenosha if Rittenhouse is vindicated: Rittenhouse will be free to return to his community to protect it. And so will countless more inspired by his example to hold the line against the Left’s political violence.

Kyle Rittenhouse’s attorneys allege that the prosecution hid evidence. Andrea Widburg — “The motion reminds the court that a motion for retrial in Wisconsin can be granted with prejudice (i.e., no retrial) if the evidence shows prosecutorial overreach.”

The law according to ADA Binger. neo — “Binger is the type of lawyer who makes people detest and despise lawyers. Lawyers aren’t all like that. But when they’re bad, they’re pernicious. Prosecutors have extraordinary power to harm someone if they wish to do so.”

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Things are not right in the world

Why The Left Always Projects. Victor Davis Hanson — “The slurs and smears levelled by the elites are all the more toxic because they have always known these sins firsthand as their own.”

Andrew Sullivan, the human hyperbola, neo — “In much of Sullivan’s work, he keeps coming tantalizingly close to seeing the truth but he never quite gets the whole picture; he backs away instead.” … “Why does Sullivan interest me at all? I think he represents a certain percentage of people – I don’t know how large it is, but it includes quite a few people I know – who can concede that the right is correct on certain points but cannot or will not fundamentally change their politics and who continue to look at actual conservatives (or Trump supporters, which isn’t exactly the same thing) with disdain.”

What fact checkers get wrong. Gavin Haynes — “They pretend to be objective — while peddling progressive politics” … “If there’s no such thing as objectivity, there’s still impartiality. And fact checkers can’t even manage that.”

Rittenhouse and the Perils of Weighing Public Opinion Over Evidence In Prosecutions. J. Turley — “For those watching the trial, there was a shocking disconnect from prior news coverage and the actual evidence. There was an even greater disconnect with the charges.”

Please Stop Trusting Anything The Mainstream Media ‘Report’. I & I Editorial Board — “Our hope is that we’re nearing rock bottom, if not already there, and a new day of objective journalism is at hand. If not, our country and our world are just going to grow darker.”

Assessing the Fifth Circuit’s Decision Staying OSHA’s Vaccinate-or-Test Emergency Temporary Standard. J. H. Adler — “While the court identified serious problems with the new OSHA regulation requiring larger employers to vaccinate or test their workers, its opinion was rushed and sloppy.”

The Kitchen-Table Drug Industry. Erwin Haas — “Some minor positives of the kitchen-table drug industry include the fact that it’s nice to see young college chemistry graduates start businesses and that at least the money is not going to drug cartels on our southern borders or to chemical engineers in China. The major problems with the kitchen table industry is its furtive nature, lack of standards, and the bizarre and occasional toxic effects. It undermines our standards of probity. But this black-market industry with its occasional problems would not exist absent the War on Drugs.”

Politicizing Medicine is Dangerous.  Alex Tabarrok — “Tens of thousands of people are dead because vaccines became politicized and people chose political identity over rationality. Yet instead of trying to depoliticize medicine, the AMA has doubled down and is going full woke.”

Lies, Half-Truths, and Misinformation Used to Sell the Covid Jab. Steve McCann — “The two-year Covid-19 pandemic from its origin in a laboratory in Wuhan to the Communist Chinese attempt to obfuscate and deliberately allow the virus to spread throughout the world, to the absurd economic and societal lockdowns throughout the planet, to now the incessant drumbeat of mandatory vaccinations with an unproven vaccine that does not prevent the disease, will go down as perhaps the inanest period of time in human history.  And the United States, with the inept and fascist Biden administration, is at the forefront of it all.”

The otherization of unvaccinated people is proceeding quickly. Andrea Widburg — “all this punitive action is in response to a disease that has, on average, a 99% survival rate.  We have become a world of extraordinary cowards, so isolated from risk that even a statistically minor risk turns us into quivering masses of fear who will hand over every vestige of liberty to people who have proven, over the last almost two years, incapable of keeping us safe.”

The World Is Not Right. Don Boudreaux — “Over the past six days I’ve taken four direct domestic flights on American Airlines. … The first cause of the delay was a crew shortage.” … “Upon finally boarding the flight from Hartford to DC, a middle-aged couple directly across the aisle from me each had a bottle of hand sanitizer. Before sitting in their seats, they proceeded to vigorously wipe down everything near their seats with the sanitizer – the seat backs and cushions, the arm rests, the window, the panels above their heads, the seat backs facing them, and the tray tables. By the time they were done with this ridiculous ordeal, I was half-surprised that they failed to wipe down also the floor beneath their feet.”



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They think they’re OK – Understanding how they think this can be difficult

The Ten Stages of Genocide Are Hitting a Little Too Close to Home. J.B. Shurk — “this might be a good time to pull out Gregory H. Stanton’s “Ten Stages of Genocide” as a helpful reminder for keeping track of how things are “progressing” … Stanton, an academic and the founder of Genocide Watch, organized a sobering list of red-flag actions undertaken by governments over the last century on their way to committing mass murder.  See if any of them rings any bells with how supposedly “free” governments are behaving today.”

Only a bunch of socialists, communists, and fascists who have already murdered well over a hundred million people this last century without sating their bloodlust could keep on killing without reflection or remorse.  Besides, everything they do is with “the best of intentions” and for “the greater good.”

Book Review: The End of America – 100 Days that Shook the World, by J.J. Sefton. Leslie Eastman — “I give it 5 starts out of 5 stars. And if you are a regular reader of Ace of Spades HQ, you will want to get this book to support their efforts and to remember the gems that were published during one of the most challenging periods in this nation’s history.”

This Democrat Criminal Prosecution System is Deeply Immoral. Barry Shaw — “One certain sign that a country has gone off the rails is when the governing power systematically imposes a criminal prosecution that is prepared to change laws and conditions to favor the criminals over law-abiding citizens and create an atmosphere that leaves them defenseless.”

The Fifth Circuit Slapping Down Biden’s Illegal Vaccine Mandate Is Meaningless in the Face of a Lawless Presidency. streiff — “It is always nice to see federal judges protect civil liberties and reign in a ravenous federal bureaucracy,  … The sad fact is that the Biden bunch are telling businesses to ignore court orders that interfere with the mandate.”


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Grinding out the truth


Imprimis: “Zuckerbucks” and the 2020 Election. Mollie Hemingway — “In the 2020 presidential election, for the first time ever, partisan groups were allowed—on a widespread basis—to cross the bright red line separating government officials who administer elections from political operatives who work to win them.”

History Will Grind Out the Truth. V.D.Hanson – “The millstones of the gods grind late, but they grind fine.” … “History, however, is slowly sorting it out — despite the approved narrative of the well-connected who misled the country to pursue their own political agendas.”

Why Special Counsel John Durham Subpoenaed The Brookings Institution. Margot Cleveland — “Brookings was ground zero for the Russia collusion hoax, with many key staff embroiled in the damaging lie that Donald Trump colluded with Vladimir Putin to steal the 2016 election.”

The Kyle Rittenhouse case

Kyle Rittenhouse Prosecutors Caught Tampering Evidence (Photos & Video). Mack Cogburn — “James Armstrong, a senior forensic imaging specialist with the Wisconsin State Crime Lab, acknowledged on the stand Thursday that enlarging an image requires the addition of pixels. But prosecutors said the software Armstrong used is widely accepted — as is the method he used to enlarge the photos.”

One fuzzy drone image may send Kyle Rittenhouse to prison. Andrea Widburg — “Up until Friday, the Kyle Rittenhouse trial was very clear: easily understood videos and witness testimony (including testimony from the prosecution witnesses) showed that Kyle, despite trying hard to avoid conflict, was attacked by a crazed child rapist, whom Kyle shot as the rapist was grabbing Kyle’s gun, at which point a mob went after Kyle.  He then shot and killed a domestic abuser trying to bash his head in with a skateboard, and shot and wounded a felon aiming a loaded, illegal gun at his head.  On Thursday, however, the court allowed prosecutors to enter into evidence a fuzzy photo from a late-produced drone, an image prosecutors argue shows Kyle “provoking” the attacks against him.  Provocation destroys Kyle’s assertion that he acted in self-defense.”

Liberal Billionaire Tweets Defense of Kyle Rittenhouse, Media Promptly Asks Him if Account Was Hacked. Mike Miller  — “I chose to write the article because this story is representative of untold numbers of other stories just like it, across America, on multiple issues.” … “Kyle Rittenhouse’s life is at risk,” writes Ackman. “Justice demands a fair trial. Society would benefit greatly if politics did not enter the courtroom and convict innocent people.”

All He Had Was a Handgun. Clarice Feldman — “The old-time morality plays rather spoke for themselves. Now, we have a Greek chorus media, which beforehand, during, and even after the trial distorted facts in a way so obvious to those who pay attention enough to watch the video-streamed trials that it’s fair to conclude that they relish lawlessness and chaos and even race wars.”

I still regard Alexis de Tocqueville, who wrote Democracy in America, as the brightest, shrewdest observer of the American scene, even as it has changed over the years, and he has much to say about our legal system. It’s his view that criminal cases like this one “are entirely founded upon the evidence of facts which common sense can readily appreciate.” I hope the jurors exercise that “common sense,” weigh the evidence, ignore the press and the threats, and acquit a young man whom I consider an exemplary citizen in a city and state where the elected officials failed their constituents.

The real villains in the Rittenhouse trial. Jonathan Cohen — “In the state’s opinion, the presence of armed citizens trying to prevent the burning and destruction of property in and of itself constituted a provocation of the rioters sufficient for them to justify their attacks on Rittenhouse and negate his right of self-defense. … The real villains in this case are the public authorities who allowed rioters to wreak havoc unopposed for three nights in Kenosha in response to the shooting of Jacob Blake, a police action that was ultimately deemed justifiable.” … “The wrong person is on trial here.  An eighteen-year-old kid is being prosecuted for trying to make up for the total abdication of responsibility by those in authority who were too cowardly to do their job.”

Other political prisoners

Bannon indictment: Joe Biden takes another political prisoner. Monica Showalter — “This Latin America-style jail-your-opponents crap hasn’t been done in the U.S. since 1983. It’s effectively unprecedented. Not to Eric Holder. Not to Lois Lerner, to take but two examples of power abusers who clammed up and truly showed contempt for Congress as well as ordinary citizens. Bannon, though, is special.”

There are a lot of political prisoners now in Joe Biden’s America whose main “crime” has been to challenge Joe Biden. Besides Bannon and the Capitol rioters, there’s the lunacy of the FBI targeting of investigative journalist James O’Keefe over a story he never published, there were several other instances of jailings of dissidents in draconian and unprecedented ways in what are all clear abuses of power. Biden’s not in office legitimately, so his only way to halt criticism is to make his opponents fear him. As many observers noted, this was a bid to scare all the other potential witnesses into complying with this stacked, Trump-hating, congressional Kangaroo court.

The DOJ and FBI have combined to destroy Project Veritas. Andrea Widburg — “e’re talking about a common theft, something that belongs under the jurisdiction of the local cops, but the DOJ and FBI come together to engage in aggressive raids on a journalism outfit that has a habit of exposing problems in the administration’s allies.” … “This whole thing stinks to high heaven.  The Biden administration isn’t a presidency in the traditional American sense.  It’s proving itself to be a criminal enterprise and a despotic regime that is using the power it obtained following a questionable election to destroy its political opponents.  This is un-American, and, as I keep saying, it cannot end well.”

January 6 prisoners evacuated on stretchers after guards gas them. Andrea Widburg — for not wearing masks 24×7? The Stanford Prison Experiment deja-vu. “This is un-American in the extreme: It’s cruel and unusual punishment and the denial of the right to a speedy trial, not to mention overcharging political prisoners.”

When the American people entered Congress, not a single politician had the courage to go out and face them. Every politician ran away and hid. Even now, Marjorie Taylor Greene is the only politician with the courage to force her way into the prison to speak with the captives. What a pathetic bunch of poltroons we have placed in a government that was created by great men and once was home to them too.

More on lawfare run awry

Russia hoax was the journalism version of check kiting. Silvio Canto, Jr. — “The Russia hoax, as President Trump correctly called it, is turning out to be a legal problem for some and a credibility collapse for journalism.”

The 5th Circuit’s brilliant opinion staying OSHA’s vaccine mandate. Andrea Widburg — “In one brutal paragraph after another, the Court rips apart the mandate, citing law, facts, OSHA precedent, and even a Ron Klain tweet.  It’s a tour de force that makes it unlikely that any halfway honest court can or would resuscitate the mandate or that either OSHA or even Congress could try again.”

Don’t Let Leftists Gaslight You on Critical Race Theory. Christopher Paslay — “Although this summary denial of CRT by people like Devega is frustrating, the reality is that Critical Race Theory is being effectively smoked out.  There was a time not so long ago when people actually tried to defend the use of CRT, … But now the playbook has changed.  CRT is simply too toxic even to try to defend.” … “So people like Salon’s Chauncey Devega pretend CRT and its insidious offshoots don’t exist.  It’s easier to deny reality than to defend political and cultural kryptonite.”

Covid And Kids: A Policy Disaster. John Hinderaker — “We have known for a long time that covid is not dangerous to children, yet they have suffered more than anyone else from the irrational lockdowns that one government after another has imposed.” … “It is too bad when already-sick people in their 80s and 90s are pushed over the edge by covid. But what we have done to our children in response to the epidemic is a disgrace.”

‘Yes, But’: Exposing the Heart of Islamic Apologetics. Raymond Ibrahim — “Whenever an Islamic doctrine or principle is accused of promoting hatred, violence, misogyny, etc., its defenders rush to argue that, “Yes, a few Muslims twist this teaching for their ends, but the doctrine is really teaching something else.” … “It is no solace to learn that Islamic scriptures are being misinterpreted to promote this injustice, when their true interpretation actually permits that injustice”


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Riots and destruction OK. Self defense and reality not.

Rittenhouse Takes The Stand. John Hinderaker — “Assuming the prosecution can limp its way to the finish line, it seems probable that the jury will return a verdict of not guilty. Assuming, of course, that the jurors haven’t been intimidated by thuggish individuals who have tried to video them so they can be identified and attacked if they acquit Rittenhouse.” … “This incident illustrates, like so many others, the danger of social media behemoths shutting down discussion of matters that should be very much up for debate.”

“Insane” genius: Did Rittenhouse gamble pay off? Ed Morrissey — “given how badly prosecutors had performed already, the gamble here was calculated … and likely a winner:”

The Rittenhouse case highlights tyrannical prosecutors. Wolf Howling — “America is suffering from a rash of prosecutors who are petty tyrants bent on fundamentally changing America by nullifying our duly enacted laws” … “We already have the necessary law: 18 U.S.C. § 242, Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law. What we need is a federal government that will force prosecutors to end their petty tyrannies.”

The Kyle Rittenhouse Prosecutor’s Case Comes Down To Rioting Good, Self-Defense Bad. Eddie Scarry — “The bulk of Thomas Binger’s questioning of Rittenhouse on Wednesday assumed that unless a person has physically touched you, there is no reason to protect yourself with force that may prove deadly.”

What Is an America that Holds Prisoners Indefinitely without Charging Them? E. Jeffrey Ludwig — “Those being held for many months without a trial are being denied their habeas corpus rights under the U.S. Constitution and even dating back to English law hundreds of years before our Constitution was implemented.  Not only are they being incarcerated without having had a trial, but there is some evidence that they are being mistreated or are being held 23 hours a day in solitary confinement, which is a punishment accorded only the most dangerous criminals, such as serial killers and terrorists.”

The O’Keefe Project.  Scott Johnson — “James O’Keefe et al. were raided under a federal search warrant procured by the FBI. Although O’Keefe was instructed to remain mum, the authorities promptly leaked news of the raid to the New York Times. All this in the matter of Ashley Biden’s diary.”

The admiral’s new sex: Transgenderism’s assault on basic truth. Michael Robillard — “For any military or society to function, there must exist the possibility for persons to say or at least to attempt to say true things.  For this to be possible, our terms and meanings must, in principle, be able to refer to both the objective world and to one another and to be held in check by a mutual set of rules and conditions shared equally by all language users.  The muddled ideology of transgenderism presently being forced upon the captive audience of America’s service members renders these necessary conditions for meaningful and truthful speech effectively impossible.”

So Elizabeth Warren is now trying to censor science — and it’s backfiring. John Klar — “On Nov. 7, an important suit was filed in Federal District Court for the Western District of Washington against Elizabeth Warren for her brazen effort to censor a book challenging the false narrative of the Biden administration about COVID-19 and the trustworthiness of vaccines.”

Adam Schiff’s disgraceful legacy. Gregg Jarrett — “The highest ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee refuses to accept responsibility for nourishing the wild accounts of treasonous acts that never occurred”

Biden Is Waging Total War against American Energy. T.R. Clancy — “Energy secretary Jennifer Granholm, the laughing face of Joe Biden’s not-so-funny energy policy, told CNN’s Dana Bash on Sunday that Americans’ home-heating costs are going up this winter.”

Trump Never Defended Calls To ‘Hang Mike Pence,’ But Shameless Media Can’t Stop Lying About It. Kylee Zempel — “Trump didn’t ‘defend’ calls to ‘hang Mike Pence,’ and anyone who has listened to the audio clip knows it.” another Charlotsville ‘nice guys’ fake narrative easily visible for anyone who cares for the truth of the matter.

Kmele Foster Is Right: Banning Critical Race Theory Isn’t Going To Stop It. Joy Pullmann — “Classical liberals like Kmele Foster have repeatedly insisted that declining to publicly fund certain speech is not censorship. But he’s right that critical race theory bans aren’t anywhere near enough.” … “If it is law, it can be changed. And it should be, because racism is evil. So, yes, ban teachers from preaching racism on the taxpayers’ dime. But don’t stop there, because government-sponsored racism doesn’t stop there, either. Not even close.”

White supremacy or evolution? Jocelynn Cordes — one only has to look at post-colonial Africa to see this.

Kevin Roche Responds.Scott Johnson — “What really strikes me is how wedded many people are to having the epidemic and its restrictions last forever. What kind of mental illness is this?”

Liberal Governor Tried To Pump Covid Numbers To Justify Shutdown, John Hinderaker — “what is happening here is that the governor wanted to order restrictions on “social gatherings, weddings, funerals,” but the Department of Health’s data on origin of covid infections showed such a small number coming from those events that people wouldn’t buy the governor’s proposed shutdown. So the Department of Health was encouraged to calculate second and third generation infections on into the future–“generations of transmission”–to make the numbers look bigger.”

AMA Becomes a Shill of the Left. Eileen F. Toplansky — “Social justice is replacing medicine. The results will be dire as wokeness hijacks and destroys everything and everyone in its path.”

Against Masking Our Children: My Experience with a Local School Board. Richard Moss, MD — “the collateral damage from the lockdowns and other devastations visited upon us by the regime have far exceeded the costs of the COVID virus itself. But in a largely secular nation, many of our countrymen have found a new religion, the religion of COVID.”

Scientists and journalists criticizing Aaron Rodgers for ‘spreading misinformation’ should look in the mirror. Jack Hellner — “The reason that media distrust is at its highest now is because of how much they are willing to mislead or lie on COVID, climate, fossil fuels, Russian collusion, systemic racism, or the border. They will also bury stories of Biden family corruption, Clinton Family corruption, FBI corruption or anything else they deem might be unhelpful as the campaign for Democrats and their radical leftist policies to remake or destroy America.”


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shutting down the very processes that gave us so much

Unscientific Method. Heather Mac Donald — “An astronomer’s peer-reviewed work is passed under the “equity” lens and found wanting.” … “None of the paper’s critics spelled out how publication metrics (known as “bibliometrics”) conflict with equity.” … “The cancelling committee presented no evidence of unfairness in the nomination process, apart from the unacceptable result.” … “From here on, no STEM job or honor awarded to a female or an underrepresented minority will be free from the justified suspicion that the selection was the result of “equity” concerns.”

The “only thing on anyone’s mind now is redressing inequities,” Kormendy told me, adding that he supports that “honorable” aim. But science is not about social justice. It’s about the advancement of knowledge via the free exchange of ideas and the careful testing of results. Step by step, we are shutting down the very processes of open inquiry and the cultivation of excellence that have freed humanity from so much unnecessary suffering.

John Durham Is Getting Close to the Jugular. Charles Lipson — “Durham’s move is a big deal. It shows that the special counsel’s probe is methodically unraveling a huge conspiracy, seemingly engineered by Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign and implicating James Comey’s FBI, either as a willing participant or as utterly incompetent boobs. - The latest indictment also damages the mainstream media”

The American Thinker picks up on these items:

John Durham’s latest indictment doesn’t penetrate the drive-by media bubble. Andrea Widburg — “An honest media establishment, at this point, would be outraged.”

A disgraceful prosecution finally rested in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial. Andrea Widburg — “In a righteous world, the judge would, on his own initiative, order a directed verdict in Kyle’s favor.  Instead, it emerged that there’s a plan to terrorize the jurors (and, by implication, the judge).  Also the mainstream media, of course, pretended the prosecution had actually proved its case.”

There’s a reason innocent January 6 prisoners are pleading guilty. Joel Duffie — “If you think you’re innocent until proven guilty, then you’ve been misinformed.  That was the old way.  Today, in the United States of America, you’re guilty until you can afford to be proven innocent.” … “This is what living in a totalitarian state looks like.  It needs to change immediately by whatever means necessary.”

Time for Republicans to take a stand against Pelosi’s Jan. 6 circus. David Zukerman — “The subpoenas issuing forth from this invalid committee are disdainful of the First Amendment, as the drafts suggest that it is unlawful to hold a different view of election results from that held by the “winning” party.”

My Ringside Seat on a Crooked New Jersey Election. Jack Cashill — a personal tale circa 1982

Faux Science Dictates CDC’s COVID Directives. Renee Parsons — “As national resistance to Biden’s hideous COVID vaccinates escalates, it is reasonable to expect a new level of public outrage and a new cohort of political activism as parents protect their children from continued government encroachment.”

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why does so much of the rest of the establishment allow them to get away with it?

feel the zeitgeist. Red Queen “justice”. 

Our World Gone (Climate) Mad. I & I Editorial Board — “While much of the First World is suffering from climate derangement syndrome, the global warming scare offers great opportunities for graft, corruption, and greater political power to “leaders” who know better but use the ginned-up crisis to harden the bubbles they live in.”

Some days it seems as if it’s useless to continue to fight the fight against global warming. Politicians, “journalists,” activists, activist scientists, celebrities, and a substantial portion of the public tell us that human activity is causing Earth to warm and there’s no more to the story than that. Skepticism is equated with denial. Questions are verboten. Aligning with the alarmists’ account is the only acceptable response. … 

We have entered an era in which claims without evidence are presented as unassailable fact, and much of the advanced world is buying the story. Charles Mackay warned about the dangers of this sort of behavior in 1841’s “Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds.”

“We find that whole communities suddenly fix their minds upon one object and go mad in its pursuit; that millions of people become simultaneously impressed with one delusion, and run after it,” he wrote.

Trickle-Down Bidenism. Victor Davis Hanson — “This Biden socialist cadre who engineered these self-induced calamities has no clue about the damage they have done to America.”

weld together a hard-left socialist agenda with the control of the White House and Congress onto the combined forces of progressive woke media, Silicon Valley, the corporate boardrooms, the entertainment industry, academia, and the Wall Street borg—all in the age of instant and intrusive communications—and it’s no wonder a country, even a nation as resilient as the United States, can descend quite quickly in ways that make America almost unrecognizable.

In other words, 40 weeks of relentless Bidenism finally permeates most of the nation. …

The country is rapidly retribalizing—the most toxic and sickest of all of Joe Biden disastrous gifts to America over the last 10 months. The Biden fixation with race reverberates throughout the intelligence agencies, the bureaucracy, the Pentagon, and the White House, as left-wing furies are unleashed shrieking and searching for mythical “white rage” and “white supremacy.” 

Medicine Wants To Kill You. James Howard Kunstler — “Everything about the virus and its countermeasures — from the murky origins of it in Dr. Anthony Fauci’s official funding of bioweapons research, to the patent trail of conflicted ownerships and interests in the subsequent vaccine developments, to the fierce suppression of news and debate — suggests nefarious motives, or else a mass psychotic panic among the very highly-trained people society must depend on in a crisis.”

Then on to The American Thinker, locked and loaded as usual (and swimming in noxious ads).

Must-see Tucker Carlson video about the cause of America’s woes. Andrea Widburg — “People are beginning to realize that something is wrong with America’s ruling class, and by “people,” I don’t mean people like you, who are actively engaged in politics.  I’m talking about people who want nothing to do with politics or people living in prosperous leftist enclaves who haven’t been forced to think about what’s happening to less affluent Americans.” … “the ordinary people, the ones who tuned out of politics a long time ago, are realizing that if they want to prevent America from turning into an apocalyptic hellscape, they need to speak out and act.”

With help from the DOJ, the National Archives enter the political fray. Courtney Kramer, Esq. — Get Trump – no matter the cost!

Biden tells businesses to obey him, not court orders, on his vaccine mandate. Monica Showalter — “This is the kind of crap the left accused Trump of, back when Gen. Mark Milley was calling up his Chinese counterpart warning them that he’d ensure there would be no invasion, and Democrats and Pentagon brass were paranoia-ing among themelves about President Trump refusing to leave office, despite the stolen 2020 election. They’ve repeatedly accused Trump of what Biden is doing right now. - Obviously, they were projecting.”

The Texas Attorney General Versus the Biden Administration. Jeff M. Lewis — “the Texas Attorney General is drawing the map and charting the path to how every state negatively affected by the current regime’s (alleged) criminal behavior can hold them accountable.”

How did we get here? Can this mess be fixed? Mark Landsbaum — “We have entered a dark age.  Truth, not always abundantly obvious, has been increasingly shrouded thanks to the growing cynicism and polarization of our day.  The condition is getting worse by the day.” … “when truth is jettisoned.  We lose not only the ability to see the logical flaws in others’ arguments, we don’t see our own either.”

Rittenhouse trial plagued by corporate tech and Big Media bid to taint his case. Monica Showalter — “the prosecutors weren’t the only creeps in this case.  A hell of a lot was done by corporate and Big Tech America to demonize the kid without trial and shut the kid’s ability to defend himself from a public that wanted to help him out well before the trial.” … “Since Facebook didn’t like him, they decided that he wasn’t to be allowed due process, which is what Antifa members get.  So much for that “democracy” these leftists are always pontificating about.  Impunity for leftists, Red Queen “justice” for right-wing Rittenhouse.  It’s vile and disgusting.” … “why the heck does so much of the rest of the establishment allow them to get away with it?”

Some questions on climate change to stump those at gabfest number 26. Jack Hellner — summarizing the big picture. “Why do most journalists go along without doing research and asking questions?  Because most haven’t cared about facts for a long time — only pushing the radical leftists’ agenda.”

Getting Through the Next Six Months of COVID. Thomas T. Siler, Jr., MD — be prepared before anything happens, just in case. Don’t depend upon getting effective or proper treatment from big Medicine if you get hit. Properly assess the risks and costs.


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The behavior of the FBI isn’t funny.

Something Being Overlooked in the Danchenko Indictment – A Bigger Indictment of U.S. Media. Sundance — “Maybe not an 800lb gorilla in the room, but at least to a troop of screaming spider monkeys swinging from the drapes and chandeliers.”

The Dossier Deceit. National Review Editors — “The web of deceit is a tangled one, but while the indictment details a shocking story of transnational dirty tricks weaponized at the highest level of American politics, the most significant moral failure was on the part of the FBI itself.”

Russiagate has no rock bottom. Aaron Maté — “The indictment of the Steele dossier’s key source newly humiliates the Clinton campaign, FBI, and US media.” … “While the Danchenko indictment brings new embarrassment to Steele’s media and political dupes, it offers new evidence of negligent and potentially even criminal behavior on the part of the FBI.”

The FBI And The Stolen Diary. John Hinderaker — “The strangest news story of the last few days relates to multiple FBI raids on the homes of people associated with Project Veritas, including that of founder James O’Keefe. Those who were searched say that the agents were looking for information related to the alleged theft of a diary belonging to Joe Biden’s daughter Ashley” … “Since when is the alleged theft of a woman’s diary a federal crime? Let alone a federal crime that warrants investigation by the FBI? - Jonathan Turley reviews the facts of the case and asks: … “

There is a context to this story that goes well beyond the sadness of Joe Biden’s deeply troubled family. The FBI’s once-stellar reputation has been badly tarnished in recent years, and many millions of Americans now see the Bureau as a politicized agency that has become, in important ways, an arm of the Democratic Party. The Case of the Missing Diary may be trivial in itself, but the fact that the FBI is now executing search warrants on the homes of political opponents of the Biden administration, with no national interest at stake other than the reputation of the Biden family, lends support to that suspicion.

The Kamikaze Party. David Catron — “The Democrats respond to last week’s defeat with a series of futile suicide missions.” … “They would rather commit political suicide than foreswear leftist dogma.”

‘This Is Not Funny. This Is Insane’: Social Media Buries SNL Celebrating Abortion With ‘Goober The Clown’. Hank Berrien — ridicule is a defense when used against those highlighting an undesired reality.

George Floyd Friend Claims Rittenhouse Jurors Are Being Tracked and Photographed. Victoria Taft — “A similar situation existed during the Minneapolis trial of Derek Chauvin, the officer who was convicted of killing George Floyd in the case that touched off the riots of summer 2020 and beyond. During the Chauvin trial, jurors were afraid for their safety. They had to walk through a gauntlet of barricades and pass through security to get inside the courtroom. Protesters were camped outside.”


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Dishonest people and the don’t care culture

The “Racial Reckoning’s” Reckoning.  Paul Mirengoff – 

Actually, these two developments — defund the police and teaching CRT — are surprising under any view of America other than that it went insane. No sane society would entertain the possibility of abolishing or cutting way back on its police force and switching to “a comprehensive public health approach to public safety.” No sane nation would teach children that race is a central fact about them and their classmates or that an evil like racism is the central fact about its history.

The rest is The American Thinker taking the field, again. 

America’s purported ‘Original Sin’ taints American race relations. Helen Louise Herndon — “The most likely culprit for the divide is the simplistic, inaccurate approach to American history in our schools.” If you think Fake News is destructive, how about fake history?

Our mostly complicit, compliant, sycophant press has no concern about facts, only Democrat power. Jack Hellner – it’s a systemic failure of one of the checks and balances upon which society depends.

Everyone Should Watch Tucker Carlson’s ‘Patriot Purge’. Christopher Garbacz — “Tucker makes a strong case that half the country and most all of D.C. have gone mad. This ties in with Tucker’s earlier historical listing of hysterias throughout the ages—witch trials, heretic trials, pogroms, and so forth.”

Raid on Project Veritas journalists once again shows the different standards in the application of law. Rajan Laad — “There are almost two different legal systems in the US. If Trump or anybody who is seen to be pro-Trump, such as Project Veritas, General Flynn, Roger Stone, Michael Cohen, is involved the FBI becomes Dirty Harry.” almost??

Hillary’s Russian Dossier and Other Legal and Media Travesties. Clarice Feldman — “few big media operations have reporters with the background or editors and media producers with journalistic principles to accurately inform you about legal matters. This week, looking at John Durham’s Danchenko indictment and the Kyle Rittenhouse case in Kenosha, Wisconsin, that point was made crystal clear.”

The Political Class Is Working To Make Americans Expendable. John Simpson — “If you back way up and look at the overall picture here, it has all the appearances of a Stalinist purge of the non-compliant and brutal examples made of those who would challenge Democrat authority as a warning to others.”


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